Do you have the brass ovaries to allow yourself to succeed?

God, you must be exhausted…

The strain of holding yourself back,

day in and day out,

leaving you trembling with exertion.

They tell you that it’s because you’re taking too much action.

They tell you that it’s because you’re burning out.

They don’t understand you Darling.

I do.

I know you wake some mornings,

pausing to take a second look,

confused at what you see,

because you know,

you’ve always known,

that you were born for so much more.

Your vision so massive it terrifies you to admit it, even to yourself.

You don’t dare speak it out loud to others,

fearing the backlash,

the judgement,

the criticism,


Remembering the times when you didn’t overthink all this shit.

You simply had a thought of something you desired,

connecting to the feeling of excitement and anticipation,

knowing that OF COURSE you will have all you want,

and then,

you just played through our day.

Doing the shit that lights you up.

At the intensity that leaves others breathless,

you exhilarated.

You would simply BE who you were born to be

and VIOLA,

there it was.

People would look at you slightly aghast and ask, ‘how you did it?

What are the exact steps that you took?’

You’re laughing reply of “I have no idea, it just happened” received with sneers.

They started accusing you of lying.

Calling you a selfish bastard.

You think you’re so much better than everyone else.

It hurt like a mofo!

I know.

I’ve lived it and I now witness it in the next generation.

They simply don’t understand that your unconditional love is what drives you in the first place.

Their jealousy fuelled words cut deep.

So you stopped sharing your vision,

you stopped being yourself,

you stopped being.

Like the masses, you settled for existing.

Except, the voice inside your head is relentless.

She has you rolling around at night,


her whispers amplifying the pain of self-abandonment.

In an attempt to appease the muse you set teeny goals,

a glimmer of that which burns inside you,

you even go through their tedious steps.


every now and again,

the rebel in you says ‘Fuck It’,

because their steps are so BORING,

You do it your way and


there it is!

Old fears start creeping up like mist rolling in across the water.

Fuck fuck fuck,

they’re going to look at you!

They’re going to ask you how.

They’re going to turn on you.


This is where the born achiever activates their power against themselves.

Self-sabotaging every step of the way.

And you’re clever aren’t you?

You do it in such a cunning manner that few ever spot it.

You secretly eat shitty foods so your energy will be low.

You stop hydrating so your thoughts are foggy.

You stay up too late so you’ll be tired in the morning.

You stop taking the little actions, knowing that this will trip up the momentum you’ve already created.

You start using THEIR language:

I don’t know

I can’t

I’m afraid of failure

I think…


I’ll try….


You’re not like them so stop pretending to be another sheople.

You don’t fear failure,

you fear success!

Because you and I both know that the moment you give yourself permission to BE all that you came here to be,

life feels FUN!

OMG so much fun!

You show up every day,

doing YOU

to the fullest.

Moving your body in powerful ways,

muscles screaming,

dragons breath,

and it feels oh so delicious.

You create your art and it feels


You attract all you require to have your desires manifest,


All so that you can thrive.

In YOUR zone of genius.

I know something else as well,

something that you’re not talking about,

because people look at you as though you’ve finally lost your marbles.

I know that there’s a feeling inside of you,

a feeling that you’re here to do something.

Something big.

You can’t explain it.

It’s on the tip of your tongue.

It makes no sense,

yet it’s undeniable.

The feeling.

And it’s growing stronger.

A feeling of urgency is burning inside of you.

And we both know that it’s so enormous,

so important,

that you will be required to BE your best self.

For that is the only vibration which will suffice.

And I know that sense of enormity is scary too.

For one thing, those you’ve brought on the journey to this point, will probably stay behind.

In fact,

I’m seeing more and more wolves discarding their sheeps clothing and walking into the dark,

alone once more.

For it’s in our isolation that we connect to the power within.

I also know that you’ve been feeling lonely for so long, that you think it will be unbearable to be alone.

So you keep small for as long as possible.

Clinging to them for a desperate sense of belonging.

You don’t belong there Darling!

Trust me when I tell you that alone does NOT equate lonely!

Right now, people are hurting, people are dying, on our watch.

Yesterday, walking on the deserted beach, I pondered my increased desire for periods of isolation.

It seems lately I can only go for a few days before needing to extract myself from the world.

Going deep into my cave.

Shaking with a sense of overwhelm.

It hasn’t been making sense to me.

Until yesterday.

As an empath, I’m continuously connecting to the deepest emotions of others,

and quite frankly,

the world is rife with depression, anxiety, overwhelm, and defeat right now.

Most of them don’t feel it,

because they’re drugged out of their minds.

But it’s there.

And every day,

I connect to that.

You feel it too.

Which is why we’re heading for the quite of the oceans, the mountains, hiding under our earphones, more and more frequently.

It’s not going to go away Sunshine.

Their fear is turning up the dial and that means that NOW is our time.

It’s our time to step the fuck up and do what we came here to do.

Raising the vibration of the earth,

by breaking the rules,

defying the system,

bringing back THRIVE.

True success.

Health, wealth, growth, connection, contribution, expansion, opulence, abundance for all.

How much longer are you going to be holding yourself back?

How much longer are you going to self-sabotage by doing stupid shit?

How much longer are you going to turn your power against you?

Are you going to be a little chicken, hoping that death is nearby?

Or are you going to activate those brass ovaries and allow yourself to thrive?

With deep love and appreciation for you,


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