Do you have the courage to look in the mirror of life?

Open your eyes.

If you  dare…

Open your eyes and see what you’ve created,

all around you.

From your thriving business or struggling hobby,

to your sexy AF body or fat, flabby layer of protection,

to your orgasmic lover or abusive codependent nightmare,

to your connected family or dysfunctional unit of resentment,

to your adventurous friends or energy vampires.

All of this,

is life,

loving reflecting back to you,

what’s happening on the inside.

Now you’re either sitting there,

smiling, patting yourself on the back,

feeling pretty happy with yourself – I salute you!


you might be sitting there,

shock and horror brining up a fierce desire to tell me that I’m delusional.

You’re not responsible for the shit storm representing your life.

It’s not your fault.

You’re just a victim of circumstances,

caught in the web of your upbringing.

That used to be me,

for the longest time.

And as horrible as I felt most of the time,

it felt good to push the responsibility of my misery,

onto the shoulders of others.

Who in turn placed the blame on the next person,

who put it on the next,

and the next…

You get the picture.

It’s been my experience that most of us don’t wake up because life is all sunshine and hopping bunnies.

The pain has to become pretty fucking intense for us to finally look up.

At which point,

responsibility is the last thing on our minds.

For we immediately default into a pit of shame.


How could I have allowed this to happen?

When did I become so weak?

When did I turn into this spineless piece of washed out cloth?

A downward spiral,

once again

reflected back to us,

by life.


it sucks nickerballs!!!

There’s another choice available to you today Darling.

You can drop all the shame, release the blame, and you can claim love.




This is the ONLY energy powerful enough to turn your life around.

Not medication.

Not therapy.

Not even rescuing.

You have to choose self-love.

And from this space,

you can finally take off those blinkers,

and curiously observe the manifestations of your internal state.

It’s interesting,

every time I think I’ve dealt with what was,

the abuse,

the belittling,

the humiliation,

the conditioning of unworthiness,

continuously being put in my place,

every time I think I’ve healed that part of me,

and that I’m finally honouring myself,

life has a way of showing me the sneaky little remnants of not feeling good enough.

Not feeling deserving.

Scared shitless to be in the presence of one that needs nothing from me.

One who holds an energy of acceptance,

so that I can let down my defences,

and reconnect with my vulnerability,

my heart-space,

not for others,

but for myself.

Terrified of truly showing up in the world from a space of thrive,

daring to be unapologetically radiant in my happiness,

when others feel low,

and then my guilt pulls my energy back down to their level.

Not daring to give myself permission to become successful,

to the level I know I was born to be.

Because the shambles others are creating,

through unconscious choice,

pissing away their potential,

has me shrinking back,

not wanting them to see me,

remembering the pain of them draining my energy,

with their vampiric tendencies,

to leech onto me.

I am beyond grateful for the fact that, for the first time in my life,

I can look at these reflections,

without critical judgment of myself,

but with deep appreciation and compassion,

becoming the curious observer,

and then lovingly,


What do I choose now?

For my choices of yesterday become irrelevant.

They simply served to get me to this place.

My evolution gloriously perfect.

Knowing as well that my pace might be slow,

but it is what you, the reader, are co-creating with me.

I know my journey,

my life,

is nothing more

than a reflection of what others require

to wake up in their own experiences of life.

So that they may choose consciously.

And if my fuck-ups can create a short-cut for you,

I will continue to screw up forward with unbridled joy and enthusiasm.

I have found that it’s in the reconnection with self,

the remembering of who we are,




from within,

that we can radiate a new way of being to others.

Today I invite you to put aside your ego,

to release all tendency to criticise,

and ask life to lift the fog from your mind,

so that you can truly see what is.

And then,

from love, compassion and appreciation,

ask yourself,

‘What is my life reflecting right now?

What are the stories inside my mind that’s creating this physical reality?’

Thank them.

Thank all of it.

So that you can fully breathe in the power of your intentions.

Which leaves you,

the author of your life,

in the perfect position,

to simply turn the page,

and choose what you will write next.

For only death is inevitable my friend.

Thriving is the choice available to those brave enough to love themselves.

With deep love and appreciation for you,


PS:  As entrepreneurs, our businesses are some of our most potent mirrors,

reflecting our level of self-love,



They show us where we feel afraid,

where we feel not good enough,

where we settle,

where our boundaries are weak.

They also serve as powerful reflectors of self-worth,



once we’ve done the internal work.

Mindset, Business & Money is for the entrepreneur who’s not yet reached the consistent $10k per month level of internal badassery.

Those who are determined to succeed,

for they understand that a thriving business simply reflects a thriving heart.

And thrive they will!

It will be my privilege to hold up the mirror in a space of non-judgement,

a space of deep love and acceptance,

so that you can connect with your true self.

The door is open Gorgeous,

you simply need to step through.