Forcing the Gears

This is my personal truth.

I am rediscovering my love for mountain biking.  There is something about the splashing through mud, flowing through the forest, the exhilaration of the drop-offs and the immense power required for the steep climbs that brings out a different side to me (as opposed to my well behaved lady-like side LOL).

On top of all this there is no time to go into the trans-like state I often find myself in on the road.  You have to be wide awake.  Prepared to turn at a moments notice.  Look ahead to see what is coming in order for you to prepare not only your body position, but also ensure that you are in the right gear.

I’m clearly out of practice on the last point.  It’s not hard to spot when you hear the loud ‘clank’ every time I try in desperation to change gears when I’m already in the climb.  Unfortunately two things happen:  one, there is the chance that your gears won’t change because there is simply too much tension on the chain which means you have to push with all your might and pray that you don’t come to a stand-still and see your ass before reaching the top; and two, you are damaging your bike and stretching the chain.  Not to mention the fact that it takes a shit-ton out of you leaving you rather exhausted from the effort of getting to the top.  If you continue to do this on a regular basis there is a really good chance that your chain will eventually snap and take it from someone carrying the scars, it hurts like hell!

Thankfully I’m getting better at changing gears in my business.  This is done by setting goals and continuously evaluating where I am on my journey, looking at what is coming up next, and adjusting my gears accordingly.  When things are going at speed and feel effortless, I continue to drive in the big chain.  But as soon as I see a ‘technical’ area coming up which means more effort, I gear down and just spin through it.  Not only do I get to the results I desired, but I do so without breaking myself, or my business, in the process.

I keep on hearing women criticizing my hard work ethic saying that I don’t schedule in enough self-care and that I’m going to burn out.  Well honey, after more than a decade as an entrepreneur I’m still going strong!  One of the reasons being the ability to gear down when needed whilst not standing still.  If there is one thing I have learned about myself it is that it is much harder for me to stop and start again than to keep going.  Yes, I CAN recover whilst still riding.  And while everyone else is stopping to take a drink and then chasing me only to end up exhausted by the time they catch up, I keep peddling, have a sip, and cruise.

Where are you not changing gears in time for the technical pieces?  Where are you pushing on those hard gears to get up the steep incline when you could be spinning up?  Are you so caught up in the moment that you’re not even looking ahead?  Because powering on in the wrong gear will lead to a broken chain every single time.

Walk with honor.

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