How you look at life will determine your richness…

When did it stop feeling safe to receive?
Was it that time you thought you were treasured and instead you were taken?
Was it that time you thought it was forever and forever turned out to be a finite number?
Was it that time you thought you were finally out of the red and then the tax bill put you deeper into debt than ever before?

It’s hard to allow yourself to receive when it feels as though there’s always a price to pay.
When it feels as though you just can’t win.
When it feels as though life is a battle and regardless of how much you put in,
you’re left bleeding, crying, heaving on the floor,
having to find the inner strength
to rise once more.

What if I told you that this feeling,
the feeling of why the hell even bother,
the feeling of the price is becoming too hefty to pay,
what I if I told you that it’s JUST a feeling,
and that you can change that feeling
in less than no time
by seeing things differently?

Let’s be honest
we’re finding ourselves in a time when society LOVES preaching pain for gain (Yes, guilty as charged),
when we’re told to focus on what is wrong including ourselves which, if I have to believe what they say, there’s very little RIGHT with me,
we’re constantly looking at what’s being taken from us,
what we’re losing,


we never LOOSE anything!
Life is not supposed to stay the same,
nothing IN life is supposed to stay the same,
for same is stagnant and after a while stagnant stinks to high heaven.
Life is meant to FLOW

and from this,
we find delightful surprises which keeps us stimulated and hungry for more.

what we GAIN
in life
in love
in learning
in experiences
in thrive

is ALWAYS greater than the perceived loss!

I recently found myself feeling very sorry for myself,
I know,
I still ‘human’ at times,
and as this is not my norm
it felt
and I wasn’t going to put up with it for too long.

So I sat my sweet self down and asked:
What’s up girlfriend? What’s got your pubes all knotted up?
Turns out,
I’ve been going through another major up-levelling
and with going up
there’s always a release of that which is no longer aligned
which feels like losing something, someone.

Here’s the thing,
I met myself where I was at with compassion and understanding.
I didn’t roll my eyes and slap my face impatiently because
surely I should know better than this by now?
I allowed myself to get curious.
I allowed myself to listen to my ego-mind.
I allowed myself to see things differently.

I wrote down all the perceived losses,
to feel the perceived pain and fear,
and then asked:
What did I GAIN from each of these experiences, each of these relationships?
The pages left me smiling, feeling so uplifted, in a state of complete gratitude!
The little girl in me jumping up and down,
clapping her hands in delight,
as I rejoiced in the RICHNESS of my life,
and the knowing that when life flows,
we’re always left with MORE than before!

life always happens FOR us.
The Universe only has LOVE for us.

YOUR experience of life is simply a reflection of what you choose to focus on, the stories you choose to tell yourself, the meaning you choose to give events, the beliefs you choose to hold on to.

You can choose to live in pain and fear and life will feel like taking a dump with bleeding hemoroids,
or you can choose to live in love and joy and life will feel like a dance.

Even whilst everything looks the same from the outside,
your internal state will be vastly different.
And I know that people tell you that the external stuff is what matters,
the cars,
the homes,
the ‘cool’ gang,
the clothes,
the trappings,
except so many who have all that stuff are miserable AF as they bring no focus to what’s going on inside!

The internal world is what you live with when nobody is around.
When there is absolute silence.
When it is dark outside and you’re either crying tears of bitter regret and sorrow,
or tears of deep gratitude.

Only YOU will know.
Only YOU get to choose.

I’m just sharing that from where I’m sitting today,
we’re always in a state of abundance.
Maybe it’s simply time to relook at what abundance means to you.

and before you think I’m praising poverty,
I’m NOT!

I’m taking a stand for you having your proverbial cake
AND eating it
and why the fuck not have the best chef in the world bake it for you?

Just saying.

Death might be inevitable,
suffering is a choice,
then again,
so is thriving.

Live with honour,

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