Feel like an imposter much? Welcome to the achievers club.

You have to love labels.

The way in which humanity attempts to make sense of the complexity of this fabulous experience called life.

Which OF COURSE means that someone had to give us a condition to call the unreasonable fear of high achievers of not being good enough in the company of fellow achievers.

And as with most labels, it’s dripped in shame, causing division and seperation.

The label of imposter syndrome is also what keeps so many born achievers, chained in mediocrity.

They think it’s unique to them.

That the fear they continuously feel in the presence of those they admire, must surely mean they’re inferior.

So they either tippy-toe around in the room,

or stay away altogether.

Today I’m inviting you to some deeper introspection by providing a possible interpretation to a feeling I have intimate knowledge of.

Not that I’m saying this is universal truth.

I no longer believe in universal anything – except love.

I believe in love.

Instead, I’m simply proposing a different possibility from which you can find YOUR truth,

and my intention is that it will be one that empowers you to stop hiding in the corner and walk among your peers proudly.

There lives within each achiever a restless, insatiable beast.

Regardless of how well you do, how much you achieve, how much others admire you,

you want more.

You want better.

You want to go higher.

Whilst receiving applause, you’re replaying your efforts in your mind, already spotting opportunities for improvement.

Chances are, in the beginning you spoke these words out loud, resulting in an immediate reprimand that you should stop being so hard on yourself.  That you did great.  Making you hang your head slightly lower in shame and feeling ungrateful and boastful.

So you stopped voicing your thoughts.

Except they never went away.

Secretly, you keep raising the bar.

Fighting the demons silently on the inside, whilst presenting to the world a facade of bravado and confidence.

Because in your world, competition is a real thing.

Competition – which has been made BAD by modern society.

We’ve gone from praising winners to scolding those up front, telling them to slow down, to wait for everyone else, to stop being so motherfucking inconsiderate and selfish.

That the achievement of some are responsible for the low self-esteem of others.

As if it’s your responsibility to carry the masses.

As if it’s up to you to motivate the lazy fuckers to change their ways.

Once again, achievers feel shame and increase their isolation.

Just as the king of the jungle, you are a rare and dying breed my friend.

Time for us to turn shame into pride.

What I want you to start realising is that you don’t operate the same as the masses.

Whilst they’re thinking of what to do on the weekend, you’re thinking up ways to increase productivity.

Whilst they’re wondering how early they can get away to go to the pub, you’re wondering how late you can work without getting into shit at home.

Whilst they’re planning holidays, you’re planning ways to work in the bathroom without getting caught out because quite frankly, holidays are an inconvenient disruption of your flow.

The average masses go into a room filled with experts and it’s all about how good it makes them look to walk among the great without having put in any effort.

They simply have no appreciation for dedication and sacrifice.

You go into that room and you unconsciously compare yourself to the public persona of those you admire.  Your role models.

And you’re afraid!

What if they ask you something and you don’t have the right answer?

What if all those years of study lets you down and you don’t say the most intelligent sounding thing?

Except, what nobody is telling you, is that these are the thoughts and fears of your icons as well!

Because where the masses don’t give a shit about dabbling,

your standards are nothing less than mastery.

Which is why you’re often seen as obsessed.

You have no desire to know a little.

For surface experiences.

You desire full immersion.

As you should.

Continuously comparing yourself to the next level of your potential,

the next level of your field,

you always feel inferior.

Even when you’re the leader of your company,

leader of your industry,

leader of your country.

Add to this the fact that true achievers understand the power in surrounding themselves with the best,

without letting them smell your fear,

and you can start having empathy with yourself Darling.

Being a high achiever is not for sissies.

Which is exactly why achievers work with trusted coaches and mentors privately.

It’s that one place where you can go and bring to light the insanity that is your mind, so that you may make sense of it all and live a life of conscious choice.

The constant unspoken fears and insecurities.

The battle between fear and trust.

No achiever I know has the desire to be vulnerable in front of everyone.

I sure as hell don’t.

I’m the first to say that if others could hear the voices inside my head,

the battle raging 24/7,

they would lock me up and throw away the key.

To make this even worse, society now calls for us to show our vulnerable side.

Those at the bottom has the masses chanting for blood.

Our blood.

Our tears.

They want to hear our fears so that they will feel better about theirs.

Taunting us to let down our guard and show our scars, our pain, our raw insides.

Well, I don’t know about you, but the masses can go fly a kite!

I’m taking a stand for the achievers.

I want you to know that the shit storm raging inside you is REAL.

It’s not your Achilles heel – it’s your super power.

That feeling you have of not being good enough, the fear of being caught out,

every achiever in the room feels that.

It’s what keeps us sharp, at the height of our game.

It’s what drives us to continuously learn more, experience more, practice more, fail more, do more.

This is a good thing!

That instinct you have to trust only those who don’t have a vested interest in the outcome,

is spot on.

For those are the people who will hold the space for you, challenge you, reflect to you, so that you may unlock the wisdom and power that is within.

Stop sharing your dreams, your fears, with average people.

They will never understand you.

You will trigger them and they will turn on you with words of fake love.

Saying that you should stop reaching so high.

That you should take it easier.

That you put too much pressure on yourself.

They will bring your fears under their magnifying glasses and increase them to the point where your desire becomes smaller than your fear and you will give in.

Everything that society is using against you right now,

all the characteristics they’re turning into shame,

is nothing more than your entrance card into the exclusive club of achievers.

It’s become an underground club.

One that only those hungry enough will seek out.

For you will feel alone and misunderstood on the way to the front door.

You will feel confused and get derailed by the hypnotic trance music of the cult of mediocrity.

It will take determination to push on.

And it will take focus.

You have to make it a non-negotiable.

You have to be willing to leave behind the Albatros holding you in place.

The alternative being an abandonment of who you are.

A wolf in sheeps clothing – not to prey but a desperate attempt to fit in and be part of the unit.

Starved and emancipated on the inside.

Gagging on the grass you’re chewing along with the millions of sheople around you.

Waiting for death.

Already defeated.

I lived in shame for most of my life up to this point.

Shaming the beast which is within my bones, my flesh, my thoughts, my heart.

No more.

I’m proudly reclaiming my nature as beast.

I will not show my underbelly to the weak preying on the strong.

I will walk proudly among my peers with my ‘imposter syndrome’ firmly in place, understanding that this keeps me honing my skills.

I will hold a sacred space for fellow achievers who desire to reclaim themselves.

I’m not ready to die yet.

So I choose to thrive.

This is my invitation to you today:

to choose your own interpretations of the storm raging within.

May it be a powerful choice my friend.

With deep love and appreciation of you,