Get your head in the game

Fear – I can feel it everywhere in my body. She feels tense. Where once there was certainty, faith, trust, there is now stiffness caused by the simultaneous contraction and movement of muscles. Even my fingers feel like giant lolly-pops without purpose or direction.

My head is filled with so many voices distracting me. Story runs over and under story causing a cacophony of insanity that has my eyes watering and my ears ringing.

People talking to me – I can hear the drama cascading from their mouths like blood dripping down a lion’s throat from a fresh kill. Except there’s no nourishment for me. Only more noise, confusion, madness.

Can you relate?

This is what it feels like for me when I get unfocused from my burning desire and instead get caught up in the lives that everyone around me is creating for themselves and which they so desperately want me to support by giving it attention. And at times I give in to the human desire to be liked and I take my eye off the ball just for a moment. Except the moment we change our focus our bodies follow and we change direction. I stray from my path and I go down Baby!

Like so many others I was raised to “stop being so selfish” and not to think of myself and what I wanted. I was told that introverts get nowhere and that life happened outside of the dance studio.

That’s all bull by the way. That’s us being raised through the lenses of pain from loneliness and exclusion of our well-meaning parents. But I’m not like my parents and chances are if you’re reading this, neither are you. Maybe like me you’re obsessed with what you desire to achieve and meaningless chit chat bores the crap out of you. Maybe like me you love digging deeper for the answers that are buried inside your heart to share the wisdom with those you came here to serve.


And maybe, like me at times, you feel fear (Fuck Everything And Run) caused by distraction and looking at the chaotic scenery painted by others instead of your path.

Not sure if this is what’s happening to you?

Fastest way to find out is to scan your body – right now, in this moment.

If you are feeling super clear, confident, focused and generally on fire, when you have tons of energy and little desire to sleep, when you are eating clean and training hard and feeding your mind with gold, you’re on track.

If however you’re doubting every step you take, if you’re constantly finding yourself listening to gossip and making sympathetic sounds to console, if you’re eating sugar and oily crap, lying on the couch rather than moving your sexy Gluteus Maximus, I will take a bet that you’ve taken yourself out of the game.

It’s time to choose.

You can continue to live like this – hell most people do. And that’s cool. I’m all for diversity in choice and don’t judge. I just want you to make a conscious choice.

Or you can take a deep breath right now and make the decision to get back in the game. But only if you’re ready to suffer a little to get your groove back because chances are that you’ve lost a little fitness Darling and you have to sweat to get it back. You’re going to have to do all the mind-set work again. You’re going to have to get that discipline muscle pumping. You’re going to have to upset some people and yes, you might even have fewer ‘friends’ on Facebook.

The reward?


Those sweet moments when all the noise dies down – you come fully alive.

Imagine for a moment riding your mountain bike through a winding single track. Your senses heightened to the point where you spot the singular purple flower with a speckle yellow heart among all the fallen autumn leaves. You hear unique notes in every bird song. Breathe in the thrill as you relax your shoulders, hunch over the handlebars, knees bend, and you just flow as you allow the front wheel to roll effortlessly over rocks and broken tree roots.


This is your natural state Darling.

This is what business feels like when you stop following the crowds and start tapping into your purpose, guided by your joy and supported by your natural talents. When you sit at the keyboard and you allow your fingers to tap a staccato, tears flowing down your cheeks as you pay witness to inspired phrases appearing on the screen. When you sit in a meeting and you hear the words flowing out of your mouth astounded by the deep wisdom that is shared with those who listen. When you shake hands with your soul client and you have a deep knowing that the world will be a little better for the partnership that’s been formed by two creatives co-creating.

Oh the sweet joy.

The absolute certainty as your soul takes over and brings to the forefront everything that you need to guarantee success as you desire to define success.

If this is your choice then here is your game plan:

  1. Reconnect to your core values, your burning desires and your goals.
  2. Get rid of distractions! Stop chatting to the gossip-mongers. Clean up your social media feeds from all the drama queens. Clean out the fridge. If it doesn’t nourish you, it infects you. Let. It. Go.
  3. Put some supportive structures into place. Join the 5 am Club and have your Power Hour in the mornings. Sign up for a fitness class. Get the coach. Find the mastermind group. Know yourself well enough to get whoever you need to ensure success.
  4. Assess where you are today – you can’t get where you want to be unless you know where you are. Be honest with yourself – no use you have an inflated ego that trips you up.
  5. Start taking consistent action – every day! Nothing earth-shattering is needed to start with. Small daily improvements will lead to massive results. But consistency is key.

And above all, believe in yourself and the process. I’ve never met a person who set themselves a soul aligned goal and not achieve it when they stayed laser focused and took consistent action.

If you’re reading this and you believe that you deserve support in achieving your burning desires and you have a knowing in your gut that I’m the coach that will keep your rear on the path, then it’s time for us to connect. Don’t be shy – I don’t bite (much).

This is your chance to book a free coaching consult. But only if you’re willing to do whatever it takes and only if you’re ready to get past your childhood conditioning which no longer serve you.

After all, death is inevitable. But you get to choose how you live.