How will you allow their words to influence your authentic self?

People are fascinating creatures.

They all seem to get to a certain level of financial success

and then decide that they have the universal gospel truth.


With respect,

and I truly have immense respect for every individual who conquer their inner demons and rise to where they desire to be,

we all live in little bubbles,

and there’s a shit ton of bubbles Darling.


Every now and again our bubbles will merge for a fraction of time,

giving us the opportunity to peek inside the world of another.

Sometimes we’re intrigued, we choose to linger and learn before taking the gain and moving on.

Sometimes we find this is so much better than where we were before we decide to stay.

Other times we feel like an alien, and not in a good way, and speedily leave.


I really want you to get this today

because ultimately there’s




for everyone to follow to their personal thrive.


When people are saturated with insecurity and fear and a sense of hopelessness

they will cut off their big toes to fit into the glass slipper.

And then we wonder why so many women have chronic bunions and foot problems.


Case in point the statement:

“Women who curse online will never make lots of money”.


When I heard this spoken with authority and certainty,

I didn’t even blink an eye.

I didn’t argue the point.

I didn’t have any desire to prove him wrong with real life examples.

I let it wash over me as this is a particular trigger I chose to release some time ago.


For in his world,

this is true.

In his world,

women are well dressed and wear stilettos to the gym,

they speak like ‘ladies’,

they know how to be the female equivalent of the male suite.


Respect to them.

I can appreciate them and accept them.

I can choose to wear my heels when the mood dictates,

and I can choose to be covered in mud on my bike,

and it’s ALL perfect.

There’s no right or wrong.


He also dropped the fact that he believes he has no choice in his religion,

and doesn’t love to train or experience ‘the burn’ rolling his eyes.

I’m not making this wrong.

I’m just pointing out how different we are!


I’ve also come to know that just because we’re different,

doesn’t mean we can’t learn a shit ton from each other.

You simply have to release your triggers to gain the gold.

I want you to start paying attention to who you’re listening to and to find the similarities and the differences Darling

and not make ANY of it wrong!


I’m also going to say


women in my bubble

are self-made multi-millionaires

giving themselves full permission

to say whatever the fuck they want to say

however they fuck they want to say it

and let it land where it may.


For me it comes down to faith

that you’re NOT broken and wrong just because you’re different.

It’s the delusional bullshit that we all have to be the same to be happy

that has so many people depressed.


Why do I give myself permission to curse online?

For one thing, I curse in private.

I have no desire to be two different personas.

I continue witnessing how the ‘mighty’ fall when they’re ‘brand’ is all sugar and spice and it turns out they’re human after all – which is all the holier than thou are waiting for to crucify them.


Quite frankly Gorgeous,

when I asked myself why I WOULDN’T curse online,

even after I was told to rip down my website by professional business mentors,



Why wouldn’t I curse online?

  • I don’t want to offend the precious people
  • I don’t want to potentially lose out on clients who judge those who curse
  • I don’t want to appear unprofessional by those who judge my professionalism by appearance instead of results
  • I don’t want to be accused of being stupid because apparently people who curse have low levels of creativity and intelligence





Why not?

Because they also tend not to love the burn;

they tend to judge themselves all the time and then feel judged all the time which means I can’t provide a space for them where they liberate themselves from their own shame and walk proud;

they tend to pretend and wear masks and I have no time to work with those who won’t be real with themselves;

they’re easily offended and can rarely cope with my no bullshit approach to life and honestly, I didn’t tolerate sulking when my kids were toddlers, I definitely don’t tolerate sulking adults; and

I happen to know that my levels of professionalism, integrity and authenticity is higher than most you’ll ever meet and I don’t have to prove it by pretending I don’t speak passionately.


It comes down to knowing who you are,

what you stand for,

and not needing to change yourself or prove yourself by pretending to be someone you’re not,

out of fear of scarcity and non-conformity.


I don’t judge people for NOT cursing.

I don’t judge people for choosing to do business in a certain way.

I don’t judge people for NOT training.

I simply don’t speak TO THEM in my writing

and I choose not to work with them because it’s not fun for me!

Life, and business, is a game,

why would we want to play if it’s not fun?


I believe there’s a gazillion ways in which we can bring value to the world,

and if we all have to do it the same way,

that’s a lottle fucked-up

and boring.

Plus, what are we really telling people?

You have to sacrifice your authentic self for money?

That simply doesn’t sit well with me.


Here’s my invitation to you Darling:

where have you squeezed your toes into a shoe that’s too small for you, for the sake of ‘professionalism’ or because someone told you that you have to be a certain way if you’re ever going to be happy?

Where have you watered down your message for the sake of ‘success’?

Where have you made yourself wrong because a mentor or coach said if you want A you have to stop being B?


For me, there’s a big difference in coaching for transformation and coaching for conformity.


And is it worth it?

If it is,

keep doing that shit.

If it’s not,

you can choose to walk barefoot in the sand today.


Death is inevitable,

Thriving is the choice of the Alpha who loves, appreciates and accepts herself just as she is.


Live with honour,



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