If you’re serious about living beast, you have to train the puppy.

Before we start I need you to know that

in my space

you’ve run out of excuses.

I don’t care how clever you think you are,

I don’t care how many hurdles you’ve put in your path,

how many ‘conditions’ have to be met before you can take the


that will deliver results,

I don’t care how convinced you are that they’re valid,

it’s all



Either you show the fuck up for your dreams,

or you don’t.

Either you live in courage,

or you shiver in fear.

Either you speak your truth,

or you lie like a traitor to yourself.


There’s no in-between.

There’s no half-arsing.



Do you remember what that is?


I’m #sorrynotsorry but society has given you way too many stories to excuse yourself from the table of excellence

and dine in the halls of mediocrity.


On the surface,

a feast.

All those drunk idiots singing out loud,

slapping hearty congratulations for following the rules another day,

playing the game of the overlords.

Rewarded for their obedience with scraps

which they hungrily devour before scarcity sets in once more,

whilst pissing their pants as loss of mind results in loss of bodily functions.


It seems to be where it’s at,

the loudest party on the block,

and this,

in and of itself,

should tell you that this is where the masses convene.




Alphas congregate in small numbers.

Our conversations filled with the wonder of life,

the magic that is our birthright.

We create in accordance to the laws of the Universe,

not the laws of men.

Drunk on the energy coursing through our veins

and endorphins given free reign of our bodies.




have trained the puppy,

have trained our minds.


Have you?


Know this:

when you first came into this body,

your mind was like a 6 week old puppy.

EVERYTHING so new and exciting,

worth sniffing at,

licking any surface your tongue can reach

delighted with every sensory experience

whether you tasted shit or chocolate.


Those in your immediate environment

lovingly decided to train your puppy for you

with what they believe and the laws by which they live.


Then society at large stepped in,

bombarding you with irrelevant information and addictive stimulation,

way too much for that puppy to handle,

so for the sake of self-preservation she created neat little cages for her to play in.

Pretending the rest don’t even exist.

In the process,

she never matured.


Have you been living your entire life in those cages my love?


Now maybe,

you’re one of the few who grew up in middle-class wherever you live,

who decided this existence of same-old-same-old conformity is boring AF,

rebelliously busting loose to explore the world at large.

I’m not referring to the physical world but to the UNIVERSAL playground.

In which case you would have figured out that in order for you to live life on your own terms,

with zero excuses,

the ONLY action to commit to

is mindset training.

Ensuring you take that puppy to mind-gym every day

growing and developing her into beast.


Helpful hint on how you know you’ve done this:

the average masses tend to call you a bitch or other uncreative words meant to demean.

Blah blah blah.



you’re one of the thousands who find yourself waking up,

looking around and knowing there has to be more to life than THIS!

Maybe you’re sitting there


that you were born for SO MUCH MORE than THIS!


I understand that it’s not that you haven’t been working like a demon.


I mean,

if you’re honest with yourself

you’re going through the actions

taking the steps they tell you to take

but on the inside you’re rolling your eyes and thinking

whatever the fuckity fuck.

Instead of living the dream

you go and distract yourself ,

creating chaos in your world through ‘problems’

so you don’t lose your shit.


It leaves you feeling brain-dead and


is your clue Darling.

The system wants you to replicate and imitate instead of innovating

because through tedious mundane tasks

your brain goes to sleep.

She simply can’t stand the torture of not being pushed to her limit

so that she can have her




The reigning social system is mass-producing lazy fat puppies

instead of

lean mean alpha beasts!



I’m not here to save those who want to waddle around in their own piss.

I’m not here to play with those who want to receive a pat on the head and hollow praise.

I’m definitely not here to coach those who want me to give them the steps and strategies to make money at the expense of their JOY!

I personally think that’s an insult to who you are:



I’m here to connect with your soul today

and tell you that the secret to


you desire,

is your mind.



Think of your mind like your body:

if you’re serious about getting into the BEST shape of your life,

what would you do?



I won’t presume to know what you will do so I’ll tell you what I do:

  1.  I sign up with professionals in mindset coaching (my primary coach), sports coaching (my secondary coach), dietician, sports massage specialist, etc – translate: sign up with a mindset coach (primary coach) , business coach, relationship coach, or whatever area you want to focus on improving (secondary coach).  If you’re not prepared to invest, you’re not serious about the results period the end.
  2. I clear out my cupboards and rid myself of temptations that I know will sabotage my results especially at the end of the day when I’m tired – translate:  take a good look at your life and identify all the shit that’s stealing your time and attention such as online gaming, binge-watching, online scrolling for dancing cats.  Set yourself up for success.
  3. I surround myself with those who are already there and release all relationships that will hold me back – translate:  stop fucking around with ducks and go fly with the eagles regardless of how uncomfortable it feels.
  4. I eliminate out-dated habits and train new ones to the point of automatisation so that I no longer have to think about them – translate:  stop bitching about how hard it is and work it until it’s easy because it’s just what gets done without any arguments.
  5. I show the fuck up every day and do the work regardless of the planets or my moods or the weather or the blisters or the aching muscles – translate:  HTFU.


THIS my darling,

is how you train the puppy to beast.


Any questions?


Death is inevitable,

thriving is the choice of the trained alpha.


Live with honour

or exist fat, bored and lazy,



PS:  I work with those who take full responsibility for their lives, do the work, and create real results.

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