Ever considered it’s the rules and strategies screwing you over?

This piece is NOT for the mundanes.

NOT for the ordinary people who desire ordinary lives.

NOT for those who want to play it safe,

build a nest egg,

and listen to the tick-tock of their lives going by.


As I’m preparing for my training in the Mindset, Business & Money Evolution today,

I’m thinking of ALL the rules and strategies that I’ve learned over the years,

of how business ‘works’,

how money ‘works’,

how life ‘works’.


And for some,

all of these rules, regulations and strategies,

provide the safe-haven within which they feel good to play,

like a toddler requires the confines of the nunu-pool to have fun.


Not us.


for us,

all these rules,


strategies and lists,

not only feels suffocating and constricting,

it literally dries up our creativity!


Like a stressed-out pussy needs fabric-produced lube to get going,

alphas attempting to live within the confinements of man-rules,

when we’re born to be wild, independent and free,

require booze,



just to get through another day.


And then you want to convince me you’re happy living in the safety of the white-picket prison.

Whatever Buttercup.


Here’s what I know for sure as I sit sweating buckets of excitement:

You’re either living a FUCK YES life,

or you’re existing.

You’re either waking each morning,

feeling completely turned on,

sighing yes, yes yeeeeeees,

or you’re lying there dreading the coming hours till you can crawl back to sleep.

You’re either an alpha,

or you’re just part of the pack,

here to follow and obey.


If you’re the latter,

just go follow someone else.

I don’t speak your language

and what I share, will grate your tits.


I’m talking to the leaders.

Those who desire a life of thrive.

Those who know they are here to create Empires of IMPACT.




if you need rules to be a person of integrity and honour,

you’re just being a dick.

For us, there are no rules.

We are guided from within.

We are bound be a deep sense of love,

a sense of fulfilment,

a sense of honour.

That’s simply part of the alpha DNA.

Rules don’t allow for creativity.

Rules don’t allow for iconic adventures.

Rules don’t allow us to suck the marrow out of the expression of life available to us every second of the day.



I know I know,

they’re working for others,

obviously getting results,

and if you apply yourself diligently,

you get some measure of results as well.


But does it feel orgasmic Darling?

Or is it feeling like a struggle?

Are you constantly learning new shit only to feel an even bigger fuck-up?

Are you continuously jumping from one guru to the next only to feel more and more stuck?

Like a tortoise moving through molasses,

you’ll eventually come to a stand-still,



wading through all the bullshit in your mind!





I’m going to let you in on a little secret,

and it’s just between the two of us…


It all comes down to one thing:



The reason some people just create the most incredulous results,

breaking records,

doing that which has never been done before,

is because they believe they will.


It’s not the ACTION they take,

it’s the ENERGY they bring,

through conviction and absolute faith.


They can teach you every single step they took,

and for the beta’s,

here to replicate,

it works,

because they believe in the alpha so much,

their faith comes through their results.


Which is why it works for thousands of others.

Because they’re NOT alphas!


Do you get this???

Because if you don’t,

you’re either NOT an alpha,

in which case just own that for yourself and be a happy packer,

or you’re not ready to step up and BE who you came here to be.

And I get that too.

Took me a LONG time.

Then just be accepting of that,

instead of beating yourself over the head all the time.

It’s counter-productive and it’s impossible to create thrive from a space of self-loathing.


Here’s my invitation to you today,

and as always,

only do this if it feels good and aligned:

Write down ALL the rules you believe will create success in your life.

All the rules regarding what it takes to build a successful business.

All the rules regarding what it takes to have a successful profession.

All the rules regarding what it takes to have a successful relationship.

All the rules regarding what it takes to have a healthy, fabulous, gorgeous body.

All the rules regarding what it takes to connect to a higher power.


Are you done?

How many pages have you filled?

How do you feel when you look at all those rules?

Read them out loud to yourself.

How does it feel hearing the sound of your words?


If it feels amazing,





You’re either an alpha who have made up your own rules,

or you’re part of the pack!


But if it feels like shit,

if acid bile is rising in your throat,

if you want to just RAGE,

then know this:

it’s fucking time you wake up, stand up, and

be the ALPHA you’re born to be.


Take those pages,

rip them up,

in fact, burn those fuckers,

and then sit down with a blank page and write at the top:



And go for it.

Write your own rules into the fabric of the universe and command it be so.


THIS is the way of the Alpha.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of alphas breaking the rules.


Live with honour,


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