Everything that you say you want, starts with you…

Oh I know you don’t want to hear it.

I know how much it sucks to look in the mirror and finally understand

that the buck has to stop here.

That in order for you to have


you say you want,

you first and foremost have to


the fact



and only you,

are the creator of your experience.

And that until you take control of your thoughts,

your decisions,

honouring your emotions,

and then taking the action,



we can keep on having these conversations,

day in and day out,

but answer me this Darling:

have you


that things are going to change?

Truly decided?

Or are you just wanting to hear your voice,

rambling on and on,

about the same miserable shit,

that you were going on about yesterday?

Because I have to be brutally honest here,

it’s becoming a tad boring.

And the only reason I’m saying this to you

is because nobody else has the balls to tell you.

I used to believe that we had to be sympathetic,

allowing people to just be where they’re at for all of eternity.

Letting them regurgitate the same story over and over,

thinking that if they would just talk about it long enough,

something would shift,

and they would finally make the change.

I used to think that people just needed to listen to enough motivational videos,

see enough inspirational posts,

to finally flick the switch on the inside

that would transform their lives overnight.

I’m #sorrynotsorry,

I simply don’t buy into this bullshit anymore.

The more I connect to those who are on purpose,

those who are choosing to live life with eyes wide open,

the more I understand that time’s running out


who are DYING

every single day.

Maybe not in body,

but you can see the lights go out in their eyes.

And quite frankly Darling

I simply find it


that we continue to drag our feet

in the hope that something will eventually change.

When all along,

the answer is staring you in the face!


Do you even get this?


Now, two things need to happen:

  1.  You have to draw that line and say ENOUGH AND NO MORE!
  2. You have to DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT instead.

That’s it!

That’s what needs to happen for you to finally get


you say you desire.

Thing is,

most people refuse to take the time to figure out what the hell they truly want.

They would rather continue on the conveyor belt of existence,

convincing themselves that if they DARED to step off,

to take a breath,

to OWN their lives,

that the sky would fall in and it will be the end of the universe.

This is of course how we’re taught to think.

Because heaven forbid

you should give yourself the time and space

for clear,


creative thinking,

that could lead to your liberation.

Nobody wants you to do that,

because they know that things will change.

It will impact everyone around you,

and it scares them shit-less.

Because that means they would have new choices to make as well.

They will have to take responsibility for themselves,

their chosen beliefs,

their chosen thoughts,

their actions,

which will either have them staying behind,

or moving forward.

Even then,

it is not guaranteed that their path will be the same as yours.

For when we reach a point of true self-love,

we no longer take responsibility for others – not the bad or the good.

I have come to realise that I receive no credit for the frowns or the smiles on the faces of others.

I am not the source of their emotions.

And each time I wander from this path,

thinking that others get the credit for my joy or visa versa,

I also blame them for my upset.

Which is complete and utter bullshit.

So I return to the mirror,

and I state to her:

Show me the real love.

Which has to start from within.

What would your life look like if you truly, completely, and unconditionally loved yourself?

What would you put into your mouth?

Onto your skin?

On your body?

What would your environment look like if you chose to have it reflect the vibrancy and beauty within?

Who would you choose to share your space with?

What would be the nature and topics of conversation?

How would you move your body?

How would you build your business?

Who would you serve?

Where would you go?

How will you structure your day to feel fully alive – balancing your often-chaotic creative nature with nurturing moments of refilling your cup?

THIS my friend,

is how you create a life of thrive.

From within.

From LOVE.

Not from should or could or can’t or impossible.

Love has no limitation.

Love has no fear.

Love is and always will be the only true creative force in the Universe.

And yes,

I know that sometimes my words don’t sound very ‘loving’ to your ears,

as you’ve been taught that love has to sound like syrup for it to be real.

Not in my world.

In my world,


is the only sound of love.

I would much rather have someone express love by having zero tolerance for my self-pity,

than have someone kiss my round bottom with their co-dependent lies because they don’t want to hurt my feelings.

Feelings won’t kill me,

self-destructive behaviour will.

So today I invite you to choose:

will you live in fear,




will you live in love?


For only death of the body is inevitable.

Thriving is always a choice available to the brave.

With love and appreciation,


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