Even though it feels like Groundhog Day, it’s not.

We’ve all heard it before – “Same shit different day”.

There’s this dangerous perception among the majority that time’s broken up into weekdays (work) and weekends (play).

That the work week is to be dreaded “Oh no, not Monday again!” and that they should just try to survive so that they can feel good again “Hey hey it’s Friday!”, if only for 48 hours.

Well, less than forty eight hours.  Because they go to the pub on Friday night, drown their sorrows in a false sense of celebration, and then can’t get their hung-over asses out of bed most of Saturday morning anyway.  Which tends to be repeated and then they wonder why they’re so exhausted come Monday morning.

Of course we know that this chosen path, this ‘life-style’, is insane!

This is nothing more than a pre-programmed hypnosis that keeps the sheople in a trance of existence leading to the suffocation of creativity, depletion of willpower, and ultimately death of the soul.

I don’t get it.

I don’t really understand why society decided that existence was preferable to adventure.

That in order for us to have a ‘full and long life’ we have to live as ‘safe and predictable’ as possible so we can get as old as possible and for what?  Most old people I see are exhausted and miserable.  And I really don’t blame them.

Scary thing is, they didn’t even screw it up as badly as our generation.

They’re still from the cloth where in their young days, just waking up was a win!

They didn’t have all the technology which predicted what the weather was going to do, what the economy was going to do, what their neighbours were going to do, when they are most likely to take a dump.


They just had to go with the flow and ride those rapids with some screams and thrills and the occasional dunking.

Yes okay, so previous generations didn’t live as long as we are, but I’m honestly starting to think that they made way more of their days whilst breathing than 99% of todays population.

What’s the point of your heart beating for a 100 years if you’re only going to truly live about one of them??

I don’t have the answers either.

I look at my kids and how much pressure is being put on them about their future choices.  Not really helped by the prevalent system and belief that they have to make the ‘right’ decisions for their future.

I look at them and can’t help but wonder why can’t they just make a decision for the next year?

Why can’t they just decide what they want to do for another 365 days that feels good and fills them with joy and has them thriving, and then take a look at the end of that and ask ‘How have I grown this year and what are the new possibilities that I now see which I didn’t see before?’

Kinda like the traditional pagan handfasting where a couple would vow to share their lives for a year and a day, after which they could decide if they wanted to commit for longer or if the relationship had run it’s course and they could now go their seperate ways in love. No nasty divorces and lawyers fees.  No resentment festering for years as people feel that they are ‘stuck’ in a doomed relationship.

This way of thinking makes way more sense to me.  Because I suspect it’s the ‘contracts’ and ‘expectations’ and bullshit about keeping things the same, safe, predictable, that’s making most people so complacent that they can’t get excited about their future.

But then again when I raise this opinion I’m labelled as irresponsible.

I have a lot of empathy for the masses.

I really do.

However I have zero sympathy.

I have zero sympathy because I listen to their bitching and moaning day after goddamned day and every time I highlight the fact that there are always other possibilities, other choices, other options, they very quickly clamp me down with their ‘valid arguments’ and anger because I ‘just don’t get it’.

I do get it.

I used to live for week-ends too!

But then I woke up to the fact that there’s a huge difference between existence and thriving.

I woke up to the fact that as long as I lived by the values of others, by the standards of others, by the expectations of others, I was in fact being a traitor to MY soul, MY desires, MY purpose, MY joy.

So I decided to do something about it.

I decided to start questioning.


Including this whole concept of fear.

Which up to that point I was told to avoid at all times.  You know – the dinosaur would eat me up if I dared to ignore the warning bells and do it anyway.

Except fear creates an interesting sensation in my body – a chemical reaction.  It makes me come alive at a whole new level.  And because I no longer fear fear itself, I can use that energy to dial up my creativity and see things I’ve never seen before.  Understand things that were a mystery.  Try new things.  Be willing to fail.

Why the hell not?

It’s pretty fucking sensational!

I started questioning my values and what is truly important to ME and started living my life in alignment with that.

I started redefining time and how I operate within the time I create.

I now understand that for my body and soul there’s no difference between Saturday and Tuesday.  So on both these days I choose to thrive!  That includes physical exercise, good eating, doing my soul work.  It all brings me joy and it all flows and who gives a shit what all the hamsters are saying when I don’t want to go to their stupid parties?

They’re not my people anyway.

My days are my life in miniature. 

Every day.

That means that if I want to look back on my death bed and I have a desire to describe my life as an adventure, I have a responsibility to myself to live EVERY DAY as if it’s an adventure.

Not my annual holidays!

I ask you Darling, if you had to pin a word on how you’re living your life to this point, what would that word be?

If you had to pick a word on how that realisation makes you feel, what would that word be?

Because I’m not saying your life has to be an adventure.  I’m saying that your life has to be whatever you want it to be.

What I do believe in my heart of hearts is that if your current life description isn’t filling you with joy, with pride, with excitement, then what the fuck?

Why not?

Why would you choose existence when thriving is always an option for you?

I’m not saying it’s an easy choice.

Hell no!

Society at large is dead against thriving.

So they will make you feel like an outcast.

They will do their best to ‘insult’ you which in actual fact is nothing more than compliments (Yeah, you keep on calling me a crazy, selfish bitch.  Thank you very much)

Because seeing you thrive makes the minions feel bad.

It’s their shit, their choices, not yours to own.

I don’t care how old or young you are.

Please stop saying tomorrow, next Monday, next month, next year.

Change happens in an instant.

When you say tomorrow, you still haven’t flipped the switch and tomorrow will never come.

You’re just pissing away another day of potential.

Today is your life in miniature.

Take responsibility for your choices.

Get over your bullshit excuses.

For death will happen – guaranteed.

Question is – will you thrive until then.

With love eternal,


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