Hesitation Leads to Devastation

I remember the first time I heard the expression “hesitation leads to devastation” was standing next to my  then coach, looking at what seemed at the time a rather insane rocky drop-off.  I suspect he intended his words to be soothing and encouraging, yet what I wanted to say to him was “Easy for you to say Asshole.  You’ve been doing this for years and I’m only getting started.  I’m terrified!  It hurts.  Piss off.  Grrrr.”

To put it into perspective this was after I’d already face-planted once in a very unladylike fashion.  My leg was hurt and bleeding – which paled against the sting of my ego.  I was not in the mood for his shit anymore.  If anything I was getting pretty prissy.

Then again, you should know by now that pissed at times gets me far in life.

I spat my frustration out to the side, inhaled my anger and just went for it!

Now I know you’re expecting me to say that I flowed down like a pro and rose victorious from my effort – it would have been pretty cool if that was the case.  But as this was real life and not a Hollywood story of inspiration with climaxing music, I came crushing and cursing down again.

And again.

And again.


Eventually, tail between my legs, I dragged my humbled ass back to my car and slowly drove home.

The achiever in me knew that I might have been unsuccessful today, but more than ever I was determined to nail this skill down.

It took many a bloody nose before I finally understood that it wasn’t about ‘fucking forward recklessly’ that gets you victory.  Instead there’s a journey whereby you learn the mindset and the process, practice the steps until you have succeeded often enough to start understanding the capabilities and limitations of your bike, the mechanics of the movement becomes smooth and above all else, you start trusting yourself.

Only then do you find the point where you see a drop-off ahead, make the decision to go, and fully commit to the outcome.

You stop paying attention to every little stone in the way, and relax into the flow.  Instantly your mind is freed up to take in the bigger picture, spots the best path and go from point A to point B with relative ease and yes, at some stage you even start enjoying this shit!

You learn that when you hesitate what in fact happens is your body tenses up, your brain freezes and starts frantically looking around for every little micro detail, inflating it to out of proportion which then takes you to the place you DON’T want to be.

Voila, you come crashing down.

Where your focus goes your body follows.

The other amazing benefit of this journey is that it truly does separate those who come from a place of ego and those who come from a place of desire.

Ego will bow down to pain every time.
Desire will embrace pain.

Maybe you’re not a mountain-biker and wondering what the hell any of this has to do with business.  So let me translate.

I’ve witnessed many a newcomer to business use the ‘all balls and very little brains’ approach.  They believe that if they just storm down a path they will get it right, and they might even get lucky a few times.  Eventually, unless they take the time to learn the mechanics and the process that best works for them, they will come crashing down.

Personally I believe it’s way less painful to fail in the beginning of your next level than when you’re further along.  Because the further down the path you go, the steeper the drop-offs, which means the more you bleed.

Instead, when you start on a new journey or the next level, give yourself the time to learn and fail in an atmosphere conducive to growth.  Allow yourself to learn how to fall (yes there is a trick to that as well) which causes as little damage as possible so that you can get back on and repeat the process again and again to the point where you understand and trust yourself enough to simply go for it.  Allow yourself to be supported by a coach or a mentor who will stand next to you, believing in you and who will show you the path of least resistance before saying “hesitation leads to devastation”.

Because there’s truth in this madness.

Once you’ve practiced and tasted success, your body and mind intrinsically knows what to do every time you get to a similar situation.

Don’t.  Hold.  Back.

Don’t go into a complete panic and freeze up, looking for every little thing that can go wrong.

Trust that you’ve got what it takes Darling and COMMIT TO THE FLOW.

Because if you don’t, if you hesitate, not only will you lose out on precious moments and opportunities, you will come to a crashing halt and will have to exert twice as much effort to get going again.

Let’s recap:

  1. As always, have a very clear goal and reason why you want to do this – pain will crush egocentric goals
  2. Allow yourself support during a mentally tough time
  3. Be prepared to fail until you succeed – learn and practice the steps until you’ve nailed it
  4. Once you’ve figured it out, trust yourself, commit and use momentum and muscle memory to move forward where others falter
  5. Celebrate the fact that once again you’ve proven to be a bad-ass to be reckoned with.

Honor where you are on your path and trust that you’ve got everything that it takes to succeed on your soul-driven journey.  You truly do.

It’s when you look around and see what others are doing that you tend to screw yourself over.  Never forget that most people have picked up some bloody scrapes along the way.  Some will continually stop themselves when they see potential danger ahead thereby never experiencing the exhilaration of ‘the rush’, some will go back to the top and say ‘I own you!’ and do it again.  If you’re watching the wrong crowd you’ll remain where you’re at.  In fear.

Believe.  Achieve.  Repeat.

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Because ultimately death is inevitable, but thriving is a choice.