Friday Thrive – The Voices In Our Heads

The mind is our most powerful asset but it can also be the seed of our destruction.  It dictates the way in which we interpret life and gives meaning to everything our senses perceives.

Whether we admit it or not, we all have stories running the show of our lives.  The script running in the background which, through repetition, becomes our truth.  A ‘truth’ which ultimately dictates our behavior and the ensuing results.

Yet so many people have this running on autopilot, feeling like victims and thinking that they simply don’t have empowered choices.  I should know – it took me years before it hit home that there was a voice telling me a couple of lines over and over again like a broken record.  It was so convincing that I honestly could not get past it and see any other possibilities.

Then one morning as I was driving to my yoga class I set the intention to become aware of my story.  I was absolutely astounded by the fact that I’ve been hearing the same drama for more than a decade and never bothered to pay attention or question it.  Before I stepped out of the car I made the choice to take control of my mind and NEVER become a slave to it again.

This bitch would work for me!

If you don’t like the way in which you perceive reality, you can change it in a matter of seconds.

It all starts with awareness.

In this episode of Friday Thrive I chat about how to identify the story, how to train your mind to change the story and share some easy yet powerful tools to create different results in your life.


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