HELP! My client is a nightmare!

This is my personal truth.

One of the most common themes I hear from new coaches is that their clients drain them!

I remember those days!  At first you are so excited to finally be signing up a client you simply cannot wait to get started and change their life.  After all, the only thing you’ve ever wanted to do was help people and you now have the qualification and the skills to do so.

Except coaching should come with a warning label:  sort out your own shit first!

The Big U says that on this journey called life we are here to learn some lessons. And when you mess with her fun by joining the leagues of disruptors, she is going to make damn sure that she gets her worth out of you!  This leads to an attraction of clients who not only find your most vulnerable buttons and pushes them relentlessly, but they tend not to fucking shift!!  No matter what you do or which tools you use, they remain stuck.  And because you are on a mission to ‘help’ them, you drag up every last bit of energy in an attempt to make it better for them.


Listen, I’m not here to judge.  The only reason I can write this blog today is because I’ve been through the journey.  Ten years ago coaching was brand new in South Africa and there were not a lot of coaches to learn from.  That is not the case anymore.  Coaching has sky-rocketed globally so rather learn from the oldies’ mistakes and save yourself the heartache.

You want to attract your dream clients?  Once again it starts with YOU!

Wayne Dyer framed it so beautifully when he said you don’t get what you want, you get what you are.  Which means if you’re not loving your clients it is time to do some work on yourself.

Don’t stress!  We are all continuously growing but here are some steps to get you to loving your clients:

  1. Bust the buttons.  Yes, hire yourself a top notch coach and find out what is happening in your subconscious mind.  It is much less painful to work through your triggers with a supportive, kick-ass coach then to have them pushed by your clients.
  2. Stop wanting to help people.  You  are a coach, not a savior, not a therapist.  You are here to empower others by guiding them in a non-evasive journey.  One in which you simply assist them to uncover their own truths, their own power, and they can then choose to own it, or not.
  3. Work on your wealth consciousness.  Don’t even put out your first package until you have read The Science of Getting Rich five times!  As long as you have a scarcity mentality you will just give and give and give to the blood suckers who are NOT serious about their personal development in the first place.  These are the people who tend to want to be rescued.  Refer them to the soup kitchen.
  4. Figure out your message.  What is it that you bring to the table of life?  What is the thing that completely lights you up?  The topic that you never get tired of speaking about, learning about, talking about?
  5. Decide on who would excite you to work with.  Yes, excite you!  Not make you happy.  My clients have me on fire!!  Why?  Because they are up to really big things in the world.  They are focused and dynamic and driven and go-getters and kick-assers and get shit done!  I can spend all day with them because they excite me!!  A really big hint is that you should be your ideal client 😉  If you don’t love hanging out with yourself, go back to point number one.

It truly is that easy.

I wish someone gave me this advise 10 years ago.  I would much rather have gone through 90 days of having my ass handed to me by a powerful coach than the two years I spent having my buttons pushed!  Yes, I still got the learning and I’m grateful to each and every client I worked with for that.  However looking back I now know there is an easy way to do things and a hard way to do things.  Hard is not always best.

This does not just apply to coaches by the way.  These five steps is for every entrepreneur in every industry.  Even if you are selling candy you are still interacting with your clients which means you can end up being energized throughout your day, or completely drained.

Your choice.

But remember, death is inevitable.  Thriving on the other hand, is a choice.

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