How much is your word still worth to you?

So many words
so little honour.


I don’t talk whilst training
as I’m focused
in the zone
bringing my energy
to my action
with which I dance
for all to witness.

I don’t talk whilst practicing my art
as I’m focused
in the zone
bringing my muse
to my activity
with which I create
for all to read.

I don’t talk whilst making love
as I’m focused
in the zone
bringing my soul
to my touch
with which I allow love to flow through me
for My One to receive.

Way too many people
are talking way too much
and creating way too little goodness.

those saturated in fear,
showing up in rage,
have no problem using their words
to sweep up the dumbasses around them,
already saturated in fear too,
and together, they go out
bringing more destruction
to our already burning world.

Whilst our lovers are prostituting themselves for approval, swallowing their truth as god forbid you should actually have someone sit up and pay attention to their choices.
Our queens are flitting around like fairy princesses spinning their tales about their grandious dreams which we all know is never going to see the light of day.
Our warriors are sitting in a heap on the floor, dragging their past failures and mistakes around as a thousand pound albatross of shame, instead of taking a stand for love.
Our magicians are stuck with their noses in books written by others, priding themselves on their academic awards whilst their hearts are shut down, their pussies dry as autumn leaves, not a spark of magic is brought to life.

We have created a social structure
built on a foundation of fear
where a legally binding contract
trumps the bond of love

and the moment you introduce FEAR and MISTRUST (which is exactly what your contract is)
you sacrifice some space of love, trust and honour in your heart
to make room for the words of suspicion scribed onto the page
most of which you don’t even understand as it’s done in legal jargon
designed to fuck with you,
and then,
depending which energy is fed on a daily basis,
not only in this relationship
but every aspect of your life,
is the one that will grow
and lead to the outcome of your relationship.

You have stopped believing yourself
you have stopped trusting yourself
you have stopped believing your word is worth your life
as it was to be given with absolute honour
from a space of integrity.

I believe in the BRILLIANCE that is you.
I see the POWER that is you.
I feel the LOVE that is you.

But until you do,
you will keep talking a big game
telling yourself that
next week
next month
next time
you’re going to DO IT!

You just need to do a little more planning.
You just need to learn a little more.
You just need to put something in place first.
You just need to think it over.
You just need to…

I will tilt my head thinking to myself
“Interesting choice”
as I can tell you with absolute certainty
that you’re NOT going to take the bloody action that will tip the scales in your favour.


is made

and acted upon
as the energy has been created
and it demands to be let out!

Which means
you’re talking shit.
And there is either NO energy created which is why you’re NOT taking the action,
or you will use the little energy generated (Yes, even shit can be used to fuel a fire)
to create more busy-ness
leaving you tired and lack-lustre
completely dissatisfied and void of pride in self.

If this pisses you off,
if this has you sit up a little straighter with indignation,
thinking out loud
Who the fuck does this bitch think she is?’

What are you going to do about it?
What are you going to do with that spark of passion?
What are you going to show me?

More importantly,
what are you going to show yourself?

Quite frankly that’s all that matters:

YOU choosing what YOU are going to do
by choosing who YOU are going to be from THIS moment forward.

if you’re going to tell me or yourself you’re Alpha,
I will of course expect your action
to be done with precision
in clean energy vibrating on the frequency of love
backed by the foundation of your values
with clear boundaries
and a spark of magic.

That’s all,
no words or responses required.
Show me the outcome of your action.

Live with honour,