The Silent Warrior – Death is coming

This is my personal truth.

I woke up this morning to the news that another young woman died from cancer.  This after I had the conversation with a stranger earlier this week of how cancer is really a kind disease in that it gives you time to put your life in order if you wish to do so.  You get to know your expiration date.

I’m not writing this to be insensitive.  Her passing touched me deeply.

I’m writing this because most of us don’t know how long we have.  We move through life as if next year is guaranteed.  We fuck around.  We stop when we’re tired.  We set small goals to just get to the next level.  Or else we set unrealistic goals so that we can get off the hook of anyone ever expecting us to achieve them, including ourselves.

It’s time.

I woke up this morning knowing I am done tolerating.

  • I am no longer available for fucking around
  • I am no longer available for playing small for the egos of others
  • I am no longer available for setting unrealistic goals
  • I am no longer available for not achieving my big goals
  • I am no longer available for playing it safe
  • I am no longer available for people who want me to fix them
  • I am no longer available for people without ambition
  • I am no longer available to please the average masses

I woke up this morning taking a stand for my life purpose.

  • I will continue to disrupt people’s programming so that they can make conscious choices
  • I will continue to inspire people through my unwavering belief in their true potential
  • I will set goals that challenge and inspire me and I will work my fucking ass off each and every day to achieve them
  • I will be focused and not get distracted on my path
  • I will download and provide that which is of value to my fellow life travelers
  • I will embrace the gift of life each and every day not taking it for granted
  • I will be true to my warrior spirit of never backing down, never giving in, never staying down no matter how many times I might get hit down by others who don’t embrace my values and truths
  • I will give attention to those ideas who come to me and bring them forth in a way that enhances the life of every person who uses them

There is a shift in the world.  There is an escalation of energy both up and down.  You get to choose which direction you spiral – do you choose to spiral up, or down?

I have no judgement either way.  I completely honor people’s choices BUT I will tell you this – if you are one who chooses to spiral up, to make a greater impact in the world, to bring about change, to become successful, to be the inspirational example to other, then it’s time to take a stand for yourself, your values, your purpose, your mission.

I’m hosting a free webinar on masterful goal-setting next week.  Goal-setting IS the cornerstone of success.  If like me you are ready to take a stand, I know you will be on the call.  Book your space here.

Death is inevitable darling.  But truly living is a choice.