First, you have to CLAIM YOU!

This is going to be short and sweet
as I’m off to record some epic content for Unleashed through Love
(and if you’re an alpha female, if my message resonates, and if you’re NOT in, I invite you to ask yourself what is the story that has you feeling you’re not worthy of joining your pack. Name the fear and it will lose its hold over you…)

The first question to ponder and get honest about today is :

What are the parts of yourself that you’re NOT claiming because of some bolderdash somebody told you of what you first have to ACHIEVE in order for you to BE?

When in fact, it’s the other way around.

How did I become an IronMan athlete?

I saw a YouTube video that connected to my heart and my soul shouted

I decided on the spot I was born to be an IronMan.
I took out my credit card.
Paid for my entry.
And then figured out how the fuck to swim,
how to overcome every single ‘obstacle’ that had doctors shaking their heads in disbelief because
how could I NOT overcome EVERYTHING
when an IronMan was simply who I decided to BE?
I showed up every day eating like an IronMan, training like an IronMan, speaking like an IronMan.

I claimed myself to be a thought-provoking, inspirational writer
started writing every day in some shape or form,
and lo and behold,
I started receiving messages saying that my writing was thought-provoking and inspirational.

Yet name-less people want us to believe that we first have to tick their made-up little boxes of what it takes for us to BE something.

What I find ludicrous is that people are NOT questioning this! Nobody is asking – who decides?

Instead they just drink the cool-aid that keeps them out of the game,
NEVER living their true potential,
NEVER showing up for their purpose,
NEVER BE-ing ALL of who they were born to be

because the hurdles seem insurmountable so why the hell even bother
when everyone around you seem satisfied with just living at the standard of average
(let me just swallow that bit of vomit that spilled into my mouth).

You have to run a certain distance and have X amount of medals to be a runner?
As far as I’m concerned, if you lace up and go out for a run regardless of the distance, you’re a runner.

You have to complete a certain course or publish a certain amount of books before you can call yourself a writer?
Nope, you sit your arse down and you write every day – you’re a writer.

You have to belong to a certain organisation, have a certain membership, get paid a certain amount before you can call yourself a speaker?
Doh, you commit to training in our art every day,
you stand somewhere, you open your mouth and you deliver your soul message with passion and conviction,
you’re a speaker.

You claim it
You take the aligned action
every day
because it’s who you choose to BE.

That’s IT!

Now I’m also feeling compelled to say,
because there’s so many lazy wombats in the world,
that claiming it,
DOES entail action!

Words are so blah blah blah.
Action is what infuses the identity into your energetic body
which makes it real in your human experience.

Don’t call yourself a writer and never write because then you’re just lying to yourself, which feels like shit because you’re OUT of integrity, leading you to numb the pain with your preferred drug.

Don’t call yourself a coach and never be coached, as you’ve not allowed the process to become part of your way of thinking, your way of listening, your way of holding space, therefor it’s not part of your identity.

And why would you want to call yourself something that you’re not?

If you’re an alpha,
and you’re done with the insanity of putting criteria of fly-poop between YOU and YOU,
what the actual fuck?,
then I invite you to sit your sexy self down today and ask:

If you gave yourself permission to be ALL of you,
thereby fully showing up as your best most powerful FABULOUS self,
who would you be?

Would you be a writer, a speaker, a coach, a teacher, a healer, a change catalyst, a goddess, a magician, a business mogul, an entertainer, an artist, a singer, a painter, a trail-runner, a yogi, a dancer, an exquisite lover, a sexy AF powerhouse,
WHO would you BE?

Claim it ALL for yourself!
From who you would be professionally, to who you would be as a woman, to who you would be in your best body, to who you would be in your relationships.

And then
choose to BE that woman
every day
backed with the aligned action!

Release the rest
for it’s noise and distraction.
Tell all the naysayers to just fuck off
as you don’t have time for their yada yada anymore.

Be in your zone,
run with your pack,
and until the day you die,
you choose to thrive.

Live with honour,

PS: Final days to join Unleashed through Love.

Sweetheart, don’t be that woman who says next time.
For I have observed over decades that those who say next time,
are actually saying
they DON’T believe they can receive their desires
they DON’T believe they have what it takes
they DON’T believe in themselves.

And they will find an excuse EVERY SINGLE TIME opportunity knocks.

If you KNOW 2020 IS your year, claim it, message me for details or get it all at