Forgiveness is selfish AF – I approve!

Just to be completely transparent here,
I’m no saint.
Furthest thing from it.

I’m ALL alpha which means my emotions go a million miles an hour in the blink of an eye.
When I get triggered I don’t get annoyed,
fuck that shit,
I go straight to RAGE and I give myself full permission to let it explode out of me into my created container.

I don’t go to unhappy,
I go to sobbing on the floor
and allow the deep sorrow to flow out of me into mother earth,
always asking for all to be transmuted back to love.

I’ve learned how to work WITH my emotions,
no longer suppressing or numbing them
and this is a big one,
my dial is always set to return to THRIVE.

Forgiveness was one of the most important skills I had to learn along the way.
And yes, I do say that it’s a skill I had to learn because growing up being told that Jesus says I have to forgive everyone, didn’t do it for me.
I had so much resistance.
I didn’t want to forgive the basterds who hurt me,
they didn’t deserve it,
did it mean that once I forgave I had to be friends with them???
Quite frankly I would rather swallow glass than do that.

Except forgiveness has NOTHING to do with them,
and EVERYTHING to do with me.

Forgiveness is not me saying I’m okay with their behaviour,
but that’s their demons to wrestle in the subconscious mind.
It’s me saying I take full responsibility for MY LIFE,
and in that moment,
I take back MY POWER.

There’s no bigger middle-finger to the bitches than forgiveness.

It’s me saying that it hurt like a motherfucker,
and I’m not okay with that behaviour,
AND I’m unavailable to walk around with that pain a moment longer than I need to,
AND I’m unavailable to let that pain fester into resentment and bitterness because THAT shit is ugly and makes people sick.

It’s me saying that regardless of what they do to me,
they will NOT break me,
they will NOT have control over me,
and I will NOT turn ‘events’ into my personal prison,

keeping me captive,
making me see the world through a red veil of disgust thereby robbing ME of MY THRIVE.

Fuck that shit.

So here’s my process,
take what feels good,
release the rest,
or tell me to fuck off and just keep going as you are if it’s working for you.

I allow myself to FEEEEELLLLLL the emotions.
I turn up the dial!
I know that the more intense I allow myself to experience it,
the faster I’ll shift arse.

So slightly pissed goes to full blown rage.
Hurt goes to deep sorrow.

I create a container for it – whether that be shouting into my pillow or going for a bitch of a ride, taking the day to have a pity party of epic proportions, whatever it takes – and I instruct the Universe to NOT SPILL THE EFFECT OF THIS OVER INTO MY LIFE, but to transmute all back to love.

Now, in the beginning it took weeks to shift the original emotion. With practice it became days, now it can take hours or even minutes.
Just be patient with yourself!
I will say though, put a time on it, otherwise you might end up wallowing for years and just think about this:
every day you commit to your rage or sorrow is one less day of your life, one less day to thrive.
How many days do you want to give to the other side?

Once I’m ready, I would work through a forgiveness ceremony which you can get here (don’t worry, there’s no funnel so take it for the love of popsicles!)
You’ll see that forgiveness goes WAY beyond one person!
For one, there are always bystanders and we bring them into ‘the enemy camp’ without even knowing it – energy leaks.
Most importantly, we have to forgive ourselves.
Yip, it’s a dozey.
But do you want to thrive or not???

These days, I can skip the forgiveness as I just decided that this is my life
and everyone else,
simply players on my board which means,
I attracted that shit for a reason (bitch-slap),
a new level of strength I wanted to add to my arsenal,
so that
I can live more aligned with my ultimate purpose.

I drop into apprecation (this will be your third step) where I acknowledge everything happens FOR me
and I’m ready and willing and open to receive the learning.

I journal the crap out of it until I sit there,
eyes wide open,
WOW that’s BIG…
Thank you Soul.
Lesson learned.
No more of that, thanks very much.

For until I learn,
guess what my fabulous Inner Alpha does for me?

You’ve got it,
she’ll amplify that learning until I receive and if I want to be stubborn and check out before I ‘get it’,
I’m in for one miserable fucking life.

I thought to myself that if today was my last day,
seeing as people are checking out like popcorn after the 90 second mark,
what is the last thing I would want to say to you,
and this is it:


Life is short enough as it is, why hold on to things that don’t make you happy?
To prove a point – to who?
Because I can almost guarantee that your pain gives them more pleasure and whilst they’re off having a wonderful day you’re missing out on all the magic available to you.

Yes, I know Alpha Females are learning TOUGH lessons in this life,
because we’re stronger than the current cycles of abuse and codependency and suffering.

I’m simply sharing what I’ve learned so you can thrive faster.

If today was your last day, how would you want to live it?
More importantly, how would you want to FEEL it?

Death is inevitable,
Thrive is always available.

Live with honour,

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