If you truly OWNED who you are, would you still be cross-living?

I know this piece is going to trigger a lot of people.

All those who desire to take a stand for the underdog.

Those who insist that we’re all the same and we should all blend.


Let me just state this right from the word go:






That means,

that we all get to choose how we show up in this life,

we get to choose what we will experience in this life,

we get to choose what we will believe in this life,

we get to choose who we get to partner with in this adventure called life.


Our CHOICES are NOT the same.

I’m really tired of people trying to conform to the choices of others when it goes against their very ‘human’ nature.


Not everyone is an ALPHA.

Make peace with it.

It’s perfect.


If you’re NOT an alpha and you feel offended by the fact that I have the titanium tits to point this out,

that’s your shit to go sort out with the woman in the mirror,

not mine.

I have no problem with whatever you choose to be,

you’re simply not like me.


For some reason society has painted the illusion of what an alpha is,

like IG pics dictating the latest fashionable lifestyle

which everyone says they want

when they really don’t

because it doesn’t bring them joy!


If you ARE an ALPHA

it’s time for you to OWN that shit too Darling,

and stop this insanity of cross-living with those who will NEVER be like us.


I know that society has burdened you with the belief that you’re responsible for those who are ‘weaker’ than you.

Those who don’t even begin to comprehend the hunger in your soul.

Those who simply have no desire to do the work,

the real work,

focusing of mind to receive results.


I also know that they are really drawn to us!

To our presence.

To our confidence.

To our FORCE!

Like moths to the flame.


unlike the little moth who willingly burns to death when close to the heat,

we’re told to dim our fire

to put it under a bucket

so as to protect those who WANT to be in our presence

when quite frankly

they don’t belong.


Case in point:

I adore my ex.

He’s truly an amazing man and I’ve learned more through our relationship

than from any other human on earth

which is why I know I will love him for all my days.


Yet, he’s NOT an alpha.

Living with me,

was absolute TORTURE to his soul,

even when his male mind did not comprehend.

No matter what,

he does not have my drive,

my grand vision for global impact,

my hunger for continuous growth and transformation,

my crazy,

my resillience,

my pain threshold.

The shit I do is simply incomprehensible to him.


According to cultural norms,

he was the ‘man’ of the house and me, his little wife there to support him and be the ‘good woman’ behind his successful man.


he married a WILD one.

Unwilling to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen for too long,

I lived this insane cycle of running free and doing EPIC shit,

playing with other alphas in business and sport and friendship,

having so much FUN,

and then being accused of breaking him,

denting his confidence,

that nothing he ever did was good enough for me (which it wasn’t because I WANTED TO DO IT FOR MYSELF!),

seeing me pulling in on myself once more.

Except, you simply cannot contain the beast indefinitely can you?

Not without going stark raving bonkers!

Which I did on occasion.


It was a bloody mess!

Which is why I released and left with LOVE

and this was truly the ONLY loving action to take.

I don’t expect people to understand this as they prefer the anger and resentment and drama of soap operas.


I also know this is happening in more relationships than any alpha EVER wants to admit.

Not just romantic relationships either,

but professional colleagues, staff, clients, friendships,

shit, even our CHILDREN.


I have one Alpha pup and one Beta who’s his father’s mirror.

I love both equally.

I accept both equally.

I appreciate both equally.

I respect both equally.

I treat them differently.


Because my alpha pup thrives on challenge and pressure and power.

My beta pup thrives on cuddles and rainbows and easy living.


I’ve come to understand that when alphas come together,

it’s this glorious feast of playful banter and challenge and calling each other out on our shit.

We continuously raise the game for ourselves and each other.

There’s no sympathy.

You want it?

Come get it if you dare 😉

We don’t disrespect those who are in the game,

we applaud their failures and urge them to get back up and keep going,

without picking them up.

We don’t rescue others or carry them to the finish line.

We speak to the power within them and then allow them the CHOICE of claiming it for themselves,

or not.


The others,

don’t understand this.

Oh, it looks like fun from the sideline so they’re continuously whining they want to join in.

They PROMISE they will step up.

They PROMISE they won’t complain or blame.

They PROMISE they will have fun.

And the moment their faces hit the dirt first time around,

they whale like a two year old,

arms outstretched with tears streaming down their dirty faces,

begging you to pick them up and kiss their boo-boo better.


And if you don’t,

oh heaven help you!

The ENTIRE bleachers will turn on you,

calling you a ruthless selfish inconsiderate bad bitch and they will throw those rotten tomatoes in your face.


At this stage of the fight here’s what I want to say to those in the bleachers

constantly accusing and criticising the ruthlessness of the alphas:

whatever Cupcake (rolling my eyes twice).


Here’s what I want to say to YOU alpha,

feeling bad about wanting to run away

into the dark

to where you can be alone

howling loud and free

connecting with your pack through your voice:

staying is the most horrible painful bullshit action you can take.

You’re demolishing your potential,

and more than this,

you’re torturing those who are not like us by keeping them at wing-span length of the flame.


for they know not what they’re doing.

Yes, they will hurt and turn their anger onto you with blame and shame,

I don’t care.

You’re an Alpha.

It’s YOUR responsibility to draw on YOUR strength and keep walking with love, dignity, honour and integrity.


Why won’t you just own who you are?

Whether Alpha or not?

What’s the story you’re holding onto that’s making you feel ashamed of your true nature?????


Death is inevitable,

why live when you’ve killed off who you truly are,

all for the sake of codependent conformity?


Live with honour

or exist in the constant pain of self-abandonment,



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