Power Up – When you’re done waiting for someone to empower you, you’re empowered.

You might call me an insensitive bitch by the end of this, but really it’s my deep caring that forces me to speak my truth.

Empowerment – a word that gets flung around like kegs of beer at a sorority party (remember those???).

In the spirit of complete transparency, it’s a word that I’ve been using with passionate exclamation as I got so sick and tired of hearing how everyone is helping everyone else.  Yawn.

You can’t help someone for heaven’s sake (I’m not referring to helping an invalid get nourishment into their body by feeding them but rather psychologically changing people from victims to victors).   You can present people with new possibilities, new ways of seeing, new ways of thinking – it’s still up to them whether they choose to embrace it or not.

So I kicked help’s ass to the curb and started using empower.  It sounds way cooler to empower people to take their lives to the next level.  To empower people to take action.  To empower people to take a stand for themselves.

Until the echo echo echo of the word was fed back to me to the point of nausea which gave me pause to think.  Yes I know I know, I’m a cynic who’ve come to the understanding that modern society has a way of taking wisdom and twisting it for the continued hypnosis of sheople.

I Googled empowerment and came across this definition : “authority or power given to someone to do something”.

How the fuck do you give someone power?

For me true power is internal.  It resides within every single person.  Yes unfortunately it lies dormant in a large proportion of the population – but it’s still there.

People have simply forgotten.  They get born and spoon-fed bland mashed veggies and societal rules of how wearing pants gives you power in the house, how money gives you power in the economy, how title gives you power in companies, how sex gives you power just about everywhere, how station gives you power in countries.

It’s done so convincingly that people disengage from the truth – that there is an endless source of power residing inside of them.

It’s called free will.

It’s called thinking for yourself.

It’s called owning your shit.

True empowerment is that moment when you stop being a victim of outside forces and instead scrutinize your life from every angle.  Your relationships, your bank account, your company, your happiness.  And you take complete responsibility for every one of those.

It’s the moment when you decide to level the playing field by understanding that you have all the power, all the potential, all the wisdom, all the creativity that everyone else in the history of mankind has ever had or will ever have.

It’s the moment when you invest in yourself and you decide that you’re going to get whatever you need out of the program to make progress regardless of who is presenting or what the content entails.

It’s the moment when you look at what’s pissing you off and either choose to keep it the same but not get upset or change it.

All of this is inside of you.  Nobody can give it to you.  Nobody can empower you – you simply have to re-power yourself.  Because the moment that you wait for someone else to empower you, you’ve given your power away again.

Tony Robbins stated it so beautifully that it’s never a lack of resources but a lack of resourcefulness that keeps people from achieving their goals.

Because let’s be honest here, it’s way easier to blame our parents, our partners, our kids, our bosses, our employees, our presidents, our economies for everything that’s not to our liking and drown our sorrows with a bottle of tequila than to switch off the social media feeds, read the books, brainstorm the ideas and take action every single day.

It’s hard work to wake up in the morning and to consciously choose to feel gratitude before your feet hit the floor.  It’s hard to discipline yourself to commit an hour a day to completely focus on your dreams and to take action even when nobody believes in you or shouts at you to meet their needs rather than your own.  It’s hard to raise your standards to excellence when all your childhood friends invite you to the pub each night – calling you a nerd when you turn them down.

But that’s true power.

That’s when you empower your fucking self to make shit happen.

If you’re serious about being a leader (and if you’re still reading I know that you are a leader) I believe it’s time that you stop focusing on trying to empower others and start empowering yourself.  Live your life in a way that inspires others to pick themselves up at their boot straps because if they don’t they will get left behind.  Surround yourself with people who simply don’t have time for drama and blame and who instead lovingly holds up a mirror for you and say “look, own and choose”.  Burn the fucking violins or change the tune so my feet start dancing involuntarily with excitement.

Now you might feel on fire at this stage as the light-bulb goes on and you know that Hell Yes, you OWN it.  Or you might completely reject all of this as a load of shit because I simply don’t understand your circumstance because if I did I would be more sympathetic.  Honey if you had any idea how often I’ve stood in shoes that has most people fucking running in fear, you will know that it’s because I understand that I’m writing this.  But ultimately it’s your choice how you decide to feel about this piece.

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I know that for most people to make a radical change there has to be some serious shit going on.  That’s when we say Enough And No More.  That’s when you dig deep and find your courage to take a step towards your success.  And I know it takes more than a tot of courage to sign up with a coach which is why I’m making this an easy choice for you.

Ready to feel your power?

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