Honour and respect to those committed to the art!

I’m just going to get straight to the point.




There’s an art in everything.

A particular skill-set mastered through years of continuous practice.

Mastery that is obtained by those willing to dedicate their lives to the practice.

Not willing to bend to the demand from the masses for shortcuts.


There’s an art in any sport.

There’s an art in any expression of passion.

There’s an art in any profession.


And then there’s fucking mediocrity!


The lazy mentality of bullshit baffles brains.

The ones who usually make the most noise,

effectively confusing Jo Public,

until their new definition of the watered down version,

becomes the acceptable norm.


There is a price to pay that nobody is prepared to talk about:

a price of reduced quality,

a price in irresponsible practice,

a price for ignorance.


Let’s talk some specifics,

and I’m by no means saying all other areas are exempt,

I’m simply highlighting industries that I have personal experience in.

Again, this is a gross generalisation,

as in every industry there’s still mastery.

Thank fuck!


I have a passion for fitness.


Kickboxing saved me from the nightmare of therapy and drugs.

Cycling prevented me from self-destructing.

IronMan unlocked my belief in myself.


I believe our bodies are instrumental in our success and our ability to experience the fullness of life.

There is an art in every single sport.

Your body requires years of training to cope with increased weight, effort and output.

It requires practicing the basics of every movement, thereby strengthening the micro muscles most aren’t even aware of, before going into the more complex.


So when I see an unqualified person teaching a Cross-fit class,

because it’s the latest flavour in the industry,

fuck the poor assholes who trust him and get injured in the process,

my blood boils!


Speak to any medical professional and when you say “Cross-fit” they say


Too many injuries.

The sport isn’t safe.’

And it’s not that the sport isn’t safe,

it’s that unqualified ignoramuses present classes,

encouraging people to go straight into advanced exercises with zero foundation in place.

The same goes for EVERY sport.


Yes, I believe in clients taking personal responsibility.

I also believe in professionals taking professional responsibility!


Let’s talk my obsession:

Life Coaching.

This is a profession that I’m passionate about,

it’s transformed who I am as a person.

From being a fear-filled victim of false beliefs handed down to me,

to a consciously choosing, empowered woman.


Quite frankly, I’ve stopped calling myself a life coach as I didn’t want to be associated with what I witness in industry.

So this is me publicly kicking my own arse and taking a stand!


I’m a little perplexed by the fact that if someone practices as a shrink without any formal training, we can sue them for malpractice.

Yet this is not the case in the industry of coaching.

In fact, most people don’t have a clue of what life coaching truly is.


Case in point:  last night I saw a thread in a Facebook group where a young man asked if you have to be a certain age to be a Life Coach.  This was followed by HUNDREDS of comments degrading my profession.  Indicating that being a life coach implies that you’ve got the secret to life and you’re going to teach others how to live fabulously.

Nothing can be further from the truth!


First off:


Mentoring is you having created a specific result in your life, and you teach the steps you’ve taken to achieve said outcome.

This makes the process easier for others as they don’t have to go through the same learning as you did.  You get to show them what you’ve tried that didn’t work so they don’t have to take the time to make the same mistakes.

However, you ONLY know THIS way that you teach, and if they don’t get results, that’s it.


The International Coach Federation defines life coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.



Yes, we get to share some tools and strategies that have created results for ourselves and other clients when appropriate.

The difference is, we’re not ATTACHED to said strategies.

It’s not a case of if it doesn’t work for the client in front of us, that we say, “Oh well, sorry for you!” and leave them hanging.

As a coach we take the client on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering their personal gifts and methodologies from which to create something new.

There’s an art to this.

There’s a skill-set which has to be learned and practiced.

There’s an identity that has to be cultivated.


Coaching is SACRED.

When you choose to partner with a client, you understand the responsibility you have as this person gives you their trust. Don’t you fucking dare disrespect that!

It means that every conversation is treated with respect and confidentiality is a given.

It means that you ensure you work with your own coach or therapist or mentor, whichever you need to work with at this time, to keep your energy clean and keep your personal triggers and judgement out of the equation.

It means that you take exquisite care of yourself so that you show the fuck up for your client in your session with the professionalism they deserve.

It means that you only take the client to where you are competent.

If you have no therapeutic training, you don’t go delving into their past and drag up old hurts because you’re caught up in the drama, and then have no clue how to shift them back to their empowered self.


Fact is, there are very few coaches in the industry.  90% are mentors!

But for some reason ‘coaching’ sounds sexier than ‘mentoring’ so that’s the way the market went.

In the process mentoring got to be the neglected little brother standing in the corner and I know outstanding mentors who never charge their worth because people seem to think it should be done for free.

In the same breath, life coaching is getting a really bad rap in the industry as most don’t have a clue what it is.  Every Tom, Dick and Meredith calls themselves a coach with ZERO training, ZERO coaching skills, NEVER having gone through the journey with a qualified professional themselves.


Yes, there are many ways to get to the same outcome.  I personally know BRILLIANT coaches without a formal qualification, BUT they have been working with their own coaches for years, they devour personal development, they are committed to the art.


At some stage we need to start understanding the power of coaching and take responsibility for our industry.


Neglecting to do so, is doing so much harm!

So many people sign up for coaching with false expectations,

thinking it’s a magic pill.

You see them coming out the other end more broke and broken than when they went in.


Okay I’m getting off my coaching soap box now.


Because it’s not just about coaching.


It’s about any and every profession.




I don’t understand why anyone would want to just do a job,

instead of being an artist!


My invitation to you is to raise the bar.

For yourself.

For everyone else in your industry.

Yes, the masses will always settle for average everything.

It doesn’t mean YOU have to.




Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.


Live with honour.



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