How judgement affects your goals

This is my personal truth.

Fact:  It is impossible not to judge.  We all have our values, our standards, and we live our lives by deciding if something is in alignment with our values or not.  Whether something is right or wrong for us.

This is the missing key for many when it comes to setting goals – it is about us and not anyone else.

When we start living our lives in the shadow of judgement, we stop taking the time to figure out our own desires, our own values, our own ways, our own joy.  Instead we start living life in a way that we think others will judge us favorably for.

The result?  People set goals that others will admire but which leaves them uninspired.  They talk a good game, but there is a lack of passion.  They take action, but without conviction.

Simply observe how many goals are never achieved yet people don’t scream and shouts or throw caution to the wind and risk everything as long as there is a remote possibility of success!  Their goals are negotiable.  Yes, it is nice when they achieve them.  Yes, they love the admiration of others when they achieve them.  Yet the spark is missing.

When you set goals based on perceived judgement, you rob yourself of joy.  You rob yourself of a life filled with a true sense of purpose, of passion, of fire.

People are trying so hard to do it ‘right’ in the hope that others will think highly of them.

What would your life look like if you just said “This is my life and I’m going to go after the dreams that make ME happy in a way that lights ME up!”

Give yourself permission to envision that life today.  Shut the world out.  Go inside.  Set the goals that are important to YOU.  Regardless of what others might say or judge.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m passionate about goals!  Setting inspirational non-negotiable goals and achieving them is what I do for myself and my clients.  Setting goals from a place of judgement is one of many mistakes I see people make on a regular basis and one of the topics I cover in my free webinar on the 3rd of March (Central).  I will talk about the importance of goals, the impact of getting it wrong, and how to ensure you focus on the right areas and set the right goals for you.

I would love to answer all your questions so grab your seat here.

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Death is inevitable.  But truly living is a choice.