I’m at a loss for words…

On the one hand
there’s so much I want to share with you
on the other
I’m starting to think
does it even fucking matter?

Clearly society is not ready for herstory.
Chanting in their protests which is nothing more than a modern day witch hunt,
anything to validate their anger
instead of dealing with their fear.

They say pride before the fall
it’s not pride that’s preventing people from reaching out
it’s not pride that’s keeping people spinning in place
it’s not pride that’s holding people imprisoned in suffering.

It’s shame.

Quite frankly
I’m getting really tired
of people SHAMING people publicly as if this is going to change ANYTHING
when those who are being tarred and feathered are clearly caving in under the pressure,
their crazy behaviour a silent outcry for help
which they will NOT ask for
as they’re already sooooo filled with self-shame
desperately trying to keep up the facade.

and no
I’m not enabling
and no
I’m not excusing unacceptable behaviour
and no
I’m not saying they are victims

What I AM saying
is it’s time for people to get off their pompous little boxes of bullshit
and see that all they’re doing
is adding fuel
to a blazing fire
currently destroying the human in humanity
and what I witness
is nothing more than cruelty and vengeance, as we as a species are on the brink of insanity.

What I AM saying
is it’s time for people to remember what compassion feels like
to open their hearts
instead of solely operating from their minds
and to find solutions to the core problem
instead of aggravating the already out of control situation.

whether people want to admit it to themselves or not
we’re ALL dealing with a degree of PTSD right now.

Nothing prepared us for 2020.
Nothing prepared us for Covid.
Nothing prepared us for mass hysteria over toilet paper.

We all felt the fear,
the sadness as thousands of deaths were reported day after day,
we’re all still wondering what the fuck next,
we’re all worried about our children and what the future will hold for them.

Our friends are losing their jobs.
Our neighbours are committing suicide.
We hear of the screams of women and children being murdered in their own homes as their drunk husbands can’t cope with it all anymore.

This shit is REAL
and nobody wants to talk about it
because we’re preached to stay positive
as if
sticking our heads in the sand is actually going to calm down our nervous systems or our ego minds.

No – What we need is honesty and clarity to know exactly where we are today from which we can create tomorrow.

So what I NEED to say to you today is


Right now.
Not tomorrow.
We’re running out of time.

The ONLY thing that’s going to stop this land-slide
is for women (and men)
to start being HONEST about the CHAOS and FEAR that’s a constant companion;
to start being HONEST about the SHAME we feel for BEING human;
to start being HONEST about the fact that life is no longer working with smarty pants goals and mile long to-do lists;
and instead of dedicating hours to chanting affirmations for a reprogramming of the mind,
start BREATHING into our hearts and from this space opening our mouths and speaking our TRUTH with conviction, compassion and motherfucking LOVE.

SHAME leads to SILENCE leads to the ASSASSINATION of humans.

you’re NOT losing your mind.
There’s nothing wrong with you because you’re feeling out of kilter right now.
There’s nothing to feel shame for just because you’re not feeling quite the same as a year ago.

You’re doing GREAT
simply rising in the morning
and choosing to LIVE.

Thank you.

I acknowledge your choice.
I appreciate your choice.
I respect your choice.

I invite you to bring compassion to yourself today
as this is the only way you will find compassion for others.
I invite you to bring love to yourself today
as this is the only way you will feel love for others.

I invite you
to be Alpha today
and in this choice
you will bring the VIBRATION of Alpha
to every human you are in contact with.

That’s all that is required.

Death might be inevitable.
The world needs more women to choose thrive.

Live with honour,