I’m not here for your entertainment!

Those who know me well, will tell you that I’m not a very nice person.

I have zero tolerance for small talk,

my most used emoticon in my head is eyes rolling,

if you can’t grab my attention with an interesting conversation,

I will leave your presence so fast you won’t know what happened.

This is especially true for the online space where people seem to think it’s appropriate to spread their boredom,

by annoying others they don’t know from a bar of soap.


we’re conditioned, especially as women,

that we have to let these people down gently and easily so they won’t feel bad.

Oh puh-lease.

I think it’s important for you to know that I do the deep work,

every single day,

to stay connected to who I am,

to my purpose,

and to fill my cup from within.

I’m not one of those helpless maidens walking around with an empty container,

waiting for someone else to make me whole,

to complete me,

to make me happy.

If that’s your fairy-tale ending,

enjoy riding off into the sunset Baby.

Because seriously,

life is precious.

And I don’t understand why people insist on pissing it away.

I don’t get why people desire to have their global pity-parties day in and day out,

of how hard their lives are,

or how they are victims of their emotions,

which is running out of control,

destroying their happiness.

Moaning about how nobody understands them and how, insensitive cows such as myself, are responsible for their pain.

I don’t get why people are constantly scrolling away their time, hoping to connect with another lonely soul,

thereby having more empty words fill their empty lives,

with no impact, change or growth.

I’m confused at how people fart-arse around in their training, thereby training half-arsed results,

continuously multi-tasking because heaven forbid something should be important enough to receive their full attention.

Don’t they get that your energy


Have we truly forgotten how powerful we are

in our words,

our intentions,

our desires,

and that EVERYTHING in your life right now,


The good stuff,

and the bad shit.

And that as long as you externalise your results,

because you’re too chicken shit to go inside,

to address your fears,

to take control of your emotions,

your thoughts,

and then,

from a space of reconnected power,


you will always feel like a victim?

Instead, you can reclaim yourself and astound them with the love that radiates from a space of radical self-acceptance, self-appreciation, self-respect!

Why am I such an inconsiderate, insensitive, selfish bitch?

Because I bought into the prevalent BULLSHIT of the fairy tale love aka codependency, for most of my life and it suffocated me.

Because I bought into the professional labels of anxiety and depression for a long time and it drove me to literally sitting on my arse, staring at a bottle of pills, thinking that I was too weak, too pathetic, to ever be happy again.

Because I willingly bought into the blaming of others for my results because I was too much of a pussy to take full ownership of my life, to walk away from that which no longer served me, and take the actions which would ultimately get me my desired outcomes.

It’s way easier to do existence the way the masses do.

Spinning your wheels like a brainless hamster (FYI even hamsters know when to get off the fucking wheel!),

dragging your feet from Monday to Friday,

8 to 5,

waiting for the weekend,

so that you can drink a little more,

eat a little unhealthier,

sleep a little later,

for fucking what?

To start that shit again on Monday?

I see more and more people waking up to the fact that there’s another way to live,

and the awakening is excruciatingly painful,

because they don’t want to do the work.

They refuse to take the responsibility for their own happiness.

And yes,

I know,

it’s scary AF,

the first steps seem next to impossible,

because for the first time in your adult life,

you will have to believe in yourself.


You will have to take a running start

and leap off that motherfucking cliff

praying to God or whatever entity you believe in

to help you remember

how to fly

before you crash into a bloody heap at the bottom.

This seems too much to ask of most people.

Instead, they feel the pain,

and then go tell themselves the same old bullshit story of why they’re not ready,

why now is not the right time,

how they don’t have the money,

how they don’t know enough yet,

how they have other responsibilities,

others that have to come first,

so they go drown their agony with a bottle of wine,

another block of chocolate,

another ten hours of entertainment.

They get onto social media,

feeling drawn to the energy of achievers,

poking them for attention,

so that they can hopefully feel a little of what others display.

So just in case you still don’t get the message today:

I’m not here for your entertainment,

I have no desire to blow motivational hot air up your arse,

I take zero responsibility for your feelings.

I’m simply allowing the message to come through.


And at any given moment,

if you’re not deliciously happy with the results,


By connecting with your true desires.

By regaining control of your emotions, your thoughts, your internal state.

By taking the aligned action which you’ve been putting off for who knows how long.

Accepting the outcome with pride and dignity.

Even when the outcome appears to be a fuck-up at first.

Because I promise you,

that when you come from a space of complete personal responsibility, power and alignment,


It’s Monday.

It’s February.

If you’ve been dragging your feet for the past 35 days,

thinking you’ll ease into 2019,

that you’ll just wait for the sign that it’s time to take action,


Don’t waste it.

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With deep love and appreciation,


PS:  We are so blessed to be living in an era where we get to design business that creates freedom.

Freedom of time,

freedom of location,

freedom of choice.

Yet so many now approach business with an air of fluffing around.

As if having a hobby,

will create an empire.

It won’t.

For your business to create the abundance required for a truly opulent experience of life,

there’s certain structures, skills, strategies and processes that need to be in place.

Not negotiable.

Your business demands a level of respect from you as the owner,

to take her seriously,

in your approach to your clients,

in your approach to your team,

in your approach to your practice.

Don’t you deserve to surround yourself with those who take your business serious as well?

Mindset, Business & Money is for the A-players.

Those who desire to be treated with respect, to be held accountable to a high standard, to do the work like a mofo.

Pre-course work has already started so get in today and let’s play.

I look forward to guiding, supporting and lovingly kick your sexy derriere into high performance in the coming months.