How do you complete a marathon?

One motherfucking step at a time.

I’m currently unfit AF.

After weeks of being sick with the flu and having to pull-back to mere yoga every day, my body feels robotic, unresponsive, wading through peanut butter with every step I take.

‘1 kilometre’ the voice on my app states.

Only one kilometre.

And I already feel close to dying.




This is what it takes.

If there’s one thing IronMan has taught me, it’s that a true achiever stays humble.

That no matter how far you’ve gone before, there’s always a time when you’re back on the bottom ring.

In these times ego will be your greatest enemy.

I bet you’re familiar with her,

that voice that tells you to only go to gym ONCE you’ve lost some weight so nobody will see how fat you really are.

The one that says you’ll go to the mastermind meeting ONCE you’ve got the 7-figure business so you won’t feel incompetent.

The one that whispers you look like an idiot compared to everyone else so you should rather try something else where you just might have natural talent and look like a rock star from day one.

Ego doesn’t do humble.

It is her sole objective to feel good about herself,

even if that means surrounding herself with less than average people so she can shine a little.

The big fish in the little pond.

Except, ego never completes the marathon.

I’ve come to understand that the only way you’re NOT going to cross the finish line, is by stopping.

It’s by giving up.

It’s by not taking the next step.

And let me tell you Darling,

you’re way stronger than you can ever imagine.

The only reason you haven’t figured this out, is because you’re playing safe.

You’re listening to all the Average Joe’s around you telling you it would be completely insane and irresponsible to do the things that will have you falling flat on your face every now and again.

You don’t trust yourself enough to take the risks.

To put it all on the line.

To purposefully put yourself in situations where it’s sink or swim.

When going on is the only option,

you fucking find a way.

It’s because everyone is continuously letting us off the hook that we’ve become so weak.

They tell us it’s okay to take it slow.

It’s okay to give up.

They praise you for sacrificing your dreams in the name of love and for being a martyr because YOU put everyone else’s needs before your own.

They tell you that you’re doing it the smart way by taking baby-steps and never leaving anyone behind.

And by living in cotton-wool, well liked by the masses,


I don’t care what shape you’re in today,

I know I can get you to complete a marathon.

Is is going to hurt?

Fuck yeah.

Are you going to reach a stage where you hate me?

Quite possibly.

I don’t care.

I love YOU enough that it doesn’t matter.

Will it take us a looooong time?


Who the hell cares how long it takes?

When you’re committed to go the distance, you will keep going even if that means no sleep for 48 hours.

Not that it will take us 48 hours Love.

I’m not that patient.

Why am I so confident?

Because I’ve done what most others don’t,

I walked the talk.

Where others sit on the bench,

being spectators in this fabulous game called life,

looking at how the players get to do mind-blowing feats,

waiting for the latest research to tell them what’s possible,

I entered the races,

I put in the miles,

I crossed the finish lines.

Sometimes puking,

almost always crying,

majority of the times bleeding,

even screaming as the raw flesh from ripped toenails bled inside my shoes.

Regardless of how tough it was, I simply kept taking another step.

And another.

And another.

Until there were no more steps to take.

People ask me how do I find the strength to keep going?

I ask people how the fuck they can give up?

I don’t get it.

It blows my mind.

People ask me what’s the secret of building a business breaking the ten year barrier?

I ask people how the hell do they walk away from their dream, their purpose, their soulmate clients?

I simply don’t compute.

You want to know what keeps me going?

You do.

I show the fuck up

every day

for you.

Regardless of what’s going on in my life.

Regardless of how I feel.

I keep taking another step.

Every day.

Some days that looks like a sprint,

some days it is a long endurance pace,

some days it’s a shuffle,

hell, some days I’m doing leopard crawl with my elbows.

I just refuse not to move forward.

I know that this is the ONLY way to cross the line,

understanding that once I’ve crossed it, I’m already setting the goal for the next line.

I also have to tell you that I didn’t get to embrace this mindset by surrounding myself with sympathisers.

I didn’t breed resilience by listening to average.

I put myself in the game with those already ahead of me.

Willing to fall flat on my face in front of them.

Willing to feel like a moron.

Willing to swallow my pride,

go work harder,

and come back for more.

I want you to know that it never stops hurting.

Stop thinking that if it hurts, you’re doing it wrong!

You look at the top athletes crossing the finish line and you think ‘it’s so easy for them’ –


They’ve simply trained to increase their capacity for pain tolerance.

They still hurt.

In fact, if I had to put your mind into their bodies you would run screaming into the mountains because you wound’t be able to cope.

Same in business.

They tell you it’s easy because they’ve chosen to forget the pain and the struggle.

I keep it real.

It hurts.

It’s uncomfortable.

You’re scared.

You have times of doubt.

You remain human

doing superhuman things.

Which is why the mindset work is a daily practice.

It’s not your body that will stop you after 40 kilometres, a mere 2 kilometres from the finish line.

It’s your mind.

If you’re not training that beast she will devour you and spit out your potential.

What’s your marathon?

That dream you hold apart from yourself,

not willing to say it out loud just in case someone holds you accountable to your word?

And how much do you want it?

Really want it?

Enough to bleed for it?

Enough to puke for it?

Enough to shit your pants for it?

Enough to sacrifice for it?

Because if you’re not,

walk the fuck away.

That simple.

Instead of always feeling like a failure – just let it go.

And go sit on the bleachers cheering with the rest of the crowd.

However, if you’re done feeling like a miserable under-achiever and you want to work with a coach who will go the distance with you,

let’s connect.

Only death is inevitable Darling.

You get to choose to thrive.

With deep love and appreciation of your badass self,