But what if I don’t want easy?

I adore my life.

I love the fact that I came out of the ‘perfection’ closet a long time ago and can now freely speak my mind knowing that nothing is set in stone.

I love the fact that as I stay open and curious I can question not only what everyone else says, but what I say as well.


But the one thing that seems constant for me at this point in time, is this whole idea of ‘it’s supposed to be easy‘.

This has really been magnified again lately by so many coaches belittling the hustle on social media.

Saying that we should stop working so hard.

That we’re all going to burn out if we keep up the insane pace.

That life and business should be easy.

That we never left corporate to work these crazy hours but to have more time with our kids.

Well actually, that’s not why I left corporate.

I left corporate because I don’t get the whole 9 to 5 mentality.

I left corporate because I am obsessed with my life purpose and don’t want a break from it.

I left corporate because I don’t thrive on easy.

Corporate is a walk in the park!

And if this is your truth, if it’s your vibe to do easy, I completely and utterly respect that.

If sitting by the pool and making millions through passive income is your idea of heaven, dive in!


I don’t believe that is my Utopia.

I can think of nothing worse!


I took some time out yesterday.  I watched an orca play in the ocean, toes dug into the sand whilst savouring a pepperoni pizza.

It was fucking awesome.

For about thirty minutes.


I’d had my fill.

I felt recharged.

I was ready to rock and roll.

If you really want to punish me, tell me I have to take it easy.

That it should be easy.

For people such as myself, the hustle is our fuel.

I don’t expect you to understand this if you’re not like me.

If you’re here to do easy then yes, you will fucking burn out if you try and keep up with me.

I don’t do easy.

I do achievement.

I thrive when I bite off more than I can chew and then have to work those muscles to the point of exhaustion and beyond.  Learning.  Growing.  Becoming stronger.

I love to take on new projects, learn new skills.

It’s hard as fuck.

I curse like a drunken sailor.

I scream in frustration.

I throw my hands up in the air.

Sometimes I cry a little.




I french-kiss the struggle that is always part of the learning with wild abandon and deep exhilaration.

Stop telling me it should be easy!

I enjoy the messy part in the middle when I almost figured it out but my body looks awkward and my movements are all jerky.

I soar when everything finally clicks into place and from the outside I make the hard shit look effortless.

Not that it is.

That’s where people have it wrong.

Just because a prima ballerina looks like she’s light as a feather doesn’t mean that her toenails aren’t being ripped to pieces in those beautiful silk block shoes.

She still hurts.

She still bleeds.

For YOUR entertainment.

For the art.

For the illusion of effortless.

That pretty ballerina that so many think a fragile little porcelain doll, is a goddamned warrior!

You have no idea.

And no, we didn’t all come here to be warriors.

Thank the awesomeness of peanut butter.

And I don’t want to make anyone wrong for wanting to live easy.  I’m just not talking to you today.


If you’re like me, and you DO thrive on the hustle, this is for you:




Stop surrounding yourself with the easy-goers because they have you hiding your brilliance in a bucket full of shame.

Not only are you disowning your magnificence, you are a fraud, and your betrayal of self will ultimately lead to mediocre existence and depression.

If you’re a born warrior, a hustler, a creative, an artist, you HAVE TO FUCKING CREATE.

Not doing so hurts way more than the journey of achievement ever will.

Look, maybe you just haven’t figured out the rhythm yet.

Maybe you are still buying into the illusion that there’s a point for us where it stops hurting.

Where you can ride a 100 kilometres and never sweat a drop or feel an ounce of muscular fatigue or pain.

That’s bullshit.

You always hurt.

You always get tired.

For as you become fitter, as you become stronger, you will always push harder.

That’s the nature of the beast.

And you my gorgeous friend, you’re all beast.

You’re built for this madness.

And the moment you embrace this as your truth, life becomes one awesome adventure!

You stop sitting in the coffee shops and you start playing with your tribe, sweating and laughing and challenging each other.

You stop making your competitive side wrong and you use it to your advantage, to continuously push yourself, grow yourself, living outside of your comfort zone.

You stop thinking your inner bitch is a bitch and you understand that she is your sister in arms.

You stop focusing on the bullshit others are feeding you in terms of how your life SHOULD be for you to be happy and you do whatever the fuck lights you up.

And I am willing to take a bet that what lights you up is doing your purpose work, is making your body excrete your power through your pores, is the struggle, the perseverance, the grit.

I simply can’t imagine how horrendously boring my life would be without it.

I don’t want to go on holiday all the time and relax.

I don’t want to sit on the couch all day and veg out.

I will rest when I’m dead.

I will stop hurting when I’m dead.

I will take it easy when I’m dead.

But whilst I’m alive, I choose to thrive!

And you?

With love eternal,


PS:  There’s a reason I don’t work with everyone.  Not everyone is my people.  If you want easy, truly desire easy, from inside, because it feels right, not because everyone else is telling you that you’re wrong for loving the hustle, I’m DEFINITELY not the right coach for you.  I love you but honestly we would hate working together.  There are tons of the right coaches out there for you and that is fabulous!  If however you thrive on the journey, on cresting the mountain, on biting off more than you can chew, you’re my people.  If you’re hungry for the next big goal and want to train your body the point where an indestructible mind-set is your normal, we can play.  Anel@anelbester.com.  You know what to do.