“Hooked on Healers” – An excerpt from the book “Pain, Passion, Purpose: That Was Then, This is Now”

By Susan Jacobs

I’m excited to share a snip from my chapter as a contributing author in this book that was recently published by the Round House Press.  My first time being published in a book!


“For decades, I have depended on alternative healers to help me get through, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  And I’ve had the best. My yoga practice, my work as a marketing consultant, and love for travel have taken me around the world, allowing me to meet an abundance of natural and holistic healers from New York to Ghana, Haiti to California, Ecuador to Paris, London, to Viet Nam, and various stops along the way.  Many of them have literally and figuratively helped save my life.1471965_10152195774074050_1621746009_n

I’ve worn acupuncture needles over every inch of my body; been burned with moxibustion; spat on in an African libation ceremony by elder tribesmen; diagnosed via pendulums, pulse, tongue, eyes, and abdomen; taken full-moon baths in flower petals; stared at a colored light through a telescope-type gadget; been steamed with herbs in an I Love Lucy type box with just my head sticking out; drank special teas that included ingredients better for me not to know, that took hours to cook and days to expel the smell from my apartment; put off making decisions until consulting my astrologer and tarot card reader; drank customized concoctions of Bach Flower remedies and potions; beat pillows while screaming and crying, followed by visualizing positive healing energy coming into my heart; and had an excruciating massage from an elder voodoo practitioner.

1472019_10152195769049050_1501821516_nThat’s a small sampling of the healing specialties… There’s only one problem with all this, and it took me hitting rock bottom to see it.  I was no longer free to enjoy these gifts. I was hooked on healers…

My first real understanding of the power of the mind / body connection was when I was nineteen. I had been taking a dress off over my head when my head literally got stuck facing my right shoulder. I was going through a stressful time and holding everything in my neck and shoulders. The muscle spasms pulled my vertebrae out of alignment. In a desperate state, I found my first chiropractor. Dr. R. spent a week taking care of me: nurturing me, helping me heal, and offering a shoulder to cry on. Within a week, he had my head facing straight and me back to normal. Well, normal except I was convinced I was in love with this godlike man who literally turned my head!…

1454901_10152195785709050_2040838303_nOver the past twenty years, there’s been a major subplot in my life that has tested all my good intentions, as I’ve been dealing with a hyperthyroid and Graves disease. At its worst, my resting heartbeat was over 100 BPM, which could have been extremely dangerous. Conventional doctors wanted me to follow the standard treatment of drinking radioactive iodine to kill my thyroid, causing me to ultimately become hypothyroid, and on medicine for the rest of my life.

So there I was, face-to-face with a harsh reality.  Could I live by my belief system to its ultimate conclusion: that I created this condition as a means to look at what was going on with my life, and ultimately heal myself?…”

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I’m a world traveler, salsa dancing, yoga practicing, wanna-be Buddhist, and perpetual work-in-progress.  I believe we are co-creators of our lives and that anything is possible when we get out of our own way.  Giving voice to things that matter, spreading ideas, and expanding perspectives is the heart and soul of who I am and what I do.

Writing has been part of my DNA, career, and creative outlet for as long as I can remember. For-hire, I’m a copy and content writer and strategist working with coaches that are looking to make the world a better place through human evolution. As a coach, the strongest selling point and differentiator you have is your personal journey and transformation. As a professional wordsmith, I make sure that your essence is conveyed to speak directly to your idea client, that your content and marketing are in alignment with the high quality of the product of services you offer, and are consistent across the board – website, blogs, newsletters, LinkedIn, and PR and branding materials.

I specialize in cutting through the noise and clutter with authentic, engaging, easily accessible brand messaging and content. From a 25-year career in PR, marketing, and branding I’m able to work to look at all aspects of your business and brand and provide a ‘fresh’ perspective, as an outsider, who creates content that anyone can understand.

I’m a contributing author to the recently published book “Pain, Purpose, Passion: That Was Then, This Is Now,” and my personal essays have appeared in FourTwoNine Magazine, Aquarian Times, Spirituality & Health, PR Week, and IndieWire. I’m working on her first memoir about my holistic healing journey through a hyperthyroid and Graves’ disease for The Round House Press. I’m also a guest blogger for Yogic Living and Identity Magazine. I live in Brooklyn and can be found at:

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