Alpha Females – You get to choose how herstory will be remembered…

It feels as though all of the world has been placed into a pressure cooker,
and every day,
the heat is being turned up a little more.

As an intuitive, an empath, I know you feel it too.

For we are not only observing the crises at hand,
but the ripple effects far beyond the current circumstances.

We see the impact of ‘social distancing’,
as babies shrivel up from a lack of physical contact,
so adults will slowly but surely become cold,
the loneliness that was already prevelant becoming too much to endure for many.
Friends no longer completely trusted,
as they might be the secret enemy carrying the virus,
hidden even from themselves,
silent snipers to be weary of.

Social identities being lost overnight
as more and more workaholics will lose their jobs,
those who prided themselves on their athletic abilities have their races postponed after months of sacrifice, pain and hours of being away from their families,
the line moved 3 feet from finish.

Stress, previously known as the silent killer, skyrocketing as entrepreneurs fear for their companies,
many not knowing how they are going to pay the rent or feed their families next week, next month, tomorrow…
Couples who could barely cohabit over weekends are now forced together 24/7 7 days a week,
the polly-filled cracks exploding and shards of tears splattered across the walls.
Smelly teenagers previously depressed now having to cope with their terrified parents and the energy in the house.

Many lives will be sacrificed for our awakening,
our evolution.

It’s all coming Darling
and we can choose to keep pretending that now is not the time to talk about it,
or we can choose to be proactive and do what we came here to do.

Human evolution is about human remembering.
Remembering who we are.
Remembering what makes us human in the first place.
Remembering our core values.
Remembering the ways of old where wise women would council the tribe through wisdom shared from a space of deep love.

These are the women who have learned through the greatest of life experiences,
they are the ones who came into this time-space dimension to experience tremendous contrast from which to remind us that hatred, anger, unresolved hurt, vengence and fear is the path to our destruction.
They are the ones who chose to take full responsibility for their lives,
to take full responsibility for their beliefs,
to take full responsibility for their thoughts,
to take full responsibility for their actions,
and instead of allowing the pain to continue it’s far-reaching ripples of poison,
end the cycles
by transmuting pain into power through love

I call these women


I believe this is why we are seeing so many Alpha Females in our generation.
For it takes a warrior to have endured as much as we have.
A warrior to continue to rise every day when others give into defeat.
A warrior to take all that has occured in her life and connect it to her purpose.
It also takes a lover to have the willingness to do the deep work to heal and receive the learning SO THAT she can share HerStory from a space of inspiration, NOT revenge.

It’s so easy to get addicted to the drama.
It’s so easy to get caught up in the passionate war cries of women who feel that their power has been taken away from them, and that the only way to regain that which was lost, is through “justice”.

But does that truly bring back love?
Or does that simply swing the pendulum further into hatred which in fact stems from fear?

What do you want for future generations Alpha?
How do you want them to remember us?
Do you want to be one that goes down in ‘history’ or ‘herstory’?

For the historians will tell of the rape, the murders, the suicides, the economic crises,
whereas herstorians will tell of forgiveness, freedom through personal responsibilty, a return of deep and true connection as people remembered to love themsevles once more, to take care of themselves, to treasure themselves, to accept and appreciate themselves, to value themselves, and from this space create more abundance for all as they raised their vibrations, their standards for themselves, their expectations, their connection to Source.

There is a journey that HerStorians take,
from acknowledgement,
through healing,
to retrieval of wisdom,
to the sharing of a cleansed story
in the spirit of love
which I will be guiding women through.

I believe this is the time when we have a responsibility to share our stories from a space of being in service.
For what people are going to need now more than ever before, is WISDOM from life experience, HOPE from evidence of what is possible through example, and INSPIRATION of a thriving outcome regardless of how dark the path gets.

If you know that THIS is what you’re called to do,
reach out to me.

For death might be inevitable.
But thrive can be your legacy.

Live with honour,