It’s time for next level goals. No more fucking around.

The planets are lining up for your success – the question is are you?

October kicks off with Mars making an ideal angle to Pluto not only supporting you to move forward with your goals, but putting you in the power seat to boot.

Which means October 1st is THE ideal time to set your next level goals.

Clear you diary!

It’s a Sunday.

What better day to start creating your next level thrive?

But here’s what I want to say to you,

PLEASE for all the love in the world stop wasting your time by setting bullshit goals!

Stop setting small goals that don’t inspire jack shit in you.

Stop setting goals that are negotiable.

Stop setting goals that you’re prepared to walk away from.

That’s what the little people do

The minions

The mediocre masses

They take a powerful tool which guarantees transformation, growth, success, and they rip it’s guts out leaving you with a shell distracting you from your mission, leaving you feeling hollow.

It drives me nuts to see magnificent people living mediocre lives because they think they can mess around with manifestation and not pay the price.

They think they can quickly put together something and get epic results.

What you put in is what you get out Darling so why on earth would you set yourself up for failure again and again and again?

Just to make yourself feel bad?

Just to keep yourself stuck?

Just to keep yourself small?

That’s f*&@$#$ bullshit!


YOU are powerful.

YOU are enough.

YOU are magnificent.

YOU have an epic purpose which others are dying to experience.

YOU are worth gold!

So let’s do it properly this time around.

First things first – figure out you core values!

I’m not kidding!

Stop wasting your time by setting goals unless you know what means EVERYTHING to you.

Every time you set goals which are contradicted by your core values, you WILL sabotage yourself along the way.  Guaranteed!

Make sure your values are your own and not your parents.

Make sure your values support you in living an epic live.

Make sure your values are based on your badass rebellious truth instead of the bullshit that you think will make you look good in the eyes of others.

I’m going to give you a heads-up here:  I’ve found that for my soul tribe, creating their art, whatever that may be, is CRUCIAL for thriving.  Before everything else in life.  And yes, we’re called selfish bitches by most others because they’re not our people and they will never understand.  They can kiss your sexy ass.

Have your values?


Let’s move on.

Next you want to create the vision.

The big vision.

The one where there are ZERO limitations.

EVERYTHING that you desire to be, do or have.

In your spirituality.

In your business.

In your money.

In your lifestyle.

In your relationships.

In your health and fitness.

Write it all out.

Then go back and ask, and what else?

Write it down

Then go back and ask, and what else?

By now your ass should be levitating off the seat, you should be THAT excited, THAT high vibe.

If not, your writing bullshit.

You’re writing other peoples stuff.

Stop it.

Go back to the drawing board.

Once you hit that sweet spot, that spot where you’re howling your excitement pick the three that will make the BIGGEST impact and change in your life.

Ask yourself, are they all in alignment with my core values?

If not, you either need to change your goals or rephrase them in a way that your values will drive you forward every step of the way.

Next you want to solidify those babies with purpose!


Write down how your life will change when you’ve achieved this goal.  What will you learn along the way.  Who will you become.  What will you gain.  What shitty habits will you break.  Who else will be impacted and what is that impact.  WHAT IS THE PAIN OF NOT ACHIEVING YOUR GOAL.  No pain?  Drop it! Walk away.  Go back to the drawing board.

When the pain of not achieving your goal is unbearable write down minimum 3 beliefs you will have once you have achieved your goal, write down minimum 3 thoughts that you will have on a daily basis once you’ve achieved your goal, write down minimum 3 emotions you will feel once you have achieved your goal, write down minimum 3 actions you will have to take on a daily basis in order for you to achieve your goal.

That’s one down.

Now repeat the process for the other two goals.

THIS is how we set goals.

The non-negotiable goals.

The goals that awakens the beast inside salivating with hunger for achievement.

Anything else?




Do it proper or don’t do it at all.

Does it take 20 minutes?

Hell no Darling.  That’s why I said book out the day!

This is YOUR LIFE!

Is it not worth a day?



As I reviewed my goals thus far for 2017 I have nailed them and nailed them good.


Because I don’t fuck around with shit that’s negotiable.

I sweat for my goals.

I sacrifice for my goals.

I bleed for my goals.

That’s just how I roll.

And it’s worth it.

For me.


Let me know your goals.

Let me know who you will be a year from now.

Take my breath away with the magnificence of your true vision.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love eternal,


PS:  Are you looking at your goals and trembling in your stiletto boots?  Good!  Are you ready to receive some kick-ass support in achieving those goals because failure is not an option?  Let’s chat.