Thinking that motivation alone will get you to the finish line is tripping you up.

If there’s one thing that never ceases to astound me it’s the amount of people going onto social media asking others to motivate them because they’ve lost their mojo.

As if true achievers have the time to sit on social media and motivate others instead of getting on with working on their dreams.

Because when these people lose their mojo they stop taking action.

When they stop taking action they make zero progress.

When they don’t make progress they get depressed.

And then they rage to the world how unfair life is, how disadvantaged they are, how hard it is, how tired they are, how they will never succeed.

Oh Toughen The Fuck Up Princess!

Motivation never gets anyone to the finish line.

If anything inspiration is what gets us started, motivation maybe takes you 20 % of the way and then if you don’t have everything else in place, you’re going to see your ass.

So let’s take a step back and revisit the four pillars which I believe is essential for an indestructible mind-set that will ensure you show up as the motherfucking winner you were born to be.

1. Drive

For the purpose of this blog we can call it motivation – except your drive is way deeper than just motivation.  It’s your reason, your purpose for setting the big goal in the first place.  It is that spark of fire that lights you up every time you think of yourself as having achieved that goal.  It is the start of your journey.

Yet so many people think they can half-ass this piece and give a couple of reasons that wouldn’t inspire someone hanging off a cliff to hold on for more than five seconds.

When investigating your drive, your motivation, you want to go DEEP!  You want to go into the impact this achievement will have on you as a person, who you will become, what you will learn, what you will gain, how you will show up differently, who else you’re impacting, what’s the cost of not achieving it.

Make it rock solid Baby.

Take more time on this than you have traditionally.  Because when the earth starts shaking, and it will when you set the big goals, and this foundational piece is not solid, it will crack and crumble and so will your dreams.

2.  Dedication

Once you’ve got your Big Why down, solid, you make a commitment to the outcome of the goal.  I’m talking obsession Darling.  I’m talking sacrifices made.  I’m talking life overhaul if needed.  I’m talking taking out a piece of paper and writing a contract with your Soul, your Higher Self, the Universe  if you have to and you sign that bitch in blood (not literally unless you’re into that weird shit).

I’m talking about you talk about your goals until others will either get sick of you and fuck off (bye bye distractions) or they will be so inspired by your passion that they will support you every step of they way.

A heads up here – there will be few supporters because most people get triggered as fuck by passion.

3.  Discipline

If you want to moan and bitch because you just don’t have what it takes to show the fuck up for your dreams every goddamn day of your life, I don’t want to hear about it.

Discipline is what will get you through the emotionally trying times.

Discipline will take over when you’re sooooo tired that you don’t think you can get out of bed.

Discipline is what makes the essential non-negotiable so you don’t even have to think about it anymore.  It just gets done.

This is the place you want to get to.  Because now you don’t have to waste your will-power on the basics.  Save it for the really tough decisions you have to make during your day such as how to impact your soul clients lives.

4.  Determination

How to explain this – Honey, get fucking mad at times.

Somewhere inside of you is this rock solid energy that forms part of your core and it’s not pretty pink and lace.  It’s not butterfly wings and candy floss.

It’s your dark side.

It’s mad as a hatter and if you never tap into this part because you think it makes you bad or that others won’t like that side of you then you’re losing out.

I remember a time when I was doing kick-boxing and my husband refused to spar with me because he didn’t like the look on my face.  It wasn’t lady-like.  It was raw and it was ugly and I would take that red hot energy and kick the shit out of whatever was in front of me.

I loved it!

And it is the same force I use every time I get sore and tired and I need that extra energy and power to get me to the finish line because giving up is simply not an option.

If nothing else, think of all the haters you picked up along the way.  YES they are a blessing.  I think that’s why the Universe has set up successful people to attract them.  Those who say you won’t be able to do it.  Those who say you look ugly when you rage.  Those who say you speak too much or move to much or whatever their bullshit is.  Think of them and do whatever it takes to prove the motherfuckers wrong.

Nothing is sweeter than the revenge called success.

There it is.

Four pillars.

All vital for success.

Next time you think of jumping onto social media for some motivation, instead sit your ass down and ask yourself:

  1. Is my why big enough?  If not, how do I make it bigger?
  2. Does my life reflect my dedication to my goal?  Can strangers look at me and just by observing how I show up each day know that I’m a winner?
  3. Am I disciplined as fuck?  Do I get up at 5 am?  Have I done my planning?  Do I fuel my machine properly?  Do I shake my ass?
  4. Do I need to switch from motivation to determination?  Do I need to get a little mad today?


Any questions?

Hit me a reply.

For death is inevitable.  Thriving is a choice.

Make it.

With love always,


PS:  Nothing inspires me more than when a soul client connects with me, sets awe-inspiring goals, and then work their asses off to achieve them.  It inspires me because my clients are ordinary people who accomplish extraordinary feats.  They bring change to the world.  They make a difference.  They are creative.  Above all, they are human which means they get tired, they get scared, they get deflated.  Through it all I stand by their sides, never giving up on them.  For I see the gold that is inside.  I see that they have what it takes even when they are in the eye of the storm and they simply don’t see a way forward.  Are you ready for extraordinary Darling?  Are you ready to set the goals that you’ve been hiding from everyone because they’re so big you just don’t have a clue how you’re going to achieve them?  Are you ready to say to hell with it all and go for it 110%?  Then let’s connect and get you thriving.  Book your free coaching consult here.