From Victim to Leader in a Single Word

Our thoughts create our words create our experience create our life.

The words we use to describe things—to ourselves and others—affects how we and they think and act. It’s good to remind ourselves that this powerful influence happens in all kinds of situations and most certainly with language related to business and relationships

It was Thomas Moore who wrote “The words a leader chooses are just as critical as their actions”.

I was recently reminded of this through an email from a lady who felt that she had been done wrong by because of her circumstances.  On the one hand she claimed that she had a deep desire to be a leader in the community, on the other her language was smacking of victim.

Truth is that we can only be one or the other – leader or victim.

Marie Forleo gives a transformative exercise whereby you turn your can’t into won’t.

For the victim this will sound insane.  “What does she mean I won’t when I can’t?”

Fact is though you can do anything you put your mind to.  Really – I’ve seen it done a thousand times before and will see it a thousand more.  When you stop buying into the black and white mentality which are the only options for the “I can’t” person, you will find an entire rainbow of possibilities that you can choose to act on, or not.

By rephrasing can’t to won’t you immediately take back your power and step out of victim sneakers and into power stilettos.

Remember your words shape your emotions which in turn shapes your action which in turn shapes your outcomes.

Why not give it a try?

  • Write down your number one goal that you are currently working on.
  • Now write down all the reasons you can possibly think of as to why you can’t achieve it.
  • Then take out all the can’ts and replace it with wont.

Doesn’t that feel like a ton has been lifted off your chest?  Do you feel the power of the decision?

Now own that darling and refuse to wear the cloak of victim again.

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