I’ll say it again – Knowledge without execution is delusion

I suspect that the era of information is biting people in the arse.

Millions stuck in their heads,

paralysed in doubt,

never converting knowledge to wisdom.


Wisdom which can only be gained through repetitive implementation,

leading to a new way of thinking,

a new way of doing,

a new way of being.

a new result.


After all, isn’t that the whole purpose of learning –

Transformation from within so that you can create that which you’ve not created before?


Just asking…


For me, learning for the sake of learning, appears to be a cop-out of actually living.


People sit trolling the internet for years,

seeking the answer to life.

Which is conveniently keeping them out of their game,

as the answer to YOUR life

can only be found WITHIN YOU.


Add to this the fact that these people hungrily sit and devour ‘facts’ and methodologies,

SIT being the operative word,

not practicing the information,

not integrating the information,

not acting on the information.


Not transmuting information into results!


Finding ourselves in a society filled with

know-it-alls that know Jack Shit!


Either not willing to read that book again,

because they already know it.

Not willing to take the required action again,

and again,

until they get that desired result,

because they’ve already tried it before.

Not open to receiving the wisdom of the teacher,

because they’ve heard it all before.


And they wonder why they are stuck and frustrated!


Of course, ego and instant gratification is in on this little game of entrapment of your true potential.

The lords of mediocrity cleverly using your insatiable hunger against you.

Instead of fuelling you with the ability to make powerful connections between the internal and external worlds,

you’re becoming bloated with hot air!


You feel so proud of yourself that YOU managed to cram the course into a weekend,

receiving the same accolades as someone who’s spent years in study and dedication.

Whoop dee fucking doo.


The market saturated with everything in a box for dummies. 

Promising you iconic results if you swallow their magic pill.


It’s tempting.

I know.

Especially for those who have never experienced true dedication.

Those who have never felt the fire of obsession burning through their veins.

Never had the passion to focus on their craft to the exclusion of all else.


If we’re going to be honest here, humanity at large has become LAZY!

Too lazy to do the work to control their ability to THINK for themselves.

Too lazy to connect with their emotions on a deep level and then learn to master these feelings so that it has them taking aligned action.

Too lazy to train their bodies, increasing strength, flexibility, endurance and energy levels which then harnesses clear and creative thinking.

Too fucking lazy to do the work required to build an empire from the ground up,

showing up relentlessly,

every day,

with commitment and passion and determination,

even when they are  full of reasons aka excuses aka bullshit as to why they deserve another day off.

Whilst not paying their bills.



at the end of the day that impatience you feel is your super power


if you don’t control that bitch, she will be completely out of control and she will become your downfall.


You have to temper your desire to have it all yesterday,

with your commitment to mastery.


And every true master understands the power which comes from also being the eternal student.

Remaining open to questioning everything and experimenting to find their next truth.

They understand that the key to wisdom, is repetition!

Learning through practiced action.

Even when at times that action leads to apparent failure.

It’s been my experience that those for whom victory is the only possibility,

there’s great learning in failure!

For which they are often more grateful than first time successes.


Of course, I’m not talking to people who only want average results in life.

I’m not talking to the clock-punchers who simply want to get through the day,

collecting their empty pay check,

which they then spend on anything that will distract them from the emptiness inside.


I’m not talking to them.


I’m talking to you IF you are seriously committed to success.

Making a difference to humanity,

not by fixing everyone else,

but by courageously bringing all of YOU to the world.


This piece is exclusively for those ballsy enough to live a life filled with meaning and intention.

A life of impact and contribution.

A life you feel proud of at the end of the day.


You HAVE to slow down my friend.

You have to DECIDE what it is that you ACTUALLY TRULY DESIRE!

Not right now.

Not overnight.

I’m talking about SOUL DESIRE.

That one that won’t go away.

The one that is so big that it scares you a lottle.


And then,

I want you to start being FAITHFUL to the vision.

More faithful than you are to anything or anyone else in your life.


Because the vision IS your life!


Taking the time to connect to one teacher at a time.

Sticking with them UNTIL you have received the specific outcome you wanted when you started with them.

Remember stickability?

Do you even have any?

Or is it easier to ping-pong between a gazillion teachers,

continuously finding the little details in which they contradict each other,

taking one step left,

two steps right,

waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care?

Which by the way is such a cleaver way to sabotage your success – just thought I would bring this to your attention.

You’re welcome.


Reading one book,


STUDYING one book at a time.

Again and again.

Taking action on every recommendation.

Each reading bringing a new level of insight.

Each time being OPEN to see that which you’ve not seen before.

Until you achieve the result you were seeking when you picked it up in the first place.


Ridding yourself of distraction and temptation.

Emptying those cupboards of the chemically induced fake foods which cloud your thinking and diminishes your will-power.

Cancelling the subscriptions of the channels you tend to hop mindlessly when you’re tired.

Leaving the relationships of people pretending to support you,

as long as it’s on their terms.


They will call you crazy.

They will call you obsessed.

They will call you selfish.


They can kiss your arse!


If this all sounds a little over-the-top to you,

a little restrictive,

like a death sentence,

that’s perfect too Love.


You’re simply not one of us.

You will NEVER get us.

Stop trying.


Just like I will never understand you.


For me,

obsession IS life.

Passion running through my veins,

without ever burning out.

My dedication to my craft,

my art,


till death.


In my world THIS is normal.

Then again, in my world we also dare to thrive in ways that leaves the masses perplexed.


Death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.


In love and honour,




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