How much longer will you hide in prison?

Hot damn woman,
you’re good.

You had us all fooled.

Telling us how you’re so weak and timid because you have titties.
How you just don’t have a choice because you have a vajayjay.
How you are so lonely and you just want to be loved because you don’t know how to possibly love yourself.
How you just want to be happy even though you don’t do jack shit to be happy because quite frankly, the masses detest happy people.
How it’s so hard because you’re a perfectionist which has you stuck in overthinking paralysis because you couldn’t cope with looking like a fool.

So you keep quiet of what’s really going on inside because if they knew, the little children would run in terror to their screaming mothers desperately wanting to protect their brood from the evil witch or as they now call us: rude, selfish, insensitive, politcally incorrect bitch.

You hide your gifts from humanity because you know that it will bring radical change. You witness how those stubbornly refusing to evolve are checking out of this time-space-dimension and thorough brainwashing has you believing you’re responsible for everyone else. You simply can’t imagine how you will cope with the idea that YOU are the cause of their demise.

You NEVER speak your truth,
the real truth,
because god forbid you should say something that ACTUALLY has them sit up and pay attention!
Still, the muse just won’t let you fucking sleep
and you’re SOOOOOOOOOOO tired,
you can hardly keep your eyes open past lunch-time.
In an attempt to appease her
you put some bullshit fluff out on the internet and in the process,
instead of being a disruptor,
you’re just another distractor.

And you wonder why you can’t sleep at night…

I’m sorry.
Just for a moment I forgot that you’re sitting in your prison of propreity so that you won’t end up in the burning fires of eternal hell.

wake the fuck up woman,
THIS is your motherfucking hell!

pretending to be so much less than you are for the sake of belonging
is the ultimate torture of your soul.

NOTHING will ever be more painful than this existence that you’re buying into,
sitting ‘safely’ in your self-imposed cell,
hanging your head in defeat and shame
as you join the choir of the sisterhood
rubbing your coffee mugs up and down the prison bars to create a cacophony of misery
whailing at the moon of how unfair life is and how you’re the victim of a social system devised by men.

How DARE you insult yourself this way?
How DARE you pretend that YOU are not the most powerful force in the Universe and that you can create ANYTHING through your pure desire?
How DARE you pretend that your VOICE, your TRUTH, is not your greatest asset when you and I both know that with it you can bring any man to his knees in terror or adoration or panting lust?
You get to choose.
How DARE you blame the forefathers whilst modelling THIS, whatever the fuck you even want to call this, to our sons?
How DARE you sit there complaining of how hard it all is when you’re applauding exhaustion and suffering thereby feeding into the idea that women have to do it all for themselves to be worth anything?

Let me ask you this hunny,
and I know that right now you want to tell me to just
fuck off
and never come back
because this shit hurts like a mofo,
I know because I’ve been there and I bought into all the lies and I wish someone loved me enough to ask me, so here goes:

Is THIS how you want to be remembered?
Do you want to be remembered as that nice girl?
Do you want to be remembered as Little Miss Sunshine?
Do you want to be remembered as friendly and likeable?
Do you want to be remembered as one of the good ones?
Do you want to be remembered as useful?

If you do,
that’s okay.
If that’s REALLY what you want.

But then please do us all a favour and stop calling yourself an Alpha Female, because you’re not.

Alpha Females don’t show up to be remembered.
Alpha Females don’t say things to be remembered.

Alpha Females are UNFORGETTABLE
as we choose to LIVE full-out
for ourselves
to be our best selves
sharing our journey with all the crazy the shenanigans the insanity the questioning the audacity because quite frankly
it’s NOT about them
it’s about US.

We work through the triggers,
we heal the trauma,
no blaming or shaming required (I’m so fucking bored with the public shame game – grow up people we’re not 4),
instead we take full responsibility for our lives and EVERY LITTLE AND BIG THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED FOR US.

When my posts get a ton of likes I march myself to the mirror and take a good hard look to see if there’s a brown circle around my lips because clearly I’m kissing someone’s arse.

If nobody unsubscribes from my list I take myself back to the mirror,
when did I become unwilling to ruffle my own feathers?

Oh you can unsubscribe,
but you won’t forget me Sunshine.
There’s a seed that’s planted and like the pea I know it has you rolling around in discomfort at night
because YOUR SOUL commanded an intersection of paths so that YOU can pay attention.

I’ve done my part,
what you do with it,
not my problem.

You can choose to keep hiding in your prison until you finally die,
or you can choose to stop pretending,
melt those bars with ONE decision,
and start to thrive.

Live with honour,

PS: Applications for Unleahsed through Love is open.

This journey is for the alpha female ready to see things differently so that she can live life on her own terms.
Releasing herself from the prison of shame,
unshackling herself from the chains of blame,
and instead,
giving herself permission to have fun building the empire of impact that’s etched in her heart.

Be willing to play full-out knowing that you actually can’t fuck it up.

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