What would you do differently if you had a gazillion bucks?

As I’m planning out my day ahead I can’t help but be filled with absolute joy and excitement.

Meditation and journaling is being followed by blogging.  After this I’m off to run through the forest and seeing how many bunnies I can spot before they burrow down for the day.  This will be followed with a private coaching session with a client who completely inspires me.  Then more writing.  Continuing with the creation of my next course.  I might jump into my FB group for an impromptu live and hang with the girls for a while.  Yoga to challenge this ole body and mind.  Spending time with the boys.  Reading and learning.


I live a blessed life.

When I think about it, my life is just about as perfectly designed by me to fill me up on every side as she can be.

Which brought me to the question I normally ask prospective clients – if money was no longer a factor, what is the dream?

I can’t tell you how often the answer is ‘sitting on the beach doing absolutely nothing’.





Needless to say these are not my people.

These are the people so exhausted from pure existence that they are ready to give up and die.  They’ve lost the will to fight.

My soul tribe on the other hand, are creatives, achievers, change catalysts hungry for more.  They are here to bring healing and change in whatever form and NOT doing this is absolute torture.

Not bringing forth your art is suffocating.

Not bringing change and instead witnessing the suffering of others feels like a stab in the gut.

Not healing yourself and instead holding your gifts secret so that others won’t feel uncomfortable around you becomes intolerable and at some stage you have to choose – either let it out or commit suicide because the depression that ensues is too much to bear.

This is the life of my soul tribe.

The danger in this is that at times we can forget to look after ourselves.  We can get into a space of extreme hustle and “GO GO GO” that we forget to eat, forget to meditate, forget to fill our own cups.

Then one day you sit your ass down to create and NOTHING.

Not a single idea comes through and you’re like “What the fuuuuuuck?”

Because this is not our natural state.

We create like motherfuckers.

It just flows through us.

We are the messengers who understand that it’s never been about us.  It’s about the message.

So when the message doesn’t come through it’s like the canary in the mine.

Something is seriously wrong Darling.

There’s a lack of oxygen.  A lack of life force.  And if you don’t do something about it asap you’re in deep shit.

Which is exactly why I’ve designed my life in such a way that there is more than enough joob-joob to keep me going like an Energizer Bunny on steroids.

I’ve designed my life in such a way that the money has become irrelevant because I have witnessed first hand the destruction that obsession with dollars can bring.  Even if someone was to pay a gazillion bucks into my bank account today, I wouldn’t change my schedule.  Not a single thing.  Because every single item on my schedule fills me with joy and therefor is necessary for my thrive.

I honestly don’t feel like my ‘work’ is work.

In fact, holidays are more work for me than my daily life.

I’m not a big fan of holidays where I’m expected to sit around and do what?

I want to write every day.

I want to train every day.

I want to coach every day.

They all revitalise me!

This didn’t just happen overnight either.  I really had to start tuning in to my body to identify what brought me joy and what completely drained me and then had to make the choices of what to let go of and what to bring in.

I had to work with some seriously challenging clients for me to understand exactly who I am here to serve.  And my soul clients are a true gift in my life.

I had to stop training for a while as I started thinking there was something wrong with me for enjoying the pain to understand that my body was made to move.  A lot.  She fucking loves it!

I had to go through a period where I stopped writing because censoring myself for the haters became such a drain that I would rather drink vinegar than write another well thought-out sentence.

My life is a pure expression of me.

It is uncensored.

It doesn’t follow the rules of how a responsible adult should conduct herself.

I fucking refuse to ever adult!

I’m seriously happy in my energy of child-like exuberance and creativity.

If you had to give a child a million dollars they wouldn’t change.  They would continue to play in the same way they are playing right now.

Maybe that’s the answer then – maybe more people should grow the fuck down!

Maybe more people should start playing, drawing, creating, running whilst laughing, riding their bikes just for the hell of it bunny-hopping whenever they get the chance.  Maybe more people should start sleeping soundly and wake feeling refreshed.

Yip I think that might be the answer.

I personally think people take themselves way too serious.  If you can’t laugh at yourself you’re in deep Doo-doo because life has a way to keep us humble.  And you can’t laugh at yourself when all you do is grind away at a mere existence.

If you’re not enjoying your life because you’re slogging away to make that $10k month or $100k month or whatever the number is because you think THEN you will live an amazing life, you’re in for some serious disappointment Darling.  Because if you can’t have fun on the way of making whatever that amount is that you’re aiming for, then if the economy crashes and you lose all the money you’re going to be miserable as duck in hunting season.

Here is my challenge to you – sit that scrumptious ass of yours down, look at your schedule and ask yourself “How would I change this if I received a million dollars today?”

Then fucking change the thing.

Why not?

Who’s rules are you trying to follow by living according to a schedule that doesn’t make your ovaries tingle?

What are you doing because you think you have to?  Because you know, it’s what responsible adults do.

As long as you think along these lines you will never see the endless possibilities of living the dream AND receiving the money.

Even sadder, you will never get to the understanding that the money is just energy.  That it’s not the be all and end all.

Your life is!

For the love of God please stop wasting another day by choosing to be fucking miserable, unhealthy, addicted to mediocrity because it is sucking your soul dry!

Do you get that?

Is it really worth living a life that keeps you so exhausted that your family scatters the moment that you get home because you suck the life out of them in an attempt to restore your emptied reserves?  It is really worth trying desperately to numb the pain by murdering your body with booze and smokes and greasy food? Is it really worth empty promises to your loved ones of how things will change when you hit the jackpot only to realise that when you have all the money you have lost all the people?

I don’t think so.

Start living TODAY.

Start scheduling your day with activities that has you high vibing like a mofo.  And that always includes moving your body!  Always.

For death is inevitable.  Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


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