If you get hooked on the applause, you’re done for.

You see it happen all the time,

artists, performers, creatives, leaders,

getting addicted to public applause,



even the haters.


It’s a rush like no other.

And lethal to the muse.


As with any addiction,

it makes you vulnerable.

What was once your fuel,

becomes your Achilles heel.


When the applause dies down,

when the lights go out,

the drip removed from their arms,

they go into a downward spiral of depression,



feeling abandoned not only by their raving fans,

but by the very muse who had them rise in the first place.


For she is a woman of high worth,

and she will not be toyed with,

not by anyone.


The way I see it,  the evolution of humanity requires leaders, messengers, artists,

instigators of the next level of change.

The ‘change’,

the ‘message’,

the ‘muse of inspiration’,

floats around seeking the brave few who are willing to be the vehicle of expression.



I did say brave.

As change is uncomfortable for most,

it requires you to speak, do, create,


which will always be resisted and rejected by the masses.


She is relentless,

it is her time to come through,

and she demands articulation.

Going from soul to soul,

requesting volunteers who will stand up and speak out.


Once you say YES,

nothing less than 100% dedication will be accepted by her.


When I first embarked on this crazy journey of blogging,

I had NO idea what I was letting myself in for.

I simply remember saying YES.

I remember agreeing to let the message through,

in whichever way she comes through,

not allowing myself to sensor her,

understanding that she requires purity.


Easier said than done.

My muse is a passionate, inconsiderate, often rude little bitch.

She has a heart of gold,

yet there’s not much ‘lady’ about her.



she is the warrior on the battle ground.




Not holding back her punches.


My muse has no pretence about who she is,

she makes no apology,

she don’t clean up nice,

and she sure as FUCK won’t ask for approval.


Her message is not for those who applaud or publicly shame.

Her message is not for those who desire to be in the limelight,

posting their sales links in the comments.



she reaches through me,

to the quiet ones.

The ones shrouded in darkness,

those who lost their way,

gave away their voices,

warriors born into captivity,


and she magically weaves her song, echoing in the wilderness.

For it is the quiet ones who will rise and become the leaders they themselves seek.




Being a messenger,

a creative,

an artist,

a leader,

is a daily choice.


It is not something to be taken for granted.

Not something that once you’ve taken position,

is guaranteed.

For the moment you choose the applause,

the rush of the the bright lights,

above the purity of the muse,

she will turn her back on you and you will be done for.


Whilst applauding, they create a picture in their minds of how you fit into their world.

As long as those pictures match,

you will be their shiny hero.


humans are fickle beings.

It doesn’t take long for them to start seeking flaws,

your imperfections,

and they will turn on a dime.


They will send you sweet requests to just tone it down a little.

To dilute the message as the consistency is starting to feel uncomfortable.

Just be more of the ‘real’ you that is pleasing to them.


What will you choose?


Will you think it’s okay to take charge just a little,

that the muse won’t mind if you tweak a word here,

a letter there.

Maybe she won’t mind if you edit so that it’s easier to read.

Maybe she will agree that today they just need a little sympathy.


Never mind the woman sitting terrified in her bathroom,

head still reeling from the latest blast of insults and fists raining down on her,

crushing her soul,

bruising her body.

Praying for a word of encouragement,

that touches the part in her,

that will never be crushed.

Never mind the broken man sitting in front of his laptop,

seeking a spark of remembering,

of who he is.

Brave warrior.

Man of honour.

Badass motherfucker.



let’s just ignore the quiet ones,

so we can continue to be in the good books of those who desire to shine for the masses.




Your magnetism will slowly lose intensity.

Your energy diluted.

You will desperately start seeking new inspiration,

replicating instead of creating.

And your goose is cooked.


For the muse will not be tampered with.

It’s all or nothing Sunshine.


I made a vow for all.


So the next time you sit down to create your best work,

whether it’s a video,

or a blog,

writing a book,

presenting a class,

taking a photograph,

leading the board meeting,

ask yourself,

why the hell are you doing this?


Is it for the applause?

Is it for the approval?

Is it for the recognition?


Or are you willing to step out of the way and allow the muse to do what you agreed to let her do?


For the quiet ones.

For the ones who never raise their hands to high-five you in public.

For the ones the muse are coming through for in the first place.


This piece is for the quiet ones.

The alphas, fighting the battle of remembrance every single day.


Take courage Darling.

For I will not abandon the message.

I will not bend to their demands.

I will not gag the muse.


You are worth the fight.

You are worth my truth.


And I want you to know that you’re closer than you think to your break-through.

Keep the faith.


I know,

fuck I know,

that there are times when you think death will be easier.

I know that there are moments when you look into the mirror,

wanting to smash the reflection to smithereens.

Because it’s NOT who you are.

The tide is turning my Love.

Keep the faith.


Don’t fear the storm sweeping the world.

For she will break off the dead branches and let them be swept away,

allowing those with strong roots to grow once more.

Keep the faith.


Keep tending to yourself,

Keep tending to your roots,

Your time has come.

Your journey has prepared you for this time.

Everything that you need is now inside of you.

Time for you to break out of the brittle sack,

find your voice,

and howl your song into the night!




Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is for those brave enough to stay true to the muse.


Live with honour.



There is no PS today.