Shit is getting real Sisters. Are you ready for it?

I woke up this morning with a crazy fire burning through me.


I’m sweating like a pig.

My first thought was “Shit, I’m getting sick” but then I felt into it and this is not a fever.

It’s something from deep inside me that has been lying dormant most of my life.

It’s real.

And it’s probably burning all my bullshit away.

My bullshit stories of how I should conduct my business, how I should spend my days.

My bullshit stories of what I should look like for me to be pretty, to be acceptable.

My bullshit stories of not knowing what to do next, of seeking more knowledge, of doubting myself.

My bullshit stories about why it’s not safe for me to be seen.  Not safe for me to speak my truth.  Not safe for me to receive.  Not safe…

It’s weird and exhilarating and scary as fuck.

Shit is about to happen.

In a very big way.

Maybe you can feel it too.

Maybe you’ve been feeling that there’s a shift in the energy all about.

Maybe you’ve been doubting your sanity and writing it off to the moon, the politics, the crazy weather.

I don’t think we’re going to have the luxury of doubting ourselves for much longer.

I feel as though we’re being called to make the ultimate choice of the Age of Aquarius.

You know the choice I’m talking about.

Are you choosing to go mad?

Are you choosing to commit suicide?

Or are you choosing to wake the fuck up?

Because it is a choice and it’s not as easy as people think.

Our current culture is not conducive to waking up.

Our current system is built on mass manipulation of the comatosed who are being kept in slumber by drugs, by food, by porn, by media, by fear.

They wake up in the morning and exist by going through the motions they are being programmed with until they lay their heads down again at night.

I lived that life for way too long.

It nearly destroyed me.


We were raised to fear being seen, fear being heard, fear being different, fear being outspoken, fear being bullied, fear being rejected, fear fear fear.

The truly sad part for me is that fear is not the enemy.

Fear is your friend.

She is screaming a message which few are taking the time to understand.

Instead she’s been made public enemy number One.  The devil’s tool that is going to send your soul straight to the burning fires of hell for eternity.

I used to believe those lies.

Why wouldn’t I?  God knows that I saw all the evidence in my life.

And then some.

There’s shit that I’m not ready to share in public out of respect for my family but know this – I have chosen one helluva life of learning.

For it’s in the experiences that I have chosen that I received the opportunity to make my choices.

I could have chosen to become a terrified victim.

I could have chosen to become really bitter and resentful blaming everyone and everything for my lot in life thereby continuing the spiral downwards.

I could have chosen to shut down, keeping my soul locked up six feet under whilst my body goes through the motions.

I could have chosen any of those and then some.

But then I wouldn’t have woken up with the serpent rising in my belly today.

The serpent that is curling her way through my veins igniting my passion to remember who the fuck I am.

Not just now.

All of me.

The real me.

The me of all ages before and all ages to come.

Yes Darling, I am a spiritual being having an experience and here to tell people that everything is a choice.

To heal myself and by living my truth show people that there is another way, an exciting way, a rewarding way.

Not an easy way.

For it demands the other sister of fear, courage.

It demands that you stop learning and start remembering.

It demands that you break the rules that make no sense and start following your intuition.

Which will have others lash out in their fear and confusion because they don’t like waves.  Don’t rock the boat.  Stop your shit!  Sit down.  Shut the fuck up.  Go sit in the corner and don’t come out until you’ve learned your lesson and can behave yourself.

When I tell people we have a choice to make they all say they want to be leaders.  They all say they want to wake up.  Nobody admits that they choose to go mad sitting in front of a playstation for 12 hours straight in a desperate effort to escape their reality.  Nobody admits that they are poisoning themselves with tobacco and tar, drowning themselves in brandy, making themselves sick with processed food, committing suicide.

Oh no!

Nobody wants to admit that!

Because that would mean that they’re not choosing to wake up.

Waking up is uncomfortable.

It means a life of conscious choices.

It means taking full responsibility and accountability for your emotions, your actions, your life.

It means understanding that your soul responsibility is to start healing yourself instead of trying to ‘fix’ others.

That’s their choice.

It has to be.

Not even the gods interfere with free will.

Think about that Darling.

It’s easier to focus on everyone else and trying to heal them, fix their problems, fix your problems, focus on everything outside of you.

So that’s what we tend to do.

I’m daring you to start thinking of the possibility of rather focusing on YOU.  Only YOU.  Healing yourself.  Not your circumstances.  Not your bank balance.  Not your marketing calendar.  YOU.

On the inside.

That is scary as shit!

Because that means you’re actually going to have to go to the dark side.

The side you don’t want to see.

The side you don’t want to show others.

That side that we’ve made evil and scare little children with on a dark and stormy night.

She’s not evil Darling.  She’s just the other side of you here to serve you.  She’s part of your power that has been taken away from you because it scares the little people.

This week I’m going full Bitch mode.

I’m going full on ME and seeing what comes up.

I take full responsibility.

I take full accountability.

I make my choice to wake up and with eyes wide open see the truth I have hidden from myself for too long.

I’m allowing the serpent to rise.

I’m releasing control and allowing the Mother Goddess to support me in this birthing process.

For I am not alone.

I am safe and protected at all times.

And so are you.

Know this even when historically it’s felt unsafe for you to own your magnificence.

Take my hand Sister for I’m told it’s time for us to break the rules.  For us to start healing.  For us to start choosing.

It’s time for the Sacred Fools to come out and play.

What do you choose?

For death is inevitable.  Thriving is a choice.

With love and a tinge of fairy dust,


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