Feeling guilty for having too much fun???

Let me ask you this Darling:
Where are you still shrinking from ecstacy?

Where are you still cutting pleasure short
because you think you can’t possibly cope with THIS MUCH orgasmic connection with the source within you?

Where are you still rushing your enjoyment
so that you can get back to
back to the salt-mines so that you can ‘deserve’ the next finger of stimulation?

Right now,
I put it to you,
that the only true purpose of your life,
the one that’s actually going to change the game for humanity,
is to increase your capacity for joy and pleasure and fun
by having more joy and pleasure and fun!

It’s being on a MISSION to have so much adventure and delight
that the cult of mediocrity look at you in complete horror and indignation because
who the fuck do you think you are to be having such a good time
whilst everyone else is choosing an existence of suffering?

Does this shock you?


Because you think that the more we focus on the truly horrible things happening, the better it will get?
Because you think that being committed to increasing the energy of love and joy and abundance on this earth-plane somehow makes you a bad person?

Does this make any logical sense at all????

Can we agree that everything is energy and what you focus on grows?
It multiplies as you’re feeding it MORE energy through your attention.
From this space,
can we agree that it’s possible that the reason the piles of shit is multiplying faster than a bowl of popping corn is because soooo many people are focused on it?
In fact, the masses are hypnotised by the drama. They’ve developed an insatiable appetite for it! Often lashing out at those who DON’T post negativity and pity-inducing “oh woe is me” bull-balls on social media!
Yes, I understand that most believe focusing on the problem and highlighting it, will make it better.
I understand that it comes from a good space.
But Sunshine, you’re feeding the wrong fucking beast!

You truly want to bring positive change?
Then focus on the solution!
Focus on how you DO want to experience it.
Talk about it as if it already is and it will become faster. Post about what you desire to experience and it will become faster.
Focus on the better!

Let’s talk about being a bad person.
Oh and make no mistake – someone went to town on this one taking every possible point of FABULOUSLY YOU, dipping it in a barrel of shame and feathering you with labels that will crush the most resillient of spirits.

Apparently your body is a thing to be tortured, humiliated, hidden, shut down, become nothing more than a breeding factory and if that part is not working properly or you’re choosing NOT to utilise that particular functionality, you’re broken!
God forbid you should celebrate the magnficent vehicle you’ve chosen to have an experience with in this time-space reality.

Apparently your emotions are demons that need to be drugged and chained and rejected for they make you unpredictable, unreasonable, unbreakable in their efforts to domesticate you.
God forbid you should welcome the powerful messages they gift you with regards to how your thoughts are currenlty creating your life.

Apparently we should feel happy, but not too happy and only when appropriate.
We shouldn’t feel too sad because then we’re not functioning well enough for the machine so they’ll put your arse on a couch and feed you drugs.
We shouldn’t feel angry becuase that shit just looks ugly on a woman and makes you crazy and out of control.
We DEFINITELY shouldn’t feel horny because that makes us sluts and whores and inappropriate.
In other words Darling, we’re pretty doomed as bad to the bone because you and I both know we feel ALL of this and a gazillion other emotions ALL THE TIME.

The suffering most people are experiencing is the suppression of emotion, never allowing themselves to FULLY release INTO the emotion, so they can allow it to move THROUGH them, leaving behind beautiful indicators of thought.

Love and joy and abundance IS YOUR NATURAL STATE!
You can NEVER have TOO MUCH of this and the more people who choose this more of the time, the more we elevate the energy on this gorgeous planet.
Let those who revel in suffering, vengence, resentment, sour-pusses, have their preferred life experience.
You get to have YOURS.

I’m proposing that it’s time for Alphas to liberate themselves from the mundane thoughts leading to mundane beliefs resulting in mundane lack-lustre existence.
It’s time for those who lead from heart, those who are willing to stay curious, committed to continuous growth and expansion and elevation,
to have the boldness to thrive and

This will only happen when individuals stop taking responsibility for the inner workings of others,
which when you think about it,
means you want dominion over another,
and instead,
bring it home
to themselves.

Taking complete responsibility for your life experience by reclaiming your total control over
your thoughts
your feelings
your actions.

Death might be inevitable,
thriving is your birthright and natural state,
yet in a culture of average,
you will be asked to choose it for yourself.

Live with honour and badassery,


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

Her work is aimed at empowering women to trust themselves and their intuition, reclaiming their authentic voices, and creating a life they’re madly in love with.

Through enhanced self-love, self-worth and self-confidence they know the satisfaction and pride of a woman who lives unapologetically aligned with her purpose.

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