Free your MIND and the rest will follow.























What do these mean to you?

How do they make you feel?

What’s the pictures that pop to mind?

The stories you have attached to each word?

Words have power.


Because we gave it to them.

As we go through life, we’re taught letter-combinations, then going out and finding experiences with which to anchor an emotion to the word.

Some people, for instance, go find a ‘challenge’,

they bite off a lot,

and then,

they choke,

it feels horrible,

so they spit out the offending piece

and make the decision that ‘challenge’ doesn’t feel good and is to be avoided at all cost.

They make it ‘bad’.

Others bite off that piece of ‘challenge’,

they choke,

and their mind goes into overdrive.

‘What do I really want?

A belly full of experiences.

How can I get there without dying, or die trying?

I can spit out a little and keep chewing.

I can swallow some and keep chewing.

I can keep choking and hope to god someone will eventually see the blue tint on my face,

giving me the Heimlich from behind.’

They push through the discomfort for that moment of triumph.

And then,

they go bite off some more.

They make it ‘good’.

The same goes for every single word in the dictionary.

We attach emotions to them, fleshing them out with stories,

and this impacts our behaviour,

which then gives our results.

Sometimes we don’t have the time, patience or desire to go create our own stories, so instead we take the stories of others and make them real for ourselves.

A risky move my friend:

Playing YOUR game of life by the rules of others.

Because the truly brave are few and far between.

So scarce that they become legends.

The rest of humanity,


they’re quite fearful.

Terrified that they will take one wrong step and it will all come crumbling down.

Falling into the pits of hell.

Burning for all eternity.

I believed this for most of my life.

My christian upbringing had me living in a state of shame – you know, the whole you’re born flawed AF, a sinner, thing –

a state of fear – because you’re basically bad and judgement day is coming and if you don’t have enough saintly stacked on your side your arse is going to fry –

having to beg for mercy,

having to beg for anything,

respect my elders even when my elders abused me,

thinking that I didn’t stand a chance of ever getting into heaven.

After all,

the things I secretly desired,

the ones that lit me up like a lighthouse,

the thoughts I was having,

the questions milling around in my head,

was generally classified in the ‘sin bin‘.

I lived my life in a state of misery,

so out of alignment with my truth that I stopped believing myself.

A hollowed out piece of flesh and bones with no substance.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones.

I started hurting so much,

hitting rock bottom,

ready to end it all,

that I got to make a powerful choice –

continue existing in mindless fear


lift my middle finger to the rules and the laws,

daring to risk it all,

by creating heaven on earth,

and then,

if I’m wrong and they’re right and I go to hell,

at least I had fun whilst still alive!

I began changing my mind-set, starting with my definition and classification of words.

What I found, in general, was the words I believed to be ‘bad’, to be avoided at all cost,

were the ones that, when embraced, gave me the greatest levels of joy and liberation and makes me feel like a motherfucking rock star!









are not the villains.

They are my most trusted allies.

They are the stepping stones to my thrive.

Once I’ve set my sights on what I truly desire, I bring it all out on the table,

everything that can possibly bring me pleasure,

and everything that can possibly bring me pain,

and I embrace both as part of the journey.

I’ve made the decision that I will dedicate my life to mastering my mind-set, soul-set, and body-set,

and to share this exploration of possibility with you,

even though it’s terrifying some days,

because I’m not exactly waiting a decade to find the evidence to prove myself right,

in fact,

a lot of the time as I move forward,

I change my mind again,

having uncovered something new.

My intention is that you will become open to new possibilities without waiting for proof from someone else.

That you will start to understand that nobody is more special than you,

nobody is more clever than you,

nobody is more talented than you,

nobody is more blessed than you.

It’s an equal playing field of powerful souls.

And instead of always comparing yourself to everyone else out there and then thinking you’re not ready to go full-out for your dreams,

you start going inwards and

Dare to be wrong,

Dare to be right,

Dare to be you.

If that means that I get to look like a fumbling buffoon along the way, that’s cool with me too.

After a decade of cycling, I still fall off my bike.

After decades of walking I still trip clumsily at times for heaven’s sakes. You  would think by now I would have mastered graceful walking LOL.

But so fucking what???

Honestly Darling, how would you live your life if you stopped worrying about what everyone else is thinking all the time?

It’s been my experience that those who watch to criticise me,

is only focused on me because they don’t want to look at their own shit.

Those who are ahead in the game of me,

they sometimes glance back when I fall and give a startled scream,

they might laugh humorously with me,

and then they keep walking,

knowing that I will get up and keep going, if I so choose.

And they are the ones I now choose to keep company with.

All of this, starts with you freeing your mind from the old beliefs.

It starts with you choosing to believe whatever the hell feels good to believe.

It starts with your mind-set, and the rest will follow.

If you’re in a space where you’re ready to liberate yourself and give yourself permission to live a life of thrive, let’s connect and see if I’m the coach that will be fun to partner with on this part of your journey.

You have nothing to lose,

and EVERYTHING to gain.

After all,

only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

You know I love you,