Just because you were born for greatness doesn’t mean you’ll be great.

I don’t believe in destiny.

I don’t believe in entitlement.

I don’t believe it’s our birthright to succeed regardless of how little we are prepared to do.

I believe in possibility.

I believe that we are all born with the potential to live iconic lives.

I believe that we are all born with unique talents and gifts that we are here to offer to humanity.


I also believe we have to decide that we’re going to achieve greatness and then do the fucking work every single day.

And if you’re rolling your eyes, sticking out your bottom lip and sulking “I don’t want to do the work anymore.  I’m exhausted, I’m done” then go away.

Go sit in the sandpit with the other toddlers smelling the shit in your nappy.

When your discomfort turns to real pain from the rash on your bottom, come back and read this piece again and then get moving.

If you’re still with me then let’s get you on fire and focussed, creating iconic.

It’s November.

It’s been one helluva challenging year.

The Universe has tolerated our insolence long enough and is now taking us on a wild ride where we have to face all that we’ve not been willing to face before.

Belief systems are being cracked wide open and we’re given the opportunity to reconnect with our personal truth.

Governments are being exposed for the corruption, the destruction they have brought to Mother Earth in the exploitation of her resources in the never-ending hunger for more power.

Schools are being investigated for the raping of our youth’s spirits through a system based on conformity and oppression of individuality resulting in our children being treated for bullshit with drugs designed to disconnect them from their true power – their emotions.  Watch The Golden Compass if you want to see what’s really happening.

And let me tell you my friend, our youth are pissed, with good reason.

Women are rising from injustice and taking back their rightful place BESIDE their empowered masculine thereby unfurling their feminine power of creation.

Men are shaken to their core as their emotions will no longer be denied and they have little direction on how to deal.  So they drink.  They smoke.  They sit in front of their PS games desperately trying to escape back to a youth long past desperately holding on to the illusive Peter Pan syndrome.

It’s fucking chaos out there.

And it’s in this time of chaos that we receive the opportunity for our greatest awakening.

To choose differently.

To find the silence within.

To get focussed.

To achieve!

This takes monumental levels of commitment.

It takes a new level of hunger where all the bullshit choices are taken off the table – no longer accessible.  No longer temptuous.

If you’re done with the petulant behaviour of a two year old, there will never be a better time to take your life to the next level than right now.

It starts with getting VERY real with where you’re at today.

Without holding back for the sake of your fragile ego.

I mean absolutely 100% brutal.

It starts with looking at your health and fitness levels, your spiritual practice, your business, your finances, your relationships, the extent of your orgasms and asking yourself if they are at the highest levels available to you in this lifetime.

Not from where you’re at right now.

Your bank balance might be in the red right now, BUT your POTENTIAL is to be a billionnaire if that is what you truly desire.

Your scale might run out the back door when it sees you coming BUT your POTENTIAL is to have a body with curves that has heads turning with jealousy and admiration wherever you go.

Your marriage might be falling apart BUT your POTENTIAL is for a relationship of passion, support, excitement, connection, adventure.

Unless you OWN the fact that you are not playing in your realm of possibility you will never start doing the work to break free from your current level of comfort.

You have to go beyond being uncomfortable.

You have to get pissed.

You have to rage at your ego for how safe you’ve been playing it – recreating the same patterns for decades wondering why the hell you’re not creating phenomenal levels of success.

THIS my Darling is how you wake the fuck up.

Which means you have to stop comparing yourself to those around you.

They’re on the same vibrational level as you.

Aim higher!

You have to stop asking those around you for their opinions of you because quite frankly, they will always tell you what your pathetic ego wants to hear.

You have to stop settling, for we receive what we tolerate.

Which means if you’re willing to tolerate fear, you will receive mediocre existence in bucket loads.

If you’re willing to tolerate being treated with disinterest by your partner, you will receive loneliness.

If you’re willing to tolerate McDonals, you will receive obesity.

It’s as simple as that.

And here’s the thing, even once you’ve decided enough and no more, when you’ve decide you will no longer tolerate less than magnificent, even when you decide that you WILL RISE nobody else is going to make it happen for you.

There’s no magic wand.

Stop looking at fat burners for the solution!


Because you’re starving.

Because you’re on fire and you simply can’t sit still another moment.

Yes, the Universe will always provide everything that you need to succeed, but it’s a partnership.  It’s call CO-creating for a reason.  It’s not called a goddamned fairy tale.

Which means that you have to get crystal clear on what you are 110% committed to achieving.

Stop fucking around with fluffy.

Fluffy goals.

Fluffy reasons.

Fluffy language.

And be careful what you ask for – for you will always receive it.

It’s in the details of the asking.

Which means if you ask for what you don’t want, you will receive more of that!

Be willing to sacrifice.  To let go of that which no longer serves you.  To sever ties with the energy vampires, the low vibrational lazy assholes who want to ride your gravy train without buying a ticket.

Be willing to change.  To embrace the routines and the structures that you weren’t willing to put in place up until now because of your bullshit.

Structure and routine is simply not to be messed with if you’re serious about success.

Be willing to face your greatest enemy – YOU!

Your subconscious beliefs.

Your stories.

Your fear.

Your pain.

For it is only once you embrace all of you, bring it back into the fold, that you can become the powerful whole you were born as.  It is then that you become your greatest ally.


It’s yours for the taking.

But you’ll never reach out if you’re not starving.

If you’re bloated with mediocrity.

If you’re suffocating with existence.

If you’re fucking dead.

Do you choose to thrive?

With love eternal,


PS:  It’s that time of the year my Darling.

It’s that time of the year when 99% of people are winding down, giving up, saying “next year will be different”.

Screw that.

2017 is not yet done and neither are you.

This is the time when the 1% takes a step back, review, learn and set the next level goals.

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