What is the real cost for your lack of discipline?

Today is a bit of a smackdown.

I received a beautiful one from my coach yesterday and I do so love sharing the love.

That’s because I believe every now and again we have to get real.

We have to get over the bullshit stories we tell ourselves to justify our shitty choices and OWN the ripple effect.

The impact.

How we sabotage ourselves time and again.

And believe me Darling, this stuff might not be easy.  But once you get the hang of it, it WILL transform your life.

Let me start by saying everything counts.

From your thoughts to what you drink or don’t drink, to how you train or don’t train, to how you show up or not show up.

Everything is a choice.

Every choice is based on the story you’re telling yourself at any given moment.

Every story can either take you up, or down.

By the way, there’s no sitting in the middle.

It’s been my experience that the only reason we’re not prepared to do this little exercise is because we’re in ego.  And ego is a bitch!  She is fragile and loud but like a Chihuahua she’s all yap yap yap but doesn’t have what it takes to bite.

You ready?

Let’s do this!

  •  Spirituality

I know most of us want to believe that we can read the books, sit and meditate, we can even say the prayers and call ourselves spiritual but the truth of the matter is that if you’re only spiritual whilst your eyes are closed and then you operate in ego the rest of the day, you’re nothing but a fraud!  And this takes shit tons of discipline.


Because maybe like me, you were brought up in a religion where it was modelled for you that as long as you sit on that hard wooden bench for an hour on a Sunday listening to the relentless droning of some pompous old man telling you that you’re doomed and going to burn in hell unless you put your ten cents in the collection plate, you can pretty much do however you please the rest of the time.

And maybe like me, the preacher and his minions pretty much ruled and dominated through fear,  much the same as the schooling system, the government, the patriarchal way of living.

Which has you finding your truth at a much later age and now you have decades of bad behaviour stored in your muscle memory which you have to unlearn and replace with your own truth.

Which is that there is only love.

Everything else is bullshit.

What does this equate to?  The discipline of having faith.  Of believing everything happens FOR you.  The discipline of staying in appreciation.  Of taking the risks when they are purpose aligned.  Of speaking in love.  Of receiving fearlessly.  Of living a life on purpose.

Understanding that NOT doing these things have you cowering in fear.  Living as a victim.  Playing small.

Are you starting to see why this is so challenging?

Why this shit matters?

Let’s keep going.

  • Physical health, fitness and vitality

How disciplined are you really with your eating?

I’m going to fess up – I have not been honouring my body and my values with the food that I’ve put into my mouth.  Way too much meat!  Way too much bread!  Way too little water.  Way too few veggies.

I received a huge kick up my ass this morning after accepting the glass of wine my husband gave me last night.

I don’t drink.

But I was tired and being a grumpy bitch so I gave in.

It only took half a glass to see me lights out just after seven.

Probably my soul saying WTF?  This is NOT who you choose to be.  Go to sleep!

And this morning as I woke up I sat thinking how different it would have been if instead of that glass of wine I drank a glass of water and did a yoga session.

I would have been energised.

I would have been in an excellent mood.

I would have had a productive evening.

Everything counts!

Plus, since I’m being completely transparent here, I haven’t been committing to my daily yoga practice this week.  Instead I’ve been playing in the waves and then justifying to myself that I’ve trained so I could afford to skip the yoga.


That’s not who I am!

I am the woman who honours her body and mind and spirit through daily yoga practice.

Which is why I take a stand for the AND – I boogie board AND I do yoga.

The impact is not only loss of flexibility and strength, but I have abandoned my values which leads to me being out of energetic alignment of my next level self.


  • Wealth Consciousness

Creating wealth in your life is the responsibility of every single person!

When we shift our asses out of the competitive realm into co-creation, we finally get that the more money we make, the more wealth and abundance we create for everyone!

But there’s more to wealth creation than setting financial targets, taking action, and watching your bank account grow.

For one thing, wealth is a mindset!

I see so many people who earn multiple 6 figures yet they are constantly saying they’re broke or they can’t afford the things they want.

I see so many people earning multiple 6 figures yet not tracking their money to understand where they’re spending it to make conscious choices but moan that they’re feeling poor.

I see so many people bitching and moaning about debt repayments instead of living in heightened states of gratitude that a person or organisation believed enough in them to provide a product or service despite the fact that they didn’t have the cash available!  Seriously, why would you not have complete joy in paying for your blessings already received?

I see so many people learning the strategies not understanding that abundance is a mind-set and wealth consciousness reading is simply non-negotiable!

It takes discipline!

I recommend you start with The Science of Getting Rich and you read this 15 minutes minimum every single day.  When you get to the finish you start again at the beginning and see how the layers of fog lift from your mind.

I know personally that when this is part of my daily routine my wealth ALWAYS increases.


NO more bitching about money!


  • Your Business

There are certain areas in my business where I’ve been lacking in discipline.

Holy shit, by now you must think I’m some moron for all my lack of discipline.  I agree with you.


One of these is offering free coaching for the fantastic women in my Facebook Group Wild Woman Rebels.  This is a service I used to provide in my previous group and I know it’s powerful for my members.  My most sincere apologies ladies, I’ve got my shit together now and ready to serve at a higher level.

In fact this was part of the conversation with my MasterMind partner last night – that we have not been locking in training into our calendars.  Instead doing it when inspiration struck.


Inspiration is the result of discipline.

There are so many areas in business where you can be sliding on discipline thinking it doesn’t matter if you skip it for a day or two.  But it does!

Just as we have compound success, we also have compound lack of success.

Think of  it as a graph with a straight line.

Each time you make a decision that takes you 1 degree off course, that line keeps going in the wrong direction which means over time you end up in a completely different place!

Everything matters!

Every conversation you have or don’t have.

Every task you complete or procrastinate on.

Every decision you put off until tomorrow.

Every time you don’t reconnect with your goals and your purpose.

And I’m not even getting into relationships today – but you know that is part of this conversation right?

Everything matters.

Discipline is powerful for a reason!

It ensures that you move forward in achieving your goals – the ones that YOU said were important to YOU – regardless of how you feel or what’s happening around you.

Honestly you’re either in control of your mind, in control of your actions, in control of your success, or you’re not.

Start listening to the words coming out of your mouth.

Are they the words of someone who has their shit together, who is in the driver’s seat?

Or do you sound like a bitching moaning tantrum-throwing victim continuously being washed about in the waves?

Discipline doesn’t tolerate victimhood.

TTFU and start showing me how much you really want it.

For death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love eternal,


PS:  I believe in the power of coaching with every fibre of my being.

This is what I was born to do!

The impact of having an impartial person holding up a mirror and empowering you to see your truth and make conscious choices.

The quantum leaps in results brought by accountability which fosters discipline.

The transformation of lives through setting non-negotiable goals and taking the courageous actions to bring them to fruition.

I believe coaching is the one element in lives of achievers that’s simply a necessity.

Whether your goal is physical, financial, business or relationships, it all starts with mind-set.

It’s the foundation.

You can learn every strategy known to mankind but if you don’t have the right mind-set in place you will NOT execute and you will NOT see the results you truly desire.

The results which take you beyond the reach of average.

The results which has you playing with the iconic leaders, achievers and creatives.

Are you ready to get past your excuses and rise to your potential?

Book your free consult today and let’s play.