My final message for 2017

Wow, what a year it’s been.

As I connect with my breath and exhale, I know it’s time to honour my body and mind and to rest.

It’s time to go within, to connect, to heal on a deeper level, to hear the eternal wisdom so that I may be of greater service to you.

So it’s with much gratitude and appreciation for all that life is offering me, that I share this final message for 2017 with you in the hope that it brings you whatever you need to hear today to be inspired to find your personal truth.

If you don’t take anything else from me this year, I pray you take this:


my Darling,

are perfect.

You are the most wonderful, powerful, worthy person alive today.

You have everything that you need to create your dream life within you.

Your only responsibility is to do everything possible to be your best version self and to share that with the world.

Each time you heal yourself, you heal humanity.

Each time you invest in yourself, you invest in humanity.

Each time you create abundance for yourself, you create abundance for humanity.

Each time you fall in love with yourself, you give humanity permission to love.

Can there be anything more worthy than this?

Can there be anything more worthy than you?

And it’s time for you to witness this immense beauty and to shine.

I want you to know that it’s your birthright to thrive and that everything in your life is a choice. 

Even when you’ve been told that it’s not.

Even when you’ve been indoctrinated to believe that you are responsible for the happiness of others and that you should sacrifice your own happiness for the greater good.

YOU are the greater good.

I want you to know that you have a stunning soul purpose and that at any given time you can find the courage to do the work.

The real work that you came here to do.

And it doesn’t matter what form it takes, whether you clean bathrooms or run boardroom meetings or speak on stages, the form is irrelevant.  It’s the purpose that matters.  It’s the impact that matters.  It’s how you leave people feeling energetically that matters.

I want you to know that all emotions are internal and therefor in your power to choose.

Nobody can make you feel anything.  It’s all your choice.  And the most liberating thing you will ever do for yourself is to take complete ownership of this.

There’s no good or bad emotions and they are after all simply indicators of our life choices.  But you have to start paying attention to what your emotions are telling you.  You have to start paying attention to how you are feeling and then take the action that has you steering towards the good-feeling emotions.

I want you to know that shame is not serving you in any way.

Shame is nothing more than an ill-disguised control mechanism of the bullies who desire to herd humanity like sheople.  Shame is nothing more than bullshit values handed down to you by others who served under a different system at a different time.

The tide is turning and we are being called to reconnect with our truth, the only truth, that there is only love.

Where there is love, there cannot be shame.

When we take the time to connect to our personal values, we find that our actions are always in alignment and therefor there’s no cause or reason for shame.

But you have to start being true to yourself.

You have to stop betraying yourself.

You have to start loving yourself enough to honour who you are even when society at large thinks you’re crazy.  Welcome to my world of insanity.

I want you to know that you are a blessing – in my life, in the world, in the universe.

Even if we’ve never met in person, my life would be emptier without you.  That’s because you and me have an energetic link my friend.  And that link is pure.  It uplifts us both.  And I appreciate you.  I appreciate your choice to share this link with me and I never take it for granted.

It is my wish, my desire, my prayer, that you will take this time to reconnect with yourself, your values, your truth, your desires.  That you too will nourish yourself and take excellent care of your physical and emotional needs.  That you will do the introspection required to find the wisdom, to make the changes that will have you thriving on a higher level in 2018.

For you are loved.

Now and forever.

And never forget, that only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  During the next week I’ll still be playing with the ladies in my tribe so if you’re wanting a deeper connection with some like minded Wild Woman Rebels, come on over.  Our doors are always open to you.