If your words are threads, what patterns are you weaving in your tapestry of life?

Ready for us to rip off some band-aids my Love?

Just a heads’ up,
I’m going to count to ten, so brace yourself for the pain.

One –
YOU are a magnificent being created from love through love of love for love with love.

Two –
YOU are perfect, whole and complete.

Three –
YOU have the blueprint of your success inside of you.

Four –
Stop fucking around, wake up and show the hell up for yourself Alpha!

so I don’t have the patience to go all the way to ten, and quite frankly, life is too short, I’m getting old and you’re tough enough to handle a new line of questions to ponder today.

Last night I had a power call with my apprentices.
What really stood out for me was the fact that humans have become sloppy with their language.
Programmed with seriously retarded sayings,
of which we never question the validity
or true impact on our lives, of the beliefs they foster,
and from this space
we get imprisoned inside our minds
with BS creating a maze most never find their way out of.

First and foremost I REALLY want you to finally understand that a belief is nothing more than a thing you keep telling yourself over and over again,
assembling evidence of this along the way,

and yes Darling,
we ALWAYS find evidence for our beliefs which is why I pay no attention to “emperically proven” whatever,
give it some time and someone will prove the opposite.

I would invite YOU to start questioning the usefulness of your words and beliefs.
I would invite YOU to start questioning the emotional impact of your words and beliefs.
I would invite YOU to start questioning if those words and beliefs open you up for expansion, or closes you down to opporunity.

It’s been my observation that most of what most people walk around reciting like a nursery rhyme, is causing untold suffering and preventing them from seeing the joy and abundance that’s always available to us.

Bullshit like:
‘I’ve lost myself.’
Are you kidding me???
You’ve lost yourself???
You haven’t lost yourself Darling. You don’t have to go find yourself somewhere in the world, because wherever you go, there you are!
Which is also why when people are constantly running away from uncomfortable situations, they find more shortly after they arrive at the new destination. You keep taking YOU with, and YOU are the creator of your experience.

Bullshit like:
‘I’m broken.’
You’re not made of porcellein.
You can’t shatter.
You’re made of some flesh and bone and blood and organs,
but mostly you’re made of badass ENERGY!
Energy cannot be broken.
Whoever started saying people are broken simply wanted something to fix!
Now we have billion dollar industries based on the premise of fixing people.

Bullshit like:
‘Love hurts.’
Love doesn’t hurt!
Love feels fucking FABULOUS.
What hurts is YOUR stories and rules of what has to happen for you to feel loved which normally involves other people.
Those poor sods never stand a chance!
When others have the audacity to NOT play by your rules, because you know, they have their own lives to live, you call them incosiderate assholes and now ‘love hurts’.
When in fact it’s your WITHHOLDING of love that hurts!
Because point number one – “YOU are a magnificent being created from love through love of love for love with love.”
THAT’s what’s hurting like a mofo!
It’s you and you – it has nothing to do with anyone else.
Bring it back home Sugar.

Are you picking up a pattern?
Are you seeing that all these popular one-liners we’re raised with is nothing more than a conditioning for disempowerment and seperation from our truth?
Are you seeing that these beliefs takes you from the driver seat of your life,
puts you on the pavement,
thumb out,
hoping to the gods that someone else will pick you up,
put you in the back and along with all the other scared shitless passengers,
you think you’re being driven to a Happily-Ever-Fucking-Never destination when in fact you’ve just given away your freedom, your power, your creative thought!

Don’t you want to feel free Alpha?
Don’t you want to feel joy upon waking?
Don’t you want to feel satisfaction in your creations every day?
Don’t you want to feel excited for what’s going to pop into your awareness next?
Don’t you want to feel full?
Don’t you want to feel in love with yourself, with your life?

Because honestly,
all you have to do is to start paying attention,
question your words,
and choose the ones that feels best!
You have to be willing to release your need to look ‘right’ and to be ‘acceptable’ to others and to be ‘pleasing’ to everyone else.
You have to be willing to bring it back to YOU.

Here’s a little experiment for you to do today,
if you’re wanting to change your results of course:


Not the ‘business’ conversations where you’re on your best behaviour.
The ones behind closed doors, when you’re with your besties.
The ones you have with yourself in the bathroom whilst putting on your make-up. Speak out loud.
The ones you have with yourself when things didn’t quite work out the way you thought you wanted them to.

LISTEN to yourself with an openness to see the patterns you’re weaving into the tapestry of your life.
QUESTION the impact of your words on your emotions, your actions.

That’s all.

And then let me know – are your words pleasing to you?
Do they make you feel invincible?
Do they uplift you?
Are you satisfied with the picture you’re weaving as your legacy?

Without self-judgement or self-shaming.
Time to get curious.

For death is inevitable.
But thriving is the choice of the Alpha open to proving herself wrong.

Live with honour,


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