How much longer will you allow mediocrity to destroy EVERYTHING you love?

Take my hand Darling.


Walk with me,

into the darkness.


That place where you know

you will reconnect.

With your heart.

With your soul.

With your truth.


That place they’ve been steering you away from.

With their insidious warnings

of what lies waiting patiently,

to devour you.


They’re lying.


It’s time.

You’re ready.

So come with me

to the place

where you know

you will find all your answers,

all your joy,

all your



Your true desires,

not the illustrious photoshop illusions

they’re filling your mind with

in an attempt to keep you distracted

from what you’re here to claim,

what you’re here to create,

what you’re here to receive.


Those things,

those bling bling toys and air-fluffed toy-boys,

they are not the prize.


Not for you.




I know there’s a hunger inside of you

that you’ve desperately been suppressing,

telling yourself that it’s too much

too grandiose for one as simple as you.

I know there’s a secret desire within you,

to have an extraordinary life,

to make some waves,

to become



I know there’s a part within you,

secretly ashamed

of your mediocre attempts to create something,


in desperation to not live a life completely void of meaning.


When you go to bed at night,

absolutely exhausted

from restraining your magnificent power.

Holding back the true extent of your passion,

holding back the true extent of your action,

because they’re already criticising you,

saying you’re too full on,

you should slow down,

you’re going to burn,

not understanding that right now,

living at their intolerable pace of mundane thinking, feeling, expressing, action,

you’re burning in a furnace of HELL.


Feeling your stomach acid

eating away

your insides.

The grumbles reflected in shattering earthquakes.

They blame the platonic plates,

you know it’s your restrained energy.

When will you acknowledge that you’re bondage

is destroying the planet

and causing you to become sick?


For the beast is starving.

And she will not be ignored for much longer.




It’s time my love,

it’s time for you to admit to yourself,

that this simpleton pace of life

is not only boring you to tears,

it’s draining you of your spark,

your well-being,

your soul!


If you have to listen to one more story

of how fucking hard it is,

of how miserable life is,

of how everything is going wrong,

of how helpless they are,

of how unfair it is,

when you know in your every cell

that everything is always going right,

that everyone creates their own outcomes,


having an experience on a tiny planet called


you’re actually going to loose your shit,

snapping like that elastic band,

and the backlash will be so severe,

that blood will flow.




Take my hand Darling.

Walk with me.

Straight into your fear,

trusting when I tell you that

it’s in the eye of your fear

that you will craft

your courage.


And know this sweetie-pie,

it’s going to take every motherfucking ounce of courage you can muster,

for you to finally


break free of the bullshit prison in your mind.


It’s going to take a new religion

inside of you

believing in you

believing in your worth

believing in your potential

for you to finally


stop fucking around in this lifetime and be the goddamned LEADER you were born to be.


It’s going to take you being ruthless

in releasing

in purging

in clearing

in vacating


your excuses that you’ve ALLOWED to dictate your results up to this point.




It’s going to take you  being the most selfish bitch on the block

to evict

the vampires that you’ve allowed to camp in your back-yard.

Those feeding off your energy,

your creativity,

your love for life,

your love for others,

your power,

so they can exist with their veins filled with you,

keeping up their average lives,

whilst ensuring you’re drained enough

to not rise and walk the hell away from them.




Here’s what I know

with unwavering conviction:




Humans becoming inhumane,

tortured souls walking around as petrified wounded animals,

lashing out at everyone with true intentions.

So drugged out of their minds

they’re incapable of recognising love when it bites them in the arse.

Spraying their poisonous words filled with fear and hatred and scarcity.


And it makes me SICK to my stomach

to see a brilliant woman such as you


living up to your full potential.

It makes me swallow acid rising

seeing a brilliant woman such as you


for average connection, average love, average impact,

average anything!


Simply because, like the elephant trained from infancy

to believe the shackle around her leg can possibly hold her,


are domesticated to the point where you’ve forgotten

the true force of nature you are

when you FOCUS


and give yourself PERMISSION


with EVERYTHING you’ve got


your actual prize.








You can keep turning a blind eye to the woman in the mirror,

saying that it’s up to another Jesus to save the world,

that someone else was born for greatness,

that they are special,

that they have something you don’t,

except you and I know very well that’s all just an excuse

NOT to be all you are.


You can keep trying to numb the pain

with your glass of wine,

your tub of ice-cream,

your latest Netflix series,

except you and I know very well

that this is torture.


You can keep telling yourself

that you can do this on your own,

that you don’t need support,

because Super Girl

stands alone,

except you and I know very well

that if that was true

you would have done it already.

And in truth,

you simply don’t believe you’re worth the investment in yourself.


Okay Lover,

you keep telling yourself whatever you need to tell yourself,

to get through another day.


I’m just here to say

that it’s all a choice.


Suffering is a choice.

And it sure as caramel popcorn

is not the choice of an alpha.


Death is inevitable,



is it your choice?


Live with honour

or exist in excruciating pain,



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