Do you remember who you truly are?


don’t say a word.

Just drop into the beautiful silence.

The rise and fall of your chest as you breathe in renewed life.

The welcoming dark as you close your eyes and shut out the world.


Simply allow your attention to drop from your head,

into you heart,

feeling into the deep sense of peace,

of love,

of eternity.


This, my Darling,

is where you will thrive.



Finding your voice in the warmth of the dark.

Clarity, in the eye of the storm.


If only you would give yourself permission.


Do you remember who you truly are?


Funny how we’re told that darkness is to be feared.

That isolation should be avoided.

How sheep is safe,




and the wolf is painted as dangerous,



never turn your back for she will rip you apart.


Do you remember who you truly are?


From an early age we know that somehow we don’t belong – often labelled as the black sheep of the family.

Could it be because black is the colour of our fur?


Constantly berated for our insensitive, uncensored language.

I’ve never understood the purpose of sugar-coating my words.

By the time I’ve removed all possible triggers,

watered it down so that I won’t accidentally hurt the feelings of another,

left out all that could be interpreted as disrespectful or politically incorrect,

there’s nothing left but a hollow lie.

Like children playing ‘telephone’ – the message a gross deformity of the original intent.

Is it any wonder that the words of most have become void of meaning?


I don’t see the purpose of consoling conversations when people are making interesting choices, not enjoying the outcome.

They take actions that lead to pain and then blame everyone else,

seeking sympathy in the arms of lovers and friends,

and of course,

if you’re a good friend or lover,

you don’t tell them to take responsibility,



it’s your job to make them feel better about themselves,

ensuring them that they’re simply a victim of circumstances,

that there’s always another dick in the story,

so that,


They can do that same shit again in a different circumstance,

continuing the cycle of insanity?


My value of honesty has made me extremely unpopular over the years.

There was a time when I too gave in to the societal pressure,

telling people what they wanted to hear,

and by the way,

they always hear what they WANT to hear,

regardless of what you say,

in the process,

I was so out of integrity,

I might as well have flushed myself down the toilet along with the shit that came out of my mouth.



I choose to say it the way I see it.

When someone chooses to take a new perspective,

to question their story,

not to take on mine,

but instead to choose a new one of their own telling,

one of true empowerment,

taking ownership of their role in creation,

that is what they will take from our conversation.

If, on the other hand, they choose to stay the victim,

they will put me in the camp of the enemy,

and leave.


I choose to stay in integrity.


Do you remember who you truly are?


The more years I add to my life-calendar,

the more selfish I become.

For me,

being alone is no longer a luxury.

It’s a necessity.

For me,

boundaries are no longer flexible.

They are non-negotiable.

For me,

doing my purpose work is no longer a dream.

It’s my reason for rising each day.


I’ve come to understand that my purpose will never be understood by those I love who are different from me.

I’ve come to know that as a lone wolf,

my path is in the dark where others feel unsafe,

my path is in the wilderness where others don’t dare tread as the lack of a clear way freaks them out,

where I run freely in the storm,


fully alive,

with no need to explain my wild behaviour,

my insane levels of joy and liberation.


I simply remembered who I am.

And have given myself permission to be unapologetically me.


Do you remember who you truly are?


More and more I see the re-awakening of those who are similar to me.

Still swaddled by the love of those who choose safety,

those who choose ‘normality’,

those who choose to follow the ‘laid out’ ways of our forefathers.

Again and again, they’re brought to moments of decision.

Will they finally remember and embrace who they are fully,

breaking free from all restraints,

finding their voices and singing out their song of liberation?

Or will they share their realisations with those they love and trust,

only to find cautionary words,

and having to decide:

Do you trust yourself,


or do you trust them more?


Here’s what I’ve come to understand as well:

you will choose your liberation when you’re ready to choose.

Not a moment sooner.


Trust that there will be no shortage of moment of choice.

The Universe will continue to put you in front of them.

Without judging your unreadiness to say YES to yourself.

Without any anger for your stubborn insistence of staying in the embrace of conformity.


You will rise when you’re good and ready to rise.


My invitation to you today is to take the pressure off yourself.

Allow yourself to reclaim parts of yourself,

one day at a time,

one choice at a time,

one breath at a time,

until you are whole once more.


My invitation to you today is simply to remember who you are,

to take off those glasses of obscurity

so that

you can admit you’re different from those around you.


Not because you have to leave them.

Not because you have to eat them.



what would it feel like if you could truly celebrate your differentness?

What would it feel like if you stopped making yourself wrong?

What would it feel like if you stopped making your dream crazy?

What would it feel like if you allowed yourself to go within,

to the silence,

to the dark,

to love?


What would it feel like my Darling?


Remember who you are.


For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of those brave enough to remember.


Live with honour.


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The Apprenticeship is for those BORN to be a radiant lighthouse for others.


The one who’s been feeling for some time now that this is YOUR time,

Except looking around the steps they preach seem incredibly boring and you simply can’t be fucked.

I know.

That’s because coaching is not about learning some systems like a monkey and then regurgitating ‘the one and only way’ like a brainless parrot.



From within YOU.

It’s about YOU BEING a coach.

By doing the work every day,


Because not doing it would be like not showering or brushing your teeth for a year.

It’s about an unwavering BELIEF in the magnificence within people,

And ONLY speaking to that part of them until they can connect and live from this space.

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