How many will you be taking down with you because you choose to ‘live for others’ and not yourself?

This may not be your favourite piece to read.
And I have to warn you,
that if you choose to proceed
you will no longer be ignorant
and once you KNOW
there’s no un-knowing.

This piece is not about bashing anyone.
This piece is about bringing it home.

Are you sure you want to continue?

I hear women moaning about wanting equality all the time.
I hear them groaning about wanting to be more successful, that they desire to be happy, that they want

I know,
I used to crave freedom with every fibre of my being.
At the time,
I felt trapped,

Stuck in a marriage void of touch, affection, or ackowledgement of my existence.
Continuously finding myself on a cycle of financial abundance followed by financial shit-storms as I took responsibility for the interesting choices of another.
Punishing my body for the horrors I’ve endured over the years,
not understanding at the time,
that when that first man decided to take possession of my pussy at the age of around seven,
I left my body
and chose to observe her from a safe space.

My story is by no means unique,
in fact,
it’s way more common than most would like to admit to themselves for that would mean we would actually have to pause and say that the way society is operating at the moment is completely and utterly
fucked up!

let me just say as well that I REFUSE to point the finger of blame to men!
In fact
if you want me to blame somebody for the fact that women are being raped, abused, oppressed and treated worse than toilet paper in many instances,
if you really want me to point the finger,
are you still sure you want me to blame someone,
really (?),
because quite frankly I think blaming is part of the problem,
but since you ladies LOVE to blame our male counterparts
I’m pointing the finger straight back at women.

I said it.

It starts with US!

The ONLY way I could connect to my freedom,
was to take full and unconditional responsibility for myself.

Taking full and unconditional responsibility for my thoughts and my beliefs,
understanding at that point I had given in to the conditioning and programming of a fucked up culture that revolts me to my very core.
I took responsibility and unfucked my mind.

Taking full and unconditional responsibility for my emotions,
understanding at that point I did everything they told me to suppress my emotions,
from copious amounts of alcohol,
to nauseating amounts of food,
to drinking their happy pills,
to pushing my body to the point of breaking,
as I bought into the social bullshit that feelings makes us weak and out of control.
I took responsibility and I reclaimed ALL Of my emotions which is probably why I’m a motherfucking hurricane in a bottle.

Taking full and unconditional responsibility for my body,
understanding at that point I had abandoned her,
I never took the time to get to know her, to feel her, to caress her and ask her what she needed.
I starved her, I overfed her, I pushed her to the extreme.
I took responsibility and I studied my pussy, I studied my body, I touched my body, I loved my body into a state of thriving health without a diet or exercise plan.

Taking full and unconditional responsibility for my choices around my business, my finances, my relationships, my home, EVERYTHING.
I made shit happen.
I worked with the top coaches,
and at the time I also told myself I couldn’t afford it,
except I decided I fucking DESERVED the best support and the Universe agreed,
miraculously dropping money into my accounts at the divine time so that my payments could go through.
I did the work.
On every aspect.

What I discovered on this path
is that the power of the system
which robs the individual of their ultimate freedom
is the idea that we should sacrifice ourselves, our joy, our desires, for the greater good of the group.


It’s SICK.
It’s unnatural.
And it’s why women are enduring the greatest of pain
for the sake of their children,
and men are broken, frustrated, filled with resentment
for the sake of ‘responsibility’.

Come now Sweetheart

If every woman took full responsibility for herself
she would be in high vibration
living her dream
and in the process
her children would be raised in an abundant, beautiful, adventurous, empowering atmosphere which will increase their capacity for thrive!
If every woman took full responsibility for herself
she would come to her man as his equal
his partner
and he would give his left testicle to hear her orgasmic sighs in his ear!

Yes, there will always be assholes.
Yes, I was raped on more than one occasion and I know that most don’t get this, but I didn’t have to blame myself for what happened, I simply chose to take responsibility to heal myself and reclaim my body which is what rape is about – vacating your body as it is ‘claimed’ by another.

There are also plenty of vicious women out there who are the first to throw their poison words the moment a woman chooses to take a stand for thrive! Do not underestimate the power of words for they are way more powerful than physical actions!

Why are women not ‘treated as equals’?
Because for the most part women don’t know what the fuck they actually want for themselves
and they don’t ask for what they truly want
and they don’t expect to get what they truly want
because they still think they have to DO something to DESERVE it.


You were born deserving!
The moment you claim it, it is DONE!
Yes, it might come through other humans
but it comes FROM Source.
Do you get that?
You’re not taking anything away from anyone because the CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS CREATES THAT WHICH IS REQUIRED FOR YOUR DELIGHT!

Stop being so fucking selfish by sacrificing your dreams and desires.
Every time you do,
you’re taking more down to the hell of existence with you.
If YOU’RE not absolutely THRIVING,
you’re telling your kids they must suffer for the remainder of their days to honour your sad-sack story.

I’m sick and tired of listening to women saying they don’t need anything for themselves because they would like to use their miracles for their children.


For fucks sakes.

Death is inevitable.
Now you know what it takes to thrive –
still want it?

Live with honour,

Unleashed through Love

This program is really for the Alpha Female who knows that she is born different, that the normal rules don’t apply to her, that she has an important message, an impact to make, and she’s willing to see things differently to allow herself to FINALLY unleash herself with conviction, fun and thrive and most importantly, from LOVE.

It’s going to require you to have an open mind especially as much of what we’ll be doing is ‘out of the box’. Look, as a typical achiever I know you can outwork anyone, but when last have you played? Because quite frankly, when alphas play, it’s roughs and tumbles and shenanigans and EPIC results are created. So are you willing to play?

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Any other questions or does this feel like a soul yes?