Excuse me Sir, I think you might have dropped your balls.

This message is by no means directed exclusively at those with a physical pair of testicles.


Average people often ask why women don’t get upset that it’s called “Iron Man”.

Why we don’t insist on being called “Iron Woman”.

Not understanding, that when you choose to live the life of an Iron Man,

every single contender on the field is your equal.

You go into battle with warriors,

comrades in arms,

and you expect the same strength, resilience, determination, conviction,

regardless of their sex.




It’s time for you to get red flowing in your veins!


So I’m talking to YOU today,

regardless of whether your physical body depicts you as man or woman.


I’ve been watching patiently as millions choose to suffocate in average excistence.

Thinking they’re fooling me into believing they’re happy with the way things are.

I’ve been listening as they tell themselves and everyone who will listen to them,

how they’re doing the best they can.

How life is simply not fair,

how hard it is,

how this is not their time,

how they will show the motherfuck up once their kids are a hundred and two.



you know,

then they’ve been the responsible parent who paid the bills and provided the best for their off-spring.


Never mind the fact that they’re constantly exhausted,

out of shape,




miserable fuckers.



Can’t you see I’m tired.

Leave me alone.

I’ll get to you after I finished this raid.

I’ll get the food ready after this drink.

I have a headache.

Stop being so ungrateful.

It’s weekend – I just want to rest.”


You should feel ashamed of yourself!


How DARE you NOT be who you came here to be?

How DARE you NOT be your best version self?

How DARE you HIDE behind convenient social bullshit of what you CAN and CAN’T do?

How DARE you HIDE from your fears as though you’re a castrated pup with no spine?




This is NOT who you are!





Except for some reason you believe that in order for you to be a valuable member of society you have to know your place,

don’t speak your truth because it upsets those so far removed from themselves they think they don’t have what it takes.


You believe you are responsible for the happiness and demise of others.

That your emotions makes you unstable so best you don’t feel them,

don’t name them,

for the love of god don’t show them.


You believe that if others don’t like you,

if you’re not winning popularity contests,

it means that you’re meant to stay in the shadows.

You should not be seen.

You’re not attractive enough.

You’re not smart enough.

You’re not powerful enough.

You’re not enough.


Here’s what I know:


It understands it’s survival is dependent on the mutation of the alphas

those born to achieve the unachievable thereby bringing back belief in potential,

those born to create the uninvented thereby bringing back art,

those born to sculpt their bodies and minds into masterpieces thereby bringing back pride,

those born to lead unashamedly thereby bringing back honour.


You know YOU are an alpha,

which is why you’re reading this.

Even though you’re showing up as this:

what do you even call yourself?


Look Cupcake,

I’m by no means claiming that I’ve lived a life which is a true reflection of my potential.

I’m only just getting started.

I had some pretty BIG fucking lessons to learn along the path back to myself.


First, I chose a life where I learned to detest myself to the point where I was willing to kill myself.

I chose a life where I learned to be filled with revulsion for my true nature to the point where I completely disowned my power.

I chose a life where I showed up as the runt of the litter.

Because I was told I’m too much to handle.

Too loud, too proud, too rebellious, too independent, too opinionated, too wild.


So I bowed my head and had them slip that muzzle over my face.

Gagging as I swallowed my truth and played by their rules.


It took me decades to finally reclaim MYSELF.

To choose ME.

To BE who I know myself to be.


I don’t regret a single day.

It gave me compassion.

It gave me empathy.

It gave me belief.

It made me resilient AF.


It took me DECADES to see that my balls had dropped to the floor and rolled under the bed.


I literally had to fall to the ground,

sobbing in the dirt,

and from this vantage point of rock bottom,

I spotted my testicles five feet away.


I found the inner strength to pull myself forward.

I found the inner strength to pick them up from within the cobwebs.

I found the inner strength to GET THE FUCK BACK UP.








Now, it’s your turn.


I want you to allow yourself to take off the blinkers.

I want you to give yourself permission to sober the fuck up,

to throw away the self-medication preventing you from feeling the excruciating pain ripping up your insides,

and break down so you can finally break through.



Fuck, mere existence means you’re dead already.


I want you to get REAL with yourself.

No holding back the punches.

I want you to see what you’ve allowed yourself to become.

By passing the buck.

By believing the truth of another even though it contradicts with your personal truth.

By not training insane.

By not raising your standards to excellence.

By not continuously learning.

By not being dedicated.

By not being disciplined.

By not connecting to the forces within that drives your life.


I want you to get HONEST about the impact your refusal to be a motherfucking LEADER

is costing all the generations yet to come.


You say you love your kids,

yet you poison them with that shit you call food!

You teach them how to waste their lives away in front of a screen.

You model to them how to numb the pain with overeating, over drinking, over thinking.

You should get a tattoo that says :



Wake the fuck up and feel the pain of our children!

Whether they are your own or the children of the world.

They are DYING for us to bring back honour!

Sleeping on the streets because their parents are WEAK, drunk and playing online as real life SUCKS!

Using drugs in the parks because their parents are so caught up in the private hell of their own making, they’ve forgotten kids were born .

Acting out in schools because the system is BROKEN, yet their cries are being silenced with medication and labels.

All because they need US to step up and lead,

so that they can lead the next generation.


Regardless of how old you are,

regardless of where you live,

regardless of your family history,

regardless of where the fuck Mercury is,

you can choose differently RIGHT NOW.


You can choose to be your BEST self from this point forward.

You can choose to go to your kitchen and throw out every last crumb of chemically-laced poison.

You can choose to set your alarm for 5 am, or 4 am, or 3 am, whatever it takes,

and dedicate the first hour of your day to learning something new,

to setting up your mind,

to connect to the results you’re committed to achieve today,

to be quiet and listen to the voice of your soul.

You can choose to lace up your shoes and run faster than the demons inside your head.

You can choose to show up at work as a professional:  with pride and a commitment to excellence.

You can choose to connect with the heart within every person you come into contact with.

You can choose to have stimulating conversations with your loved ones.

You can choose it all.


Yes, it will be challenging – HTFU!

Yes, they will call you crazy – brilliance is always labeled insanity.

Yes, they will call you obsessed – they have forgotten what passion looks like.

Yes, they will abandon you – so fucking what?


What do you want more:

To fit in?

Or to stand out and be who you know you came here to be?


Enough fucking around.

There is no ‘tomorrow’.


It’s now or never.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.


Live with honour.



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You will feel uncomfortable.

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