Today is your day to make some honest, conscious decisions.

As tears fill her eyes, I have a choice to make:

I can stop,

I can pull back,

I can tell her it’s okay – we don’t have to go there.

We can talk about something else.

We can turn it around so that she can continue the way she has her entire life.

After all, she’s doing bloody amazing compared to everyone around her!


Or I can do my motherfucking job and smash the illusion!

I can continue to ask her the powerful questions.

The ones that has her finally sit up and take stock,

of the fact that every single decision she makes right now,

is impacting all of her tomorrows.

All of her years ahead.


It’s challenging because it goes against every story she has clung to.

Stories of what love is.

Stories of what sacrifice is.

Stories of what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Stories of what it takes to be truly successful.


And quite frankly,

most of the stories we hold on to for dear life,

is complete,

and utter,



Sacrificing our best selves so that our relationships can last –


Sacrificing our best selves so we can spend more time with our kids –


Sacrificing our bodies so we can spend more hours in front of our desks –



Are you ready to get real with yourself today Darling?


Here’s the thing:

You don’t have to agree with me.

Your life is your responsibility and you get to choose the truth that empowers YOU.


I’m simply going to share with you what I have observed,

in my life,

in my clients’ lives,

in society as a whole,

studying the best in the fields of business and sport,

and the rest.


What you do with this is completely up to you.


You can comment that this is complete and utter rubbish,

and make no changes in your life.

You can nod your head in agreement,

and make no changes in your life.

You can read this,


you can take out your journal and do some deep introspection,

and you can start making some new,


no bullshit,



Let’s do the work.


I’m pulling your life back to where it belongs:


This is going to feel shit for two reasons:

  1. They have brain-washed you to think that this is selfish.  That you’re here to ensure that everyone is happy.  That you should give the oxygen mask to someone else and breathe through your arsehole or die trying.
  2. It means that probably for the first time in your life, you’re going to have to take COMPLETE responsibility for your decisions.  None of this “But the children”, “But my partner”, “But the economy” crap.  Every time you say “I would love to but…” you’re fucking lying!!! You simply don’t have the brass ovaries to admit the fact that you’re too fucking scared, too lazy to do the work, so you hide behind your pathetic excuses and in the process you stop believing yourself, you stop believing IN yourself.  You will play the little victim for the rest of your life.  If this is truly your choice, enjoy your time in the prison of your mind Darling.


I want you to start realising that your BODY, your HEALTH, your FITNESS, is the FOUNDATION of your success!

There is a pyramid which is formed through your body, your emotions, your relationships, your time, your career, your finances and your celebrations.


Take out a ruler and draw two lines.

Make one around 5 centimetres, the other 15.

Now draw a pyramid with each of these.  Simply taking the edges and having the lines intersect at the top.

What do you see?

Do you notice that the 5 cm base creates a way smaller pyramid than the 15?

What does it mean for you?

The size of your foundation, your base, your body, determines how quickly you peak in your success.  That means if you want to be more successful (unless of course you’re happy with small fries), you have to start taking care of your machine!!

‘But Anel, I hardly eat?!’

Why the fuck are you punishing yourself?

Why do you feel you don’t DESERVE excellent nourishment?

What are you feeling guilty about?

What are you afraid of?

Where does it not feel safe for you to show up HOT AF?!


Let’s continue.

Now I want you to draw a graph.

X axis

Y axis.

I want you to pick a point and draw a flat line.

This is your life if you continue to make the same decisions.

Do you notice you’re flat-lining Babes?

If you’re not growing,

you’re fucking dead in the water.


I want you to start straight and then increase the angle with one percent.

End up in a different place don’t you?

Feeling better.

Keep going.

I want you to start at Point A, increase the angle immediately with one percent.

And you find that ends up in a completely different place.

This is what happens when you decide NOW instead of this TOMORROW BULLSHIT!

Fuck your tomorrows.

You have TODAY!

And if you keep making a 1 degree improvement every day, WTF???!!!

Radically different life.


When you improve the quality of your decisions daily,

you improve the quality of your life drastically.

It’s that simple.


Here’s the other thing I want you to consider:

most people think that graph is actually going to be as long as they’ve drawn it.

So take that ruler and cut it off halfway.



Are you seriously going to live in Lala-land saying there’s plenty of time?


More importantly – will you be proud with what you’ve achieved if you only had one more year alive?

Would you?

Or would you sit there at your grave and cry “I WASN’T DONE!!! I thought I had more time.  I still had so much I wanted to do”


Can you handle one more home-truth?

This one is probably going to hurt the most.

And you might hate me.


Because if you’re out of shape,



if you’re playing small,

struggling in business,

always broke,

staying comfortable,

to ensure everyone around you remains happy and comfortable with you,


You don’t love them.

And they have no opportunity to love you!

How can anyone love you if you don’t love and appreciate yourself enough to BE YOUR BEST?

Which will be the most honest, most fair, way to have relationships.

If they don’t actually LIKE (not even love, just like),

who you truly are when you bring ALL OF YOU to life,

then let them go!

But you don’t trust them.

You actually don’t believe in them.

So you make the choice for them – you selfish bastard!

You’re saying to your children, you lover, your friends,

they don’t DESERVE your very best self.

You don’t think they can handle it.

You think they are weak.

Shallow in their feelings for you.

You think they deserve mediocre EVERYTHING in life.

They don’t DESERVE the opportunity to have a reflection of possibility 

SO THAT they can choose for themselves,

if they want to remain average or rise to victory.

And then you call it love…




I want you to put yourself in five years from now:

I want you to think of where your life will be then if you continue on this path,

the flat-line on the path.

And if that doesn’t fill you with pride,

with joy,

with a feeling of absolute thrive,

I want you to think what it will feel like to go and apologise to your kids, your beloved, your friends,

for giving them THIS.

Saying that THIS is all they are worth.



you can connect to where your life will be in five years if you DECIDE TODAY ENOUGH AND NO MORE.

To make that commitment to YOUR BEST SELF.

Feeling the pride,

the sense of accomplishment,

the contribution,

the new levels of energy, clarity, creativity, fun that you have brought not only to your own life,

but also those who chose to stay with you,

raising their own standards.

I want you to think what it will feel like when they come to YOU, and thank YOU for having the courage to break the cycles of generations past,

leaving behind a brand new legacy for all you love.



you can choose to remain the same.


And I will respect that choice.

Because at least now you will be honest about it.

Death after all, is inevitable.


Or you can grow a pair,

and choose to thrive.


With love and appreciation of who you truly are,





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