How do you know that this time around it’s going to be different?

I know Darling,

entrepreneurship is one of those journeys nobody really prepares you for.

Like parenthood,

there’s no comprehensive handbook.

A lot of what you experience has you feeling so out of your depth,

at times you wonder if it’s all worth it.


Quite frankly, if you think it isn’t,

then it’s not for you.

For those of us committed to the path,

it fucking is.


I suspect the reason why most businesses fail is because people don’t take the time to figure out their WHY.


And I’m not talking about making money.

I’m not even talking about the impact and contribution they desire to make.


I’m talking about the heart-why.


It always comes back to this:



Immense, intense, unparalleled personal growth.


It’s about becoming resilient,











Entrepreneurship is about becoming your best self.

Because quite frankly,

anything less than your best self will see you crumbling and fold.

Or having a fucking heart-attack.

Whichever comes first.


Unfortunately most resist this truth,

wailing piteously,


I just want to be FREEEEEEEEE.

I want flow.

I want ease.

I want to just flutter through my day,

touching here and there,

and then see millions flow in.’


Because they’re lazy.

Soft of mind.

Soft of body.

Candy-floss sheople – all sweet and pretty with zero substance.

They don’t want to do the work to become focussed.

They don’t want the challenge to become strong.

They don’t want the structure to become creative.


They look at those who are crushing it and complain that it’s not fair,

they want what the truly successful have too.

They also want to work 2 hours a day.

They also want their laundry folded for them.

They also want the chauffeur-driven car.


Except those people you see at the top,

aren’t there because of what they’re now physically doing in their day to day activities Darling.

They’re at the top because of

who they have become on the journey!


They’re successful because they GREW into embodying success.

They’re reaping the rewards of years of disciplined, courageous, action.


And let me just say to you as well,

that they make it look easy because they’ve pushed through the hard and messy parts,

practicing every single action until it seems effortless.

Accomplishing more in two hours than most do in two decades.


From setting their sights on the mountain top,

and then climbing that fucker.


Understanding that some days are sunny with easy slopes where they get to breathe and enjoy the view.

Simply going on automatic and putting one foot in front of the other.

Other days, the heavens open up and shit storms rain down on them with such velocity that it feels like skin is being stripped from bones.

They keep going.

Taking one more step.

Wiping the stench of fear from their upper lips.

Crying their souls clean from the resistance to adversity.

All the time,

growing stronger mentally, emotionally, physically.


Trusting that as long as they can keep going,

keep making progress,

they will reach the summit.


Sometimes there’s an avalanche,

seeing them sliding down,

screaming in terror.

Hitting a ledge with intense force,

pain shooting through their bodies,

their heads,

to the point where weaker men give up.


But those achievers simply lie there for a moment,

catching their breath,

and once stars subside from their vision,

they get back up,

and without bitching about the fact that they’ve already climbed this slope before,

they pull themselves up tall,

and take another motherfucking step upwards.





It’s that easy.


If you’re not prepared to bleed, puke, cry and break some nails,

then get off the trail.


Now before you get your panties in a knot,

I’m not talking about making a comfortable living.

I’m talking empire building.


Just admit that you have no desire to leave a legacy.

Just admit that all you want is a hobby.

And then go create your vision and your lifestyle around that.

Without the continuous grumbling because quite frankly,

the world of entrepreneurship is so bloated with complainers and blamers at the moment,

that it’s feeling a little like kindergarten on the first day where all those toddlers are crying for their mommies.


The difference between the 1% in the 1% in the 1% and the rest,

is they know the deal is that once they get to the summit,

it’s time to find a higher mountain.


For in the absence of growth,

is death.


Plain and simple.


Why do so many brilliant people die shortly after retiring?

Because you can’t take a thriving human and tell them to go sit on their arse all day and not be stimulated, challenged and excited.

And then we call this their ‘reward’.


Why are so many born achievers lying in a little ball of depression?

Because society has made the hustle, the growth, the polish, the challenge wrong.


They tell you that if you’re working seven days a week there’s something wrong with you.

You need ‘balance’.

Or else apparently you’re trying to avoid healing something that happened in 1975.


Not understanding that the WORK is our fuel.

Our passion.

It’s what invigorates us.

And when I say the work,

I’m talking about all of it.


I have more so-called ‘balance’ in a single day than most people have in a life-time.

I understand that for me to be at my peak,




coaching powerfully,

I have to look after my mind AND body seven days a week.


It’s called aligned action.


Now, let’s get back to the title of this piece:

‘How do you know that this time around it’s going to be different?’


Well, I would think it’s rather obvious:

it will only be different when you’re prepared to stop bullshitting yourself and everyone else;

it will only be different when you’ve sat your sweet self down and asked yourself:

What do I truly desire?

What is underneath that?

What is underneath that?

What is underneath that?

What is underneath that?

Until you get to the core.


And then, from this space,

you DECIDE what the fuck you’re going to do about it?

Identifying ALL THE FEARS that are springing up inside you.

All the insecurities.

All the limiting beliefs that you’ve held on for so long.

Identifying what you are prepared to sacrifice and what you’re no longer willing to tolerate.

Especially from yourself.


If what you TRULY want is easy,

then entrepreneurship is not for you.

If what you TRULY desire is growth,

then welcome to my playground.



go put a t-spoon of cement in your coffee and HTFU.

It’s time to get to work.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.


In love and honour,




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