I have no idea what to title this…

Fair warning,
I don’t know what’s going to come out here.
In fact, I wasn’t planning on writing today.
I’ve got a pretty video lined up for publishing which I figured would get me a day off from the muse.
Except here I’m sitting.
My body literally shaking as the message is ripping through like a caged animal.

Hold on to your panties,
put the children in the other room.

Let’s go.

Ola Chica,
guess you thought that I wasn’t paying attention,
that you could fly this one under the radar.
I guess you thought that since you’re doing so much ‘better’ than the masses that it would leave me satisfied,
like an old woman settling for a two second hump once in a while.

You were mistaken.
For when you said that you were committed to excellence,
I took it that you meant FUCKING SPECTACULAR in every sense of the word in every single area of your life.
I took it that you meant you were ready to stop playing at half-pace,
ready to break the motherfucking shackles of propriety and

Just to be perfectly clear,
when you called on me in your hour of ‘fuck this shit’,
when you told me that you would do your part,
that you would be willing to harness courage,
that you would walk away from all the average things, people, beliefs and habits,
if I would give you a sign,
if I would show you someone new,
something new,
that would bring a spark of inspiration,
I took it that you were a woman of your word,
for anything less than 100% integrity is simply unacceptable in my realm.
And integrity doesn’t start tomorrow…

Oh I know that all those around you is continuously cutting you some slack,
telling you that it’s okay,
you’re trying your best,
and that’s all anyone can expect of you,

well Sugarpie,
I’m NOT actually going to settle for your piss poor efforts when you I both know what you’re truly capable of.

I’m NOT going to say it’s okay to sacrifice joy because of your kiddos,
I’m NOT going to say it’s okay to live in a state of anger, resentment, bitterness and blame because of your ancestors,
I’m NOT going to say it’s okay to exist in codependency with a man who is NOT your equal, who does NOT inspire you to be even better, a man who does NOT hold the space that has you completely surrender in bed.
I’m NOT going to say it’s okay to hold yourself back because you’ve chosen to surround yourself with those who continuously cry to be rescued,
‘oh please help me,
I just need you to pick me up this one time,


Stop it.
It’s disrespecting the inherent brilliance within everyone and you thinking that you’re here to give others a leg-up makes YOU part of the problem.
Stop it!

we’re not doing this again.
We’re not going to play this round again.

THIS is the time when you get to woman the fuck up,
take the courageous action you KNOW is required for you to break free from the cyles of insanity,
drop ALL your excuses,
get ruthless,
and show them what you’re made of.

THIS is the time when you sit your arse down,
take out your journal
and write out every area in your life where you see the cycles;
the cycles of success followed by failure,
the cycles of joy followed by misery,
the cycles of settling,
the cycles of disempowerment,
and ask yourself:
What are the lessons I’ve clearly not learned here?
What am I willing to see now that I’ve not been willing to see before?
What am I willing to do differently?

And then do THAT regardless of how much resistance comes up – allow your rage against your own bullshit to infuse you with power and break the fucking band!

From a space of understanding that this is an INTERNAL game.
It’s a commitment to shift your energetic and emotional state of BEing,
from where the external world HAS to respond because of

the one who commands the Universal forces of creation.
the one who can make a man fall to his knees with a single touch.
the one who can inspire a movement through your words.

It’s time to own what you’re creating in your life by taking full and unconditional responsibility.
Time to take off those rose coloured glasses and see things in a new way by getting very real on the impact of your current choices,
the ripple effects for generations to come,
as you know that you came here to end the cycles of abuse, the cycles of depression, the cycles of addiction, the cycles of conformity, the cycles of poverty, the cycles of self-sacrifice.

Doing anything LESS than what you came here to do
and not doing it NOW

You can choose to keep lying to yourself and everyone around you,
but you can’t lie to me.
You see me reflected in your eyes every time you stand in front of the mirror.
You hear me in your head every time you stop the distractions.
And it’s driving you nuts
as you keep trying to escape me to the point of exhaustion.

How much longer Darling?
How much longer are you going to avoid me?
How much longer are you going to drown me out?
How much longer will you choose suffering?

For death is inevitable,
but heed my words:
when you get to your last day and you’ve NOT chosen thrive,
the pain of disappointment in yourself will be excruciating and more than that,
you will die knowing that you’ve put all those horrendous cycles of pain onto the next 7 generations because YOU chose to be a whimp.

Live with honour,
Anel’s Muse

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Love is not botox
Love sure as fuck is not codependency

Love is truth
Love is respect
Love is abundance
Love is courageous
Love is liberating
Love is who you truly are, at your essence.

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