Do you want to know the secret to your lifegasmic experience?

What are you pushing against?

What are you fighting to the point of exhaustion?

Where is it that you feel you have to prove a point?

That you have to prove your worth?


Just fucking stop it!


Stop looking at everyone else,

attempting to be different from them,

whilst fully immersed in the illusion of uniformity.

Having lost yourself,

forgotten who the hell you are,

what you desire,

what you love,

what you hate,

what you want more of,

what actually wedges up your arse.


You’ve given up your voice,

you’ve lost your confidence,

you’ve dimmed your bright,



Because you’re petrified of being abandoned by all the morons surrounding you,

giving you crumbs of what you need to survive,

as they are parched themselves,

and you,


hoping that one day,

everything will change,

and you will finally feel accepted, appreciated, loved and respected.


Ain’t gonna happen Buttercup.

Not until you can finally drop into those feelings ABOUT yourself, FOR yourself.

Do you get that?


The fact of the matter is that you are different.

You’re unique.




The only reason you feel anything but

outrageously fabulous,

is because of this deceptive system

where conformity is in-bred,

co-dependency cloaked as love,

and in the process

sheople are being led by their testicles to a lack-lustre existence that serves

anybody BUT themselves.


We’ve put the idea of a sacrificial lamb on a pedestal,

and your thrive is being slaughtered in the process.


Just fucking stop it.


We’re told we have a responsibility to perform for the ‘greater good’,

making us ‘valuable’ as contributing members of society.

Once the last vestige of life has been sucked out of our bones,

we’re left on the sidewalk to die,

given a pension if we played by their rules long enough,

put in an old-age home,

all but forgotten….




Washed out grey zombies living in their little boxes,

driving in their coffins

to sit in their cubicles

boredom seeing them surfing in the cloud

and then go home

to a cold




they secretly stopped liking years ago.

But since you have ‘responsibilities’

you seep poison vibes into their beings,

and then call it love.


Just fucking stop it.


Here’s what I’m going to lay out straight for you today,

chances are you’re not going to like it,

because I’m taking all your excuses,

of why you can’t be happy,

of why you’re not good enough,

of why you’re not free,

and blowing it up!


The ONLY reason you’re lonely,

is because you’ve abandoned YOURSELF.

You’ve taken all that makes you spectacularly you,

which is ALWAYS different from everyone else,

you’ve cut it out,

shoved it into a box,

and buried it six feet under.

Because it made others uncomfortable.

Others who want things to remain the same,

no desire to live freely,

as it feels safer behind bars than running wild.


The only reason you’re constantly sick,

is because you’re swallowing your truth

and it’s rotting in your stomach.

You’re never-ending questions drove them nuts,

as they’ve never thought to question themselves,

leaving them without substantial answers or curiosity to evoke further discussion.

They told you to just shut up,

it is what it is,

because they said so.

In the process,

you felt like a nuisance,

clearly you were causing them pain,

which makes you a bad girl.


The only reason you’re out of shape,

out of breath,

out of energy,

is because you’re suppressing your true radiant self,

as it’s too much for those who prefer living in the dark underground.

You’ve bought into the romantic bullshit of having someone complete you,

having someone be the wind beneath your wings,

having someone else be your better half.


How the hell can someone else ever complete you when you’re already whole??

And if it feels as though you’re not whole,



Stop being such a fucking pussy

hiding behind everyone else,

and all your excuses as to how you’re not ready.


You were born ready!

You were born with everything that is required for your unbridled joy.

You were born with the blueprint to your abundant life of thrive.


The longer you keep looking at everyone else for the answer,

waiting for someone to help you,

someone to rescue you,

the weaker you become,

as it takes you further away from you!

Which is just perfect for those who are too fucking lazy to create THEIR own thrive,

and so you all live unhappily ever after.


Just fucking stop it.


Do you really want to know the secret to your lifegasmic experience?


Are you ready for it?

Are you at the point where you’ll actually not just hear my words,

but use it to transform your life?

Or will you just read on,

let it slide off you because it just feels too hard,

that you’ll piss off too many people,

that it’s too scary,

and then go back to the same-old-same-old life,

praying for the kids to grow up so you can just curl up and die?


Your choice Darling.


The secret to your lifegasmic experience,

is being full of YOU!


It’s focusing on YOUR desires.

It’s focusing on YOUR gifts.

It’s focusing on YOUR beauty.

It’s focusing on YOUR joy.

It’s focusing on YOUR truth.

It’s focusing on YOUR health.


That’s right.


which only ever comes from

radical self-acceptance

radical self-apprecation

radical self-love

radical self-respect

which leads to

radical self-worth.


And then,

you get to show up in the world,


and those who are full of themselves

get to come and play with you!



There will be others who are not quite there yet,

but your radiance will so inspire them,

that they will come to you and ask you to show them what you did.

If they’re hungry enough for a lifegasmic experience,

they will put in the work to become full of themselves,

and they will join your party.


And if they’re not,

if they’re simply suffering from shiny-object syndrome,

they will dabble for a while,

and then leave again.


Either way,

is perfect.

As you will stay focused on you,

continuing to thrive.


You wanted to know.

Now you know.


And yes,

you might be triggered AF,

feeling irritated,

feeling out of sorts,

that it’s not more complex than this,

but what are you going to do with it?


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the Alphas.


Live with honour,




There’s way more to thriving than meets the eye, and yet, when you look around, all people are showing you is the surface level stuff.
Well Sunshine,
I’m passionate AF about the thrive.
I used to buy into a prescribed masculine way of setting goals, taking massive amounts of action, achieving the outcome and then starting all over again.
And I definitely achieved some epic results.
But it wasn’t until I decided to break the rules, connect with my deepest desires and created a NEW methodology for having it all, that I truly started living in a state of daily lifegasms and today, I’m that irritating bitch who has her cake and eats every delicious crumb,
And you bet your sweet ass I lick my manicured fingers and then say ‘Thank you Universe.  More please’.
I want that for you too!
I’m going to be working side by side with you as you get CLARITY like you’ve never had before and identify the best next thrive-stones (think milestones except yummier) that not only light you up, but create the biggest return on investment for your time and effort.
You bloody deserve it!
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